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Love on Christmas. Who will confess their feelings first?
1st day..............................

“Christmas is coming” Amanda announced she’s my mom, “Your cousins and other relatives are coming here, you can invite your friends too, and we’re going to have a party” she added, I often call her as mom, but I used to call her Amanda when I was a kid, but now I’m fifteen, I’m thought to call her mom, and I’m used to it

Usually, I don’t really attend parties and I can’t stand any, but this one is family party, so I need to,

I stood out of the sofa that I barely use, I didn’t say anything about the party, knowing that mom knew how I feel and think about the party. I went up into my room and let my body fall into the bed, which by the way is using my favorite bed sheet today.

Reasons why I don’t like parties are because I don’t like crowded places, noise, and the cold breeze of air outside the area. But major, it’s really in my nerves.

I woke up and just notice I felt asleep, didn’t realize it was already 3:27 pm, I forgot that I have to go to Leo’s house to give him his handkerchief back. Leo’s my crush since last, last year, I met him at school, he’s just so caring and everybody likes him, including me, but I’m just freaking invisible in everybody’s sight. I had his handkerchief because he let me borrow it when I accidentally scratch my hand into the broken piece of wood when I tripped, he saw me and it was just embarrassing, he tied it in my hand so gently that my heart pounded so much that I couldn’t feel it anymore, I was on my way home from the park when that happened, his house is just four houses away that I really know, probably he doesn’t even know that we’re just few houses away from each other because of my invisibility, he might not even know that we attend in the same school.

I dressed my casual and then got out of the house as soon as possible. I went to the garage to grab my skateboard.

“Hey!” my mom called, “no skateboard, you’re grounded from it, remember?” she remind me

I promised that I would be there at 3:30 sharp, so I’m running for my pride, darn skateboard.

I was grounded from it since last week because I went back home, late at night from the carnival, I was riding my skateboard then, when she caught me sneaking into my room. Bam, grounded! That’s how it happened. It will last for three weeks.

“Mom!” I pleased

“No” she replied with a plain tone, I made a tsk sound then run.

Running for my pride is kind of hard. Breathe, breathe, I need to breathe. I check the handkerchief in my pocket then keep running. The house, where’s the house? There, it’s still beautiful, big house, love it.

I got myself arranged properly, and pull the plain white, Armando Caruso ready. I knock twice and I’m feeling excited and nervous. Scary.

As expected, it was him to open the door

“Yes? May I help you?” Ouch! That freaking hurts my heart. He didn’t even remember my face, wasn’t it just one day had past since the accident happened? I show him my hand which still has its bruise. “Oh! You” he said sarcastically, “Right” I feel like a big pain in his butt right now, but still, I smiled to show some politeness and said nothing, “How may I help you?” he asked,

“Appointment, 3:30, handkerchief…?” I tried to remind him, but I think he didn’t

“No, no, I remember” he tried to cut me but he was too late

“Yeah, um. Well, it’s here,” I gave him the handkerchief and stood there with my dignity. “Thank you” I told him, I put my hands in my pocket,

“Welcome, I think” he said, “Anything else?” he asked, and I don’t know what to do now. Speak, Mich, speak!

“Ahh. Um…” I stammered, No, say something, “Nothing” I inhaled,

“Are you okay?” He asked

“Yeah, umm, I’d better get going, so see you” I said my last goodbye to him,

“Yeah, be careful on your way,” he said

I nodded and then got on my feet and run, I saw him close the door,

I don’t like this day, really. It sucks, but I shall look into the bright side, I talked to him BUT I will never talk to him again, I know so. Not really bright. Why does it have to have a ‘buts’?

I went back to my room and think of him the rest of the day in my bed, he’s just so, so, so I don’t know, I sighed. I listened to the lullaby I always listen to in my iPod before I go to sleep, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ is its title, I can’t get tired of it, and it’s so beautiful, so sweet and so dreamy.

I woke up once again, and I found out my iPod was already dead. I charged it and went to the bathroom and wash my face, thinking of what happened this afternoon.

