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priceless they may be... you have to let go eventually...
My 7 Sins

My first sin was a mischievous sprite from the depths of hell reborn
Seen only by the human soul it crazed me with such an unavoidable forlorn.
Struck by its hands I was stunned and made me vow into an unending suffering
Forgetting friends, family, loved ones and myself, which left me bleeding.

Screaming from the pit that I was into, I was isolated and deprived of my freedom,
No matter how I fought the night, no light shone to absolve my eternal tedium
So I stood there waiting for liberty until a seraph pulled me out of my deadly shadow,
I was freed from darkness but still under the spell of those vows I swore and gallows

I was in heaven but I regret being in such a place
There were no nothing but completeness, no nights no days…
I missed the challenges and the unfairness I fought so hard before
Ergo, left heaven got my second sin went back to hell… I had to ask for more…

Pretending I belonged, I became the one I hated the most… I became my own sin…
Giving up everything, searching for more and became that damned boy undeserving.
Wretched and unforgiving, I have no mercy to those people who are less important.
That made me famous, rich and powerful. Not to mention greedy and arrogant.

But I realized that I am getting nowhere, so I made my third sin.
Now I have two sides of my personality, the evil and the good, I smile, I grin…
But my conscience dragged me out of my evil deeds, sticking to my third sin again
And hopeful that my dreamland’s waiting for me and my ordain

I am fully pardoned by the Gods and sent me to paradise once more,
Only for me to gain my dignity and find the right door
But cowardly I stepped out of heaven and went back to hell again
Just to find my first sin to start all this unnecessary selfless pain.

Knowing that my 1st, 2nd and third sins conspired on me, I left them all
And went to another paradise, got my fourth sin and there I stood tall
Erasing memories and rejecting my past, I now created a new sin for me
Yet again, unsatisfactorily indecisive, I entered again the wrong door with the wrong key

It was not power or money which yanked my passion for that fourth sin
It was lust; just plain old lust which forced me to do the… you knew what I mean.
But it didn’t last long, grow tired of it; I betrayed my trust again in search of my fifth sin.
Retracted from my very own immortality, I levied myself yet again for another doubtful win.

I found myself in another sin, but it was only bait for more sins to come
But I never knew I was the bait, how could I be so dumb?
Lies, deceit, betrayal, pain… everything’s here, but still I survived and got my fifth sin off my back.
I was barely neither alive nor breathing, and thought I could get rid of my past with another sin that I lacked.

So I made my sixth sin and got back all that was taken from me
It was everything I needed and everything I wished to see
Perfection is at hand but nevertheless intimidating at the same time
But who cares? I am here, now, complete, and the sixth is all mine!

You cannot gain anything without losing something. In my case, someone…
It shattered the reality I sought to recover, it ended an era of prosperity and every single positive things I’ve done
Drowned in my illusions, I am now blinded to the light and numb of any passion for another sin.
I just sat down for a year mimicking the sound of my lying whispers until I forgot about my spleen.

Hence, started my karma year, lost everything, gained nothing
I’m the lowest life form that there is, and got into a lot of beating.
The music in my life stopped and turned into gusts of sorrow and regrets
Until another sin picked up my carcasses and made it my safety net

I made my seventh sin…

The cycle went on, maybe I didn’t lose everything, and maybe it’s a trance…
Now I live my life in reverse, atoning for my mistakes, with another chance.
Seventh left me but I became stronger, all I needed was me all along
Karma year’s over too, and starting now, I will always be wrong…

It has the same results for being good…

Now everything’s real and I am yet to diverge from my newest sin,
Is it here at last? Or is it just to recover my past? Or is it just another coffin?
I am wanting, I am in need and I am once again longing for that love unending,
That’s why I found her, my everlasting prowess to gain such a beautiful sin more unforgiving.

I made my last sin…
My eight sin…

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