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What’s the rarest drop?

If I were a mere rain drop
What would have been my choice?
If I had some uniqueness,
I would rather rejoice.

The type that is commonest
Rises up from the sea
As from saltish company
It does want to break free.

The type that is less common,
Rises up from rivers
To save from pollution the
Purity that is hers.

The type that’s quite rare is
Born in a lightning storm;
Hydrogen and oxygen
Mix and do droplets form.

But the rarest of all is
A tear from God’s own eye
When He sees His commandments
Given a sly go by.

His tear I would, better, be,
And fall on dear George Bush
Inducing him to withdraw,
Unholy Iraq push.

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• Written initially as entry 399532 in the book book “WAR POETRY--award winner", "WAR POETRY--award winner. Posted as the present item on 12 October 2009.

M C Gupta
15 January 2006
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