“Michelle, Michael” My mom called, “dinner”, so I went to the dining room,

“Mom” Michael started, “if you’re talking to a girl, well in your case a guy, and you stammer, and you just can’t say a thing, what do you think is wrong with you?, You know, when you can’t look at her in the eyes…” he asked, and I feel like he’s just talking about me

“Michael, there is nothing wrong with you, maybe, you’re just…” she’s looking for the right word, “feeling a great fondness to that someone,” she explained, complicatedly

“Mom?” I talked, “can you make it clear?” I joked, I know it’s not funny, but saying the right word would be better for Michael to understand

She sighed and builds a sentence in her mind “Okay,” another sighed she made “Michael-“

“Michael, who is that girl?” I cut her but she said nothing,

“Stay out of it, you have your own life!” he nagged, and I chuckled. I wonder who it is.

After the dinner mom asked me a favor

“Would you please make a little investigation of what he was doing lately?” she pleased

“Sure, but can I get my skateboard privilege back” I chuckled, but I’m serious

“Yes” she said after a long moment of silence, “but please!” she said

“Yeah, like I said, sure” I assured her

I checked my Mac notebook for e-mails and other stuffs then unplug my iPod and went to sleep.

2nd day..................................

I woke up and brush my teeth and wash my face. I feel like going to the park today, so I checked my schedule, oh, the ‘little investigation’ forgot about that,

So I started the ‘investigation’ I ignored him when he was watching TV. After lunch, he was roaming around the kitchen, and then went outside the yard. I tiptoed in the garden and saw him, seemed to be waiting for someone. He went to the church, which was one house away from Leo’s house, I was thrilled when I passed his house, I again tiptoed-hide-and followed him to the church. I am now hiding in a bush about ten meters away from Michael, I’m taking this seriously, but I’m having fun though.

He’s sitting in the bench and looking so sad. He’s just seven and he’s in love? With whom?

I looked around and there was no one. Maybe not.

I never thought of my naughty little brother. Michael would grown up so fast, that I didn’t notice it.

“What are you doing?” I almost jump when I heard a little girl’s voice. It was so small, so cute, and she looks so fragile. What a charming little angel. She’s around six, I guess

“Oh, I’m watching my brother, how about you?” I asked as I watch her blond hair so long, so glossy, and so virgin.

“I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, I promised him that I will meet him at his house but I couldn’t” I was just surprised, because, if you would connect the nature’s entire give clue, she must be the girl to whom he is in love with.

“Why?” I asked as if I know nothing

“We had to go out of town to buy Christmas decorations, but I’m here now so I could apologize to him” she said with a velvet voice, she paddled her hand against her ballooned dress, her headband suits her dress, it’s both mint green,

“Well, good luck to you dear,” I smiled to her and she smiled back

“Thank you” she smiled again

I left them, because I knew I was right, I think they like each other, what a cute little couple. I went to the park like I always do, and spend my whole afternoon there.

They think I’m weird because I always sleep in public places. The ‘they’ were my family. But this park is empty, as if it was abandoned many years ago, but I have this friend, an old man named Thomas, he’s a janitor here, I found him at the place, he was a volunteer, he always find me sleeping at the park, so I’m used to it. We even had a long talk. He told me many stories, including his love story.

‘He was sitting in the bench on the very same park then, when she saw this girl Rosanna, she’s so beautiful that seemed so perfect, as described by him. She was sitting under the tree which was still alive, and my favorite tree to sleep in, to be exact. She was reading the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ book and he was just so shy to ask her out. Despite of this, he gathered his courage and asked her, unexpectedly, Rosanna said yes. They got married, then the day after the wedding, happened an accident, they were supposed to be in their own house but in excitement, they made the car faster then unfortunately, they crashed in the sharp curve. A car versus truck accident happened. His wife, Rosanna didn’t survive the crash so he’s alone now. Instead of marrying another woman, he preferred to stay in love with her, and chose to spend the rest of his life in the place where he met the woman she loved the most.’ Cute story, it shows the devotion of love. Very rare and very precious, it is.

As expected, I felt asleep under the tree I was thinking about. It is now withered due to the cold winter, but it will blossom again for sure in Spring.

I wonder where Mr. Thomas is. So I went to find him after a while I felt asleep. I went to the benches and he wasn’t there, neither in the cottages, maybe in the trees. I went there but he wasn’t there, ah, maybe in the pavilion. So I went there and saw not only Mr. Thomas, there was Leo too. I was shy but I was too late, Mr. Thomas saw me, before I sneak out.

“Oh, hey Michelle!” He called. I turned and face them.

“Hi, sorry for the interruption…” I said, not sure.

“No, it’s actually the right time, I was just talking about you” I blushed, but it wasn’t obvious.

