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A young man who values his music and freedom would exchange these for nothing.

I sing a song that echoes in my heart,
The tune I play enlivening my song.
My song and my guitar create the tune
To which my soul doth verily belong.

My shirt is old, my pants are badly worn.
I have no bank account or credit card.
Often when I go the restaurants,
The waiters' wait upon me rather hard.

I have no car, nor have I roof o'er head.
I am one of the road, I have no friends!
But when on my guitar I play a tune,
On every heart, almost, a spell descends.

No beggar, I simply tarry along,
Singing with every breath my song of life!
And since the world knows I'm a vagabond,
I'll ne'er hope for a lover or wife.

But shall I give up my guitar and song,
Exchange them for a girl who steals my voice?
No! 'Tween a lady and my music's love,
There cannot be a question, nor a choice!

* Written in pentameter in abcb rhyme, for "Invalid Item, the “Absinthe Café” contest, hosted by PaulZ ~ Je Suis Le Reve ~ .

The prompt was the picture of the Guitar man--

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M C Gupta
2 October 2008
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