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Rose's Poetry Challenge, contest entry.
Superably of all the follies,
These kids and their ways,
Waste your life in your days,
And bring strife with your death,
These steps, and the ways,
That needly I must express,
Run with what you wish,
How will you walk,
Kill what you wish,
These insects don't mind,
Life's dark on the ground any-way.

Arborously, haphazard,
With your mind in your way,
And you're running all the days,
And your soul is wearing out,
Cataclysmic, episodes,
Sopping up the sloppy mess,
Of your so called life,
Your so-called strifes,
I savor the flavor,
Of your so-called desires.

Is the moon,
That never touches day-light,
And dead is the life,
That suffers from it.
Abound, and rejoice,
For we will learn from it.
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