“Oh?” I said in surprise, I couldn’t look at Leo’s face, I’m so embarrassed but I don’t know why, maybe something ridiculous Mr. Thomas told to Leo about me.

“I told him that you always spend your time at this park” thank god, not the sleeping part, but they both laugh, “and that I always found you sleeping under a tree.” I blushed, and my face turned red.

“Mr. Thomas!” I exclaimed in a joking tone, but deep inside my heart, it’s true.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me” did Leo just talk to me? Was it me he was referring to?

I didn’t say anything, and I can’t even look at him in the eyes, just fast glances.

“Michelle, right?” he asked and I nodded, trying to look him in the eyes, “hey, don’t be shy, act like Sir Thomas didn’t say anything to me,” he smiled trying hard to look at my eyes but I keep avoiding it.

“Ahh, tsk, tsk, I got some cleaning to do, the snow is getting thicker, both of you talk, Leo, take care of her, she’s a rare diamond!” he warned

“Sure, Sire” he salutes

Oh my god, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for, and Mr. Thomas gave it to me, I shall thank him!

When Mr. Thomas went with his cleaning stuff away, I went the other way of pavilion, leaving Leo in the empty pavilion, the trees were full of snow, and I shake the trunk of the trees to let the snows drop into the ground. And catch them with my open arms, like I always do, and then while catching, I will make a spin, and let my body drops of the ground with its thick snow, I will make a snow angel, kind of childish but it’s fun. Mom said that I was too old for such activity, but who cares.

“What’re you doing?” Leo shouted from the pavilion

“Making snow angels,” I told him with a relax voice

“Is it fun?” he asked

“Yeah, you should try it,” I invited

“I don’t think so” he disapproved

“Why not?”

“Because it’s cold,”

“It’s snow, it’s supposed to be cold” I told him comfortably

But he just shrugged

“Have you ever tried it?” I asked confusedly, and our topic is moving!

“No,” he said sadly

“Too bad,” I made him jealous, but he just smiled,

I leaned on a tree. I didn’t notice, I felt asleep, again. But something is in my head, literally, I opened my eyes and I saw my two pairs of legs with another two pair of legs, right one is folded, one is beside my right leg.

I gasped and I remember I was with Leo, my eyes widened. I felt comfortable with his head over mine and my head leaning on his shoulders. It was warm and soft though broad. I closed my eyes and realized that I was taking chances too much, I moved my head a little bit and it wakes him up, enough for my fantasy

“Oh sorry,” he apologizes, “ you felt asleep and you were, lying on the snow, so I sat beside you to lean on,” he explained as if I asked him how so it happened “and I guess I felt asleep” he added while scratching his forehead

“Thank you” I said fast, looking down, I stood once and he looked at me and I saw my snow angel with another snow angel that I didn’t made beside it, and I looked at him with a suspicious look,

“You said to try it,” he excuses, his head shaken but looking at me blushing and I smiled,

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked and I tilt my head

“Its fine,” he simply said, he looked around “Aren’t you going home yet?” he asked,

“No” I said and turned

“Okay I’ll accompany you then” he said, I looked at him and he did the same, and I looked away.  I heard him laugh silently

Wow, fantasy isn’t over yet

Sneeze. Sneeze.

Oh no, I forgot my scarf


“Here,” he tied his red scarf he hasn’t been using around my neck, and then he laughs, “Your nose is red” then he touched the tip of my nose,


“C’mon, let’s get you home,” he grab my hands, and it was warm, everything about him makes me comfortable, and something about him feels so right.

“But I don’t want to go home yet,” I babble, I think he heard me, but I was looking down and keep walking. I bumped into his chest, I didn’t know he stopped, I touched my forehead with my hands with its gloves, where the part I bumped “Aww”

“You’re sneezing, don’t be stubborn, okay?” he pleased

“But you don’t know where my house is” I reminded him

“Your house is near mine,”

“But you don’t exactly know”

“My house, is next to Carmella’s then Emily’s, then the Old man’s House, then yours” that was surprising, I didn’t knew that he knew that we live couple of houses away, “I know my surroundings, okay?” he laughs

“How did you know?” I asked confusedly, a moment of silence

“I just know it” he smiled, and then grab my hands again then walk, I walk slower of course, his steps were twice of mine. I stopped then my hands slid off his.

