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I think this was maybe 1983?
There's a Memorial Day Parade
in Rumford today.
The whole town will go
the way they always do.
With smiles of anticipation,
we are ready to go.

In Rumford today,
Al, Digger, Lois and me
crowd into the cab of the truck
and head down the highway.
We want to see the sights
and share the fun.

The whole town will go.
They can't stay away.
Somehow Al and Digger find money
to buy Lois and me flags.
We watch the soldiers march by,
and try to stand tall like them.

Shriners ride their motorcycles
the way they always do,
and clowns pedaled tricycles too.
One sneaks up
and pinches Lois's nose,
handing me a balloon.

With smiles of anticipation,
Digger brings over
plates full of watermelon
and red skinned hot dogs,
We eagerly dine;
a meal made in heaven.

We are ready to go
after all the soldiers have marched,
the trucks and tanks have rolled.
We share the memories
and practice marching;
Lois and I, a two-person Army.

There was a Memorial Day Parade today.

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