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the girl sauntered into the bustling hub, her hooded cloak hiding almost every one of her features. she was short, that he could tell, and she had red curly hair. when the waitress went to take her order, the girl refused food or drink. he thought this a bit odd, but then, this was werewolf territiory, everything was odd. he wondered briefly if this girl ws one of the inhabitants of this land, but immediately dismissed the idea. she was too stocky, and generally out of character, to belong to such a race. perhaps this was the one hed been sent to search for, the dangerous one, the one that could make him rich. the hair, the build, the obvious want for secrecy, she seemed the perfect fit. he walked over to her table allowing his clean face fall into what he knew was a very handsome smirk. "you know, i dont think ive seen youaround here before." he stated. the girl paid him no mind, she seemed to be analyzing the curling designs in the wood of the table. "seems a bit suspicious to me. a little girl like you, all alone, trying so haard to keep her face hidden." he sat in the chair accross from her and leaned in, feeling the smirk slide off his face, knowing that his eyes were probing, suspicious, cold. penetrating stones of black that induced fear into any that were brave enough to look into them. she looked up slowly and he saw her hand, which lay resting on the table, twitch. he deduced this as a reaction of fear. "Adrion Bosh." she met his eyes easily and in the midst of his shock he noted the odd mixture of green and gold. her mouth quirked into an emotionless smile. "you think youve found me, that youre weeks of tailing us have finally paid off, but youre wrong. you have learned nothing, you have won nothing. you have been running around in circles, a wild goose chase. it is i who has been tracking you, adrion. not the other way around." his hand clenched, reacting to a fear that had barely begun to form in his mind. "i dont know what youre talking about." he could tell that the girl wasnt fooled, she had trapped him, the mouse had become the cat. he knew that he was going to die, there was nothing else for it. if the shapeshifter lady wanted him dead, and surely she did, he would be dead. this was partially her territory, she would have connections. she knew who he was, knew that he had information and he didnt have a doubt in his mind that she would go to great lengths to get it.
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