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My cousin's and my short series of movies.
Hello everyone! If your reading this on www.writing.com, let me introduce myself. I am Jennifer. On www.youtube.com, my cousin and I have a short series of movies. They're called "How to Save a Life". To view them at your earliest convience, search HowToSaveALife2008 (our screen name). We have 5 videos, they aren't complete yet because we don't live in the same home, or state. The series is going to be continued this summer.
The first series really only introduces all the characters and their personalities, but there is still a large amount of drama. The series goes like this:
101. Shadows and Regrets: JENNIFER and JC meet face to face after JC tries to drown himself by hiding alchol in a soda can. JENNIFER tries to show him the better side of life when JC tells her the horrible backround he holds inside.
102. Sell your Sould pt. 1: JENNIFER finds out that JC is doing drugs and tells him to quit. JENNIFER then gets angry enough to threathen him to live in the streets... again.
103. Sell your Sould pt.2: JC convinces JENNIFER that he quit doing drugs, but soon reveals that he still does them.
104. Lost in Love: JENNIFER and JC are forbidden to see each other, but that never stops them. Until JENNIFER's abusive mother finds them together.
105. Memories Never Fade: JC remembers his past while JENNIFER almost dies from a concusion, but are soon reunited. (There will be an alternet ending)
106. Hammers and Hearts (possible: JENNIFER and JC finally go back to their old ways, but tell each other what has revently happened and get the law into it.
If you have a youtube account youself, I am asking you to veiw my videos, become friends with, and subscribe to me. If you do not have a youtube account, please just view these vibrant videos.

Hello everyone! If you are reading this on www.youtube.com, please veiw my homepage to get more of a scoop on our videos. There will be weekly posts of my blogs, and our filming will begin again in summer of 2009.

Thank you, all of you, for reading my small blog.
- Jennifer
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