“What?” He stopped too, and faced me

“I said I don’t want to go home yet,” I said,

He sighed and looks at me, “How about my place?” he said, and I was surprised

“Eh?” I looked at him with surprise look

“You’re sneezing, I’ll be responsible for this, and I’m sure”

“It’s my fault” I told him

“You were with me when you caught that, plus, I promised Sir Thomas that I will take care of you”

“He’s not here anyway,” I convinced him

“A promise is a promise” he explained “So, my place?”

“Is it crowded there?” I asked

“No,” he said,

“Okay,” He again, grabbed my hands and I feel used to it, but he’s so fast, I tried to walk faster but he’s still faster

“Can you slow down, please?” I pleaded

“Oh, I’m sorry” he said

There, very moderate walking, were walking beside each other now and we’re holding each other’s hand. If time would stop now, it would be very great

“Wait here, I’m going to buy something” he pointed at the drugstore, and I nodded,

I’m at sidewalk right now and there were no cars in the road, I stood still there when it started snowing that caught my attention, I love snow, very much, that I open my arms wide then looked up and started to find a snow flakes. Jump. Jump. Spin. Jump. Wee.


I wanted to shout it but I can’t.

“Michelle!” Leo shouted, running towards me, but he wasn’t looking at me. I traced his looks and it leads me to the car in front of me running so fast, I can barely hear its horn.

I couldn’t move and I don’t know what to do. Leo grabbed me out of the way, and I just felt cold and tears started to flow. I can barely breathe, I couldn’t close my eyes either, and the picture of the car in front of me is still in my mind, the tears continuously flowing

“Hey, hey, hey” Leo’s soft voice were trying to get my attention, I heard the car stopped “Michelle, look at me,” his concerned voice, I heard, but I couldn’t look at him, I mean I’m looking at him, but the picture in my eyes were the car in front of me, “Michelle, Michelle” He tapped my cheeks softly, “look at me” now I can see him, “Are you alright? Were you hurt?” he asked, but I couldn’t answer I , something scares me, but I don’t know what it is, his hand were carrying my head.

“Did I hit her?” a man’s voice shouted, I can feel him running

“No!” he told him

“Thank God” the man exhaled

“You could have killed her!” Leo’s voice shouted

“I know, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, Is she alright?” the man asked

“You think? Her lips were pale, and she’s crying!” Leo told the man, “Michelle!” he called me again, and I woke up and started crying in his chest, he hugged me, but I’m still lying in the ground

“Look I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it” I ignored the man and cry

“Can you stand up?” Leo asked, it tried to but I was too weak from the almost accident

“Can I do anything?” the man asked,

“No, I can get her home safely,” Leo told the man in relaxed voice “Can you just get the plastic bag over there?” he pointed across the road, and the man did so

“Here” the man handed the bag

“Thanks” Leo put the holder in his middle and index.

“Is that all?” the man asked

“Yes, and be careful on your way,” Leo said

Leo carefully carry me gently, while I was crying, “It’s alright now,” He started to walk slowly

“I can’t go home like this”, I told him with my weak voice.

“I know, we’re going to my house” that comforted me,

After a while of walking, I think I recovered now, “Leo?”


“I think I can walk now,” I finally said

“Of course you can,” he smiled

“Then why aren’t you letting me go now?”


“Because I don’t want to meet another accident” he joked, and I smiled. The tears dried in my face, and I feel so special right now and a big trouble too.

“Here we are,” he informed me

This is my first time to be in their house, I mean inside, and it’s so warm and cozy here, he let me sat in the sofa

“Wait here, don’t go anywhere,” he said then went upstairs.

He came back after a minute

“It’s warmer in my room” I blushed a little bit but not obvious because I’m sneezing “C’mon” he said, and I followed him. His room has the same place as mine, second floor, last door, but I have bigger room. He closed the glass door of balcony and let me sit on his bed,

“Let me get something from downstairs,” he said and I nodded

He left the plastic bag he bought, I wonder what that is. I couldn’t stop my curiosity so I opened it. A ‘warming pad’, I put it back and just sit there

“It’s me, can you open the door?” Leo’s voice from the back of the door, I opened the door and he was with a basin with warm water and a face towel

“What’s that?” I asked

“You have wounds” he told me, and I looked at my hands and feet,

“That’s just few,”

“I know,” he answered comfortably. He kneeled down before me and squeezed the face towel after soaking it to the warm water.

He was about to wipe some in my face but I touched it first, and there was a blood and I just felt the pain.

“Aww” I looked at my finger which had the blood, Leo grabbed it and wiped it, then my head, I closed my eyes because I’m kind of creep about blood. Then my knee and my feet

Sneeze. Sneeze.

