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I would have slept for ever had I not woken up....
My alarm clock rang, it was time for school.

Did I just say "school"? Today was a sunday. I don't even have an alarm clock.

I woke up with a start. I was in a spaceship. I wish that I could describe it, but I really am really sorry that I can't. (I'll explain that later.) So I was stuck in a space- ship. How and why, I can't explain. (I understand that it is a boring read but I can't help much.)

Suddenly, the entire spacecraft shook. An alien space-ship then absorbed my ship inside it. Some beings from outer space came and pinched me with a syringe and then looked at the red sample they had collected. Finally they injected some of it in their own "hands".


I saw myself standing in front of me. I mean my physical self because the creatures in front of me just looked like me, their body language and expressions were different and confused.

I managed to say:"Hi."
They said:"Fhi."

I said:"Errr. Hello Aliens, do you mind if I can get back to my boring school and live the rest of my life."

They thought about it, I saw that there were trying to form an answer in my language:"Frelax fthe ftime fhere fgoes fvery fslow fthan fyour fearth."

Ok so I wasn't actually missing something. Great. I thought of a plan.

"Since you are so interested in our species, then why don't you spend a day on my planet in my form. It will be fun."

They looked at each other, then suddenly they all collided and formed one "me".
"Fyes, fsure."

"Great, then get back to home, get ready for school and do not talk much with other people."

The Alien(s) then teleported back to Earth. Just as they were about to go I said:
"And please write a story for writer's cramp on this incident and don't put F's in front of every word you write. Come back to your spaceship in the evening...Earth time."

They finally left.

A young boy of about 14 year old was arguing with his teacher the next day:"Fits ftrue fthat fdarn Fmagician fstole four fspaceship. Fwe faren't fmisbehaving."

Authors note:The story is in such a factual and boring manner because we species do not have imagination like you humans do.

Fword fcount: f391.

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