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Written for my ex.
The Phantom

Striking down all thoughts of terror, I’ll wipe you from the back of my mind, I’ve found a new toy to play with, gonna get some of those Girls, Girls, Girls, let metal run my life for now and ride the wind with all the heart that I’ve got worth nothing left to you, worth everything to someone new that I hope not to find for years so I can really give them time to appreciate the love that I can give. Let the phantom hide my face, dare not cross my path, I won’t let you hide behind me anymore, I won’t let this world put you off its radar while I take the blows to my heart and you hide behind your mask, another’s lips tied to your face, a new stitch beginning to mend and you let it break. No, don’t get in my way, dare not cross my path, the Phantom of the Crimson Cloak will strike you down without another moment’s notice, let them take away the wounded, let my heart fall into line, let Mr. Metal out for a ride while I take time to think on my life. My fingers twitch with every word I write, seeming to push your touch away, trying to forget every time they felt your face, your body in my hands it can’t go away, the Storm cries out with lightning in the background, a hurricane whips throughout my mind and I can’t regain my senses, you can’t make it better anymore, you’re voice no sweeter than the bitter taste of acid poured through my ears. The Deadly Sinner coming out, Mr. Metal flying fast throughout the night let me watch as I ride alongside, let the engine roar like all I’ve wanted and dreamed for, let me forget finally, at least for now let the twitching stop. Is it because my heart feels cold? Without the warmth I thought you’d provide I feel my face grow cold, I feel my heart freeze over, how bad I need my new toy right now to thaw me out, say my name like she did that night, scream in pleasure and parts of pain, oh how I love to hear my name. Let it be, the Beatles say, rub it in, the banshees cry, let me out, says Vishas, alive with anger and rage, my shoulders ache in pain of keeping up these twitching arms, your scent comes across my senses again and it brings me to my knees, your face flashes in my mind and makes one of these hands curl up into a fist, set to strike down the first thing that moves inside this room. Guess which hand it is, the one that held your face and wiped every tear that came across your eyes that you let me be there for, that you let me care for, that I never wanted to cause because I thought this was love. But as she says, love is blind, that’s why I didn’t see it sooner, why I didn’t  let it get in my way, why I never realized I had that blindfold on for such a long time. No, dare not cross my path, let the Phantom cover my face, take my arms and move them for myself, find her sweet spot and hear my name again, get you out, let a new song ring inside my head, how fun it will be when this comes back to bite me in nevermore. You won’t hurt me anymore, I won’t let this be. I’ll let this twitch run out, I’ll let my heart fall to the floor and wait for you to come try and pick it up and yell out no, you don’t dare touch that, it doesn’t belong to you anymore.
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