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A description about my crazy adventures.
The surprising things that have occured throut my unique life may surprise you, but they are all the truth. I will list my events in 'craziness' order. I will list more when other myserious/interesting things happen.

My Events:

1. The Talk Furbies
When I was a small child, I remember having my best friend, Katie, and her older sister, Jess, let me borrow a cute toy called a Furbie. It made very cute sounds and was very attractive. So I bring it home and the Furbie starts making strange noises. Like a scream of some sort. It reminded me of a grimlin. After a long time period, it started to annoy my family. Once I try to sleep, its almost impossible to make it stay quiet. So we take out the batteries. Surprising, the Furbie is still talking. Then I look for a switch, and once I find that I imediatly switch it to OFF. Although, the Furbie is STILL TALKING. Now I put it in the trunk of our car. We could still hear the loud yells from down the street! When we finally fell asleep, we wake up the next moring and take the Furbie back to my friend Katie. I will NEVER borrow a Furbie again. :)

2. My Mesterious Tomagatchi
Once I had a popular toy called a tomagatchi. I loved the toy so much, that I brought it to school with me everyday. I would always ask to use the restroom during a class and stay in the restroom for a long amount of time playing it. The tomagatchi would go to school, eat, play games, get cleaned, go to the doctor, go to the bathroom, it was very realistic. You would be surprised to see how much memory and programs people can fit into a 3X2 inch plastic egg. So anyway, one night I am about to fall asleep and I hear a odd buzzing sound. My quickly get my mother and we turn off every electronic in my room. But the buzzing continued. We tore my room apart and find out that the strange noise is coming from the tomagatchi! I take the batterie out and find out its dead, but my question is how could the tomagatchi still make noise when the batterie was dead? Very strange...
I'm still a fan of them, and hope to get one soon. :)

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