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by smithy
Rated: E · Poetry · Tragedy · #1459009
A whimsical Tragedy (mix of drama / comedy with twist). Written for contest.
The scene: - two people's eyes meet across a dimly lit room.  The alternate verses are the differing points of view of both people - the last verse is mixed.

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Her beauty shines across the room,
Fluorescent in the murky gloom.
My pulse starts racing at her smile,
Her elegant, lithe, feline style.

              I can just make out through the gloom
              A short, fat man across the room.
              Mouth open, like he’s not all there,
              Eyes glazed in a wild, canine stare

It’s many years since I have seen
Beauty like my departed Queen.
My wife, I lost so long ago.
Still painful now, I loved her so.

              He’s old enough to be my dad.
              I wonder why he looks so sad?
              His crumpled clothes and dirty shoes,
              He looks like he’s had too much booze.

I can no longer keep away,
I must speak with my Queen today.
I pat my clothes, and comb my hair.
I know I look quite debonair!

              I wish that he would go away.
              I’ve had enough of creeps today.
              I don’t know why he’s combed his hair.
              He’s nearly bald.  There’s nothing there.

“Fair maiden”, I say to my Queen,
“Pray speak your name. Are you a dream?”
              “I am no maiden” she? said back
              In baritone!  “My name is Jack”.

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