He looked at me then smiled, I smiled back, and he soaked the towel once more then back to the wound.

“There, it’s done,” he said

“How did I get these?” I asked

“We landed badly on the ground” he laughs

“Oh” I said


“Do you have curfew?” he asked

“No, why?”

“You don’t want to go home sick, do you?” I shake my head and smile. He sighed “You go rest in my bed it’s 4:20, anyway” He offered

“Okay,” I mouthed

I hope that he will never know how I feel about him because if he do, it will be so embarrassing. This is the best day in my life, even if I was caught on accident. Well, I’m used to it anyway. At least I was with Leo. And I’m even at his house, and he offered me to rest in his bed. How lucky am I to be considered.

I woke up and something so soft is in my head, I touched it and it was the warming pad, I checked on my wounds but it was band-aided. I got up from the bed and went outside to find Leo. I went down the living room and found the little girl I met in the church,

“Hey” I called

“Hello,” She turned around from the Christmas tree, holding a red shiny Christmas ball, wearing the same doll dress.

“Have you seen Leo around?” I asked

“Yes, he’s in the terrace, who are you?” she said in a small voice

“I’m Michelle, how about you?”

“Lea” I wonder what is she doing here

“Oh, nice to meet you then, I’d better get going” I went to the terrace and saw him sitting in the bench looking far steadily, the door clang that he heard me and get down,

“What are you doing here?” he asked “its cold”

“Hey, do you know Lea, the girl in the Christmas tree?” I asked

“Of course, I know her very well, she’s my sister,” he laughs

Really, that’s amazing, because my brother is in love with her, but it’s not sure though. Nothing much to say.

“What about her?” he asked

“Nothing, nothing” I lied, I looked at my bare feet as I started freezing, He traces my looks

“Where are your shoes?” he asked in a very curious tone

“I don’t really know” I told him

“You know you shouldn’t really come out with any shoes on” he said and opened the door, “C’mon”

I smiled and went inside, Lea looked one more time

“Hello again” she greeted in her British accent

“Hello” I smiled, Leo chuckled behind me

I must be the luckiest girl in the whole state of Alaska. Just imagine your crush behind you very worried about your situation, in his house.

“Where are we going?” I asked when we were onto stairs

“My room, I think I misplace your shoes” He told me

“Okay” I said

“Here!” he exhaled, “it’s just under the bed” he added

“Oh” I grabbed it “thanks” and put it on, “I’d better get going-“

“What?” he exclaimed

“Because it’s already late, isn’t?” I was scared

“Yes, Of course you do, it’s late, you should go home, and take my scarf, its cold outside” he gabbed and I nodded

I can’t believe from this afternoon, he’s just going to let me go home alone. I kicked the snow in the sidewalk and looked at the night sky, but it doesn’t have stars tonight, I put my hands in my pocket. He’s not that gentleman as I thought of, letting a girl who came from an accident and is sneezing, just going home alone from his house, Darn it

“Where did you came from, why are you late” mom asked from the kitchen

“From my friend’s house, I was…” I don’t know what to say, “I felt asleep” I said, “Yeah, asleep” I babbled

“You missed the dinner” She told me as she arranged something from the cabinet

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry” I told her

“Alright, well in case if you get hungry there’s food in the ref” she informed and I smiled

I went straightly in my room running, so that she won’t notice the band-aids in my body

“So why were you following me this afternoon?” My brother surprised me, waiting in my door “What’s with the band-aid, rather?” I stared at him, and my jaw drop, how did he knew that I was following him? “Answer the ‘following’ first”

“I” I can’t think about any lie right now

“I what?” He’s still waiting seriously, never seen him like this before actually

“I was at the bush long time before you came there” I lied finally, “at the bush” I whispered

“You’re lying” he said in the same kind of mad tone. How did he knew that I was lying, was it that obvious?

“What? No, no, I’m not” I told him a white lie

“Yes you are” he said in a higher tone

“How would you know if that was a lie then?” I got on my knees and stand tall. I raised a brow

“You always repeat words when you lie” he explained myself to me

“I do not” I fight for knowing myself

“Yes you do” He said

Well if you consider all the things that I’ve said then…He’s right, how come he knew me better than my own self?

