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A little sharing between a woman and a man - a love poem.
She looks so beautiful
In any kind of light
I look at her so longingly
This time could be right
She smiles when she is talking
And looks at me so pure
I think of making love to her
And dream of sweet allure.

She checks out my reaction
Her eyes say it’s okay
Her body language urges me
To check her out and play
I reach and lift her shirt up
With thoughts of underneath
And what I could be doing
If she would bequeath.

So I long to caress her
And press against her breasts
But once I see the lovely orbs
I lean, and she protests
She closes up her bra and shirt
And changes tunes real fast
It will not be the final peek
But the fun may never last.

Every time I touch her
I feel how she is built
So lovely, rich, and fine
But then she expresses guilt.
To eye her jewels so vividly
May never get too old
But trying to make love to her
May always make her cold…
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