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Someone whos been hurt by trusting another with their heart
Oh how that tempted urge is so forbidden
A forbidden glance
A forbidden sight
Come into flight and soar with my nerves

Nerves shot from that bottomless pit of wishing
Wishing to want
Wishing to unwant
Sail in and take these feelings captive

Captivity will be this soul's salvation
Salvation from temptation
Salvation from Wishing
Capture these thoughts and throw away the key

The key to all that is unsavory to all that is insane
Insane for tasting
Insane for disobeying
Walk hand in hand with me just don't hurt me

You tempted me from first sight
Oh so forbidden
My nerves were in and out of consciousness
I wished for sanity

I wanted to hold my soul captive for loving you
Salvation held time as I stood still
These feelings were captured and locked

Or so I thought
Out of insanity I handed you the key
You unlocked everything deemed precious
We walked hand in hand
You hurt me

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