“Well I didn’t repeat any word” I said

“Yes you did” He said in a much even higher tone, “you said ‘I was at the bush long time before you came there, at the bush’” he said in my same tone as I said those lies even the whispers

“Yeah?, well” I said, not sure what’s next “Well” I said one more time, “Well, yeah,  you’re right” I admitted

“So what’s with the sneaking?” He asked one more time, I opened my door and let him come in. He sat on the edge of my bed as I get my clothes,

“Last night,” I started “after the dinner, mom asked me to make a little investigation about the thing you asked last night,” I continued “So the next day, which is today, after lunch I started it. The sneaking, then I accidentally met her at bush, and she said she wanted to apologize to you and by the way, Lea’s beautiful, you have great taste in girls” I laugh

“Don’t talk about her!”

“Okay,” he was blushing then “Its okay, I won’t tell mom about it, or her,” I comforted him, “And hey, I met her in their house this afternoon”

“You went in her house?” he was surprised

“Yeah, you see, Leo, my friend was with me in the park a while ago, he’s her brother, I was sneezing then but I don’t want to go home yet so we went to his house, and” I skipped on the accident, “it was warm in there, that stopped me from sneezing” I was too exaggerated, “Then, I went to the living room and saw her in the Christmas tree” too much details I’m so talkative with my brother, I looked away the glass window and sighed

“You like him don’t you” my eyes widened and gasped then looked at him, “don’t worry, secret is a secret, deal?” his face was hopeful

“Deal” I promised him, “go to sleep ‘little lover’” I teased, I heard him growled in his way out as I chuckled.

I removed my jacket and the scarf then went to the bathroom to have a warm shower. After shower, I tried to sleep but I couldn’t, maybe because I slept too much this day. I went to the balcony with my robe, and look in the endless firmament. I sat on the wooden chair that has always been here. I was thinking of the party which is two days away, same day as the Christmas, I wonder how would it be. I went to the bed when I felt sleepy

Morning it was, when I opened my eyes, feeling so cold, I looked at my opened door in my balcony, I think I forgot to close it, the wind blows through my face, and now I’m freezing, I closed it and went down stairs,

“Oh my!” It was mom who was so surprised about me going down, “You look so pale, and,” She touched my forehead, “so cold” she looked at my body from head to toe, maybe she’s kind of surprised, because I don’t typically go out of my room with my pajamas on.

“Mom, I’m obviously sick” I muttered

She just stared at me and touched my neck. Her hands were soft and warm. “You go rest in your room, okay? Close your balcony and open your heater”

“Okay” I assured her

Knock. Knock.

“It’s me” Mom said from the back of my door, “I brought your food,” She said for the 3rd time, it’ll be the last, because I don’t eat four times a day,

“Come in,” I finally said

Two good things when you’re sick, first, you don’t need to go down for your food, second, you can sleep the whole day, which I love to do. But I don’t get the privilege to go outside, which I really, really do.

The next day, I woke up feeling so much better from yesterday, I stayed in the house, to help mom to decorate the house, then in the afternoon I helped her in the kitchen as I promised, but of course I went to the park just to visit Mr.Thomas

“This will be the ‘tomorrow’s attention’” she chuckled as we finished the three-leveled cake, she put it in a hibernator after giving its final touch, “Thank you dear” she smiled, “What am I going to do without you” She praised and I smiled at her as she touch my hair

“Mom, I know you can do it with or without me, what you can’t do” I praised her back

“Aw, honey” she awed

I opened my eyes looking at the glass door of my balcony, the wooden chair was covered in thick snow, and even the waist-level grills were in snow too. My glass door was in moist, I wrote in it, quote,

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible

From a Walt Disney Classics

It’s another day, but not just a day. It’s Christmas day

I got dressed after I took a warm shower, brushed my teeth, and the morning basics. Then went down

“Morning, you have a visitor, honey” mom said as she passed by carrying a vase about her half body size, and I’m sure she’s fine

My mom as always, the first person I always see in the morning, the one who always reminds me stuffs

“Who is it?” I didn’t bother to greet back,

“I don’t know, go in the living room, and see for yourself” she played

And so I did, it was my best friend, Dianne with a present wrapped by a cloth-gift wrapper. She put it down in the sofa where she just stood when she saw me, entering the living room. I smiled at her and she smiled back

“Dianne!” I exclaimed. She opened her arms wide for an embrace.

“I missed you” she informed

“Me too” I replied

“Hey, merry Christmas, I bought you something,” she said as she handed me the gift

“You didn’t waste time on wrapping, do you?” I joked as I opened it within two minutes or so long

“Not really” she giggled

We had a long talk about our past and what’s-going-on stuff about each other.

