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Rated: 13+ · Other · Fantasy · #1603164
Second chapter for Mr. Metal. Vague, part of the introduction.
There he goes again, blazing into the night, the fox out of her heels, the man behind the wheel reborn and initiated. His sideways grin mocks the others as he speeds by in the deep black ‘Vette, roaring like the riff of another good song, but where to now? You’ve left it all behind little boy, you’ve got nowhere to go, all you know was back in the town that held you down, pulled you back from society, not theirs, but the one you loved, the one you dreamt about, the paradise that everyone else knows as Heavy Metal. Where the Prince won’t bite his tongue, the Symphony of Destruction will blow you away and let you know they’re here to stay, the Sandman Enters, but not to sway to sleep but to fulfill the beat and the only Priest around is the one who knows how to get down. Where it all comes back to before you were born, a time before you were even thought about where no one cared, the drugs lay out on the table, and you knew exactly what to do. Just let everything go and ride on down the road, that’s right Mr. Metal, get away from what you knew, find a place that suits you, run away to Heavy Metal. Barking at the moon he rides on through the night, racing against the wind, finding another place to hang his head low as he rocks out with everything in his heart, the fox on his heels, around his arm, his eyes glazed over behind black glasses that won’t show his face, but that grin won’t go away, not tonight or ever the next day when the fox runs away and he’s back on his own with only one place to go, on down the road into the darkness of night, where everything will always be alright. A Mastodon skeleton looming over the concert, it feels just like home, everyone knows your name, the fox can’t get enough of you, your riding on top of the world, you can’t get hurt as long as you’re here, and that grin won’t go away, won’t get off your face, but you don’t mind that one bit do you Mr. Metal. You feel right at home with the people you know, the heads hung low as the static rocks the earth and the crowd bows down to those on stage. Oh dear, how good it feels to be home.
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