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The sound of far off waves calls to me
Did you ever hold a shell to your ear,
listen to the gentle music you hear?
A far off sound coming through clear,
wind reaching to a harbor pier.

The shell may hold a secret dear,
the story of a wayward sailing ship,
left for the wind and waves to steer,
blown far from it's berth and slip.

A simple brown shell in a child's grip
lets her ear hear the wind whip,
recalls her first battle with tidal rip.
Daddy saved her just as she started to slip.

The sea shell brings a salt tang to the lip,
better than steak and fancy dishes galore.
The taste of pure nature to the tongue tip,
is the trace of salt from the sea's floor.

The discovered treasure echoes the ocean's roar,
until normal life's sounds are heard no more,
replaced by the creak of wooden boats of yore
launched to the winds, foreign lands to explore.

An abandon battered shell washed upon the shore
echoes gentle music into the child's mind.
It has told many tales and holds many more,
in many voices, both harsh and kind.

Did you ever listen to a shell's tale,
gentle heartfelt melody without fail.
far off music coming through in detail.
The wind blows to the harbor, a fresh gale.

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