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My first attempt at a poem about a vampire. Inspired by Zade, my first vampire character.
Endless ages carried through a long dark night,
Flashing fangs used in countless fights.
All simply part of how he's learned to live,
But for just one day of light, God only knows what he'd give.

The blood on his hands has stained his dark heart
Making him something of which he never wanted to be a part.
Still he'll never be like any of them
Because of the reputation that they've given him.

Age has led to both wisdom and strength,
Years going by with almost unending length.
Feared by many and welcomed by none,
Now his only friends are the battles he's won.

Sunset is gleaming in his coal-black eyes,
Reflecting regrets even as his heart dies.
Once so happy and vibrant in youth,
Now all alone and long in the tooth.
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