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This is a short story for little kids, just beginning to develope faith.
"Now I lay me down to sleep.  I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  If I should die before I wake.  I pray the Lord my soul to take.  Amen." Little Alicia ended her prayer and then hopped into the bed.  As her mom bent down to plant a kiss on her head, Alicia asked.  "Mommy, where do prayers go.?"  Mrs. Thomlin sat down on the bed next to Alicia and smiled before answering.  "Well honey, let's see.  God puts the prayers into our hearts,and from there we speak them into the air."  Mrs. Thomlin explained.  "What happens when they go into the air?" Alicia asked.  "Once they go  into the air they grow special wings.  When the prayer gets it's wings, they take flight,and soar high.  Way, way up, high above  the clouds." Mrs. Thomlin said.  "And then what happens."Alicia asked full of excitement.  "Well, once the prayers get passed the clouds they enter into space, but they can't stay there.  They must keep going and they must hurry because sometimes, the prayer snatchers are lurking near by, just waiting to snatch up the prayers."  Mrs. Thomlin explained.  "Really! But why would any one want to snatch prayers?" Alicia asked, frowning at the thought that someone could be so mean.  "The prayer snatchers are enemies of God,and they don't like to see other people receive God's blessings, so they snatch the prayers, so that people miss out on there blessings." Mrs. Thomlin said.  "But, no body can stop God.  You said that God is all powerful, so why doesn't He stop the prayer snatchers?" Alicia asked full of concern.  "Honey, this is why God puts the prayers in our hearts.  Each time a prayer is snatched, it becomes reborn,and then God puts it right back in the heart except this time it's much more stronger than the last one.  See, each time a prayer is reborn, it's wings change,  When the wings become stronger, the prayer flies faster and faster leaving the prayer snatchers in their dust."  Alicia smiled.  She was happy that God was so powerful and smart to make the prayers wing stronger so that they could fly faster.  "So, after that, what happens?" Alicia asked Mrs. Thomlin.  "After the rough flight, the prayers land safely at the prayer factory." Mrs. Thomlin answered.  "The prayer factory." Alicia said with enthusiasm.  "Yep.  The prayer factory is ran by angels.  Once the prayers reach the prayer factory, then the Chief Angel assigns it to one of the officers."  Mrs Thomlin explained.  "Do you mean like a police officer?" Allicia asked.  "Well, not quite, but I guess so.  All of the angels have ranks, and the angels with the lower ranks handle all of the prayers, but the chief angels handle the harder prayers.  See sometimes, the harder prayers are attacked by chief prayer snatchers, and even when those prayers make it to the prayer factory, the chief prayer snatchers are still hanging on because they don't want God to answer the prayer.  So the chief angels have to fight the chief prayer snatchers; and make them release the prayer.  When this happens, sometimes it seems as if the prayer isn't being answered or God is taking a long time. But the person who sent that prayer out has to have faith that God is all powerful, and sooner or later their prayer will be answered."  Mrs. Thomlin was happey that Alicia was so interested in prayers. "Will my prayer grow wings, make it to the prayer factory?" Alicia asked a little worried.  She hoped the prayer snatchers hadn't gotten a hold of her prayer.  "I'm sure your prayer will make it to the prayer factory just fine."  Mrs. Thomlin said.  "Mommy can we pray again, just to be sure?" Alicia asked.  "We sure can sweetie, just close your eyes and say what's in your heart."  Mrs. Thomlin instructed .  Alicia closed her eyes and begain to pray.  "Dear Father.  Thank you for being all powerful.  Please protect me, mommy, and daddy while we're sleeping; and let this prayer grow strong wings so that it can leave the prayer snatchers in the dust, making it safely to the prayer factory.  Amen." Alicia ended her prayer, and Mrs. Thomlin smiled.  "That was a good prayer honey.  Nice job.  Now go to sleep, you have school in the morning."  Mrs. Thomlin kissed Alicia on the fore head, said goodnight then turned and left the room.  When Alicia closed her eyes she dreamed of her prayer flapping their golden wings, smiling as they flew quickly passed the prayer snatchers.  THE END
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