“So, are you going to join the party?” I invited

“Sorry,” her smile fades as she said the word “I need to go to my Auntie’s party, and it will take one hour trip to go to her home” she explained

“It’s okay” I understood

“That’s why, you are my best friend” she pouted. She’s the type of person that will make you say okay, even though it’s not. She received a gift of the gab.  And the thing I like the most about her, she always does the best she thinks it could be. She’s the best of the best friend I have ever had.

She hugged me once more for a good-bye

“I’ll miss you” she said for the fifth time

“Yeah, like you haven’t said that thirty seconds ago” I laughed “and thanks for the camera, I’m sorry that I didn’t gave a gift-back, I didn’t know that you’ll come here and stop by”

“Eh? It’s okay, like as if I told you this” she has forgiven

“Thank you! No wonder why you’re my best friend” I chuckled

She left with no regrets about the gift, I’m sure she has time for on lining. So that, we’ll have a chat later.

I hope there will be not much cousins in my room tonight, cause their scary, wild and weird

I went to the park, where I just missed a day visiting because of my freaking sickness. I never forgot to visit this park since we came here in Alaska from California.

I sat on the bench and rest for a minute with my new D-90 camera, my best friend just gave me this morning. I sighted the park through the camera and saw Mr. Thomas gathering up the four-inched thick snow that showered last night. I took a photo with the best picture of him. I was a journalist in our school, and because I broke my oldie camera, I quitted. But I used to join interschool competition during the days with my camera. I also did take pictures of my favorite spots and the bests of this park. My eyes were still on the camera when somebody cupped my shoulders. I almost jumped by the surprise

“Merry Christmas” He greeted with the same velvet voice, it was Leo. He sat beside me, and I shivered but in a nice way. “What are you doing?” he asked

“Taking pictures” I said without looking at him,

“Of what?” another question,

“Nature, people…” I paused for a moment “nature” I smiled wryly. Observing surroundings with someone you like or love is good somehow, even though that someone doesn’t know you are in love with him. But on the other hand, it also hurts.

Being silent lessen the tendency to hurt other people, but what hurts more is that you don’t know how keeping silent hurts much of your heart.

“Can I see some of your shots?” he asked for permission, I lend him my camera and felt empty without that mango size, but titanium in weight black canon camera. “COLLQUIAL, étonnant” he commented, no idea what language is that, “Parfait. Comme une fleche” he continued one by one as he presses the ‘next’ button.

After a while he asked me, “Where were you the other day, I didn’t see you”

“I was sick” I smiled “you…you weren’t here yesterday” I chuckled,

“I was here, but only for a short while”

After a long moment, he returned the camera to me and he said that I’m a good photographer

“I used to be one” I informed him

Surprisingly, he said “I know, you were one of the staff of the gazettes, I saw you on the career orientation” I blushed, thinking he would never notice me but I was wrong.

“What are you going to do today?” he asked breaking the silence off

I shrugged before I answered “It’s Christmas, I need to spend it with my family” he chuckled at this, “What?” I asked the disturbance

“Need?” He repeated

“Yeah, coz you see, I hate parties-“

“Crowded places” he found the right word for me

“Exactly, how did you know?” I asked with a complete confused look

“Just notice it…” I wonder how…

Another moment of silent took over us, only the whisper of the cold air can only be hear and the sweeping of Mr. Thomas’s shovel. But sometimes, I take picture which adds up the small clicking sound and the swinging sound as I pressed the button. He was so quiet that I never looked at him since the last talk

“Yeah, this is very awkward, I need to go…to take pictures” he didn’t answer, so I turned to look at him. He was sleeping. I looked at the camera, and took a picture of him in his very still position of sleeping. I looked at my watch and saw it was time for me to go home. It’s already five-thirty in the afternoon and we expect a big family today.

I was about to tap his shoulders to wake him up but before I do so, he already wake up. He saw my hands on my shoulders, and I removed it as quick as I could.

“I was about to wake you up, sorry” I apologized.

“Its okay” he replied without thinking

“Look, I really need to go, can I just…--“

“No, I mean its okay, sure, you can…you may go” he said as he scratches his eyes. ”I’m about to go anyway.”

We cross the road together but not like together, together. We went the opposite way, so we made a V shape as we cross.

“There you are honey, can you help me put the foods on the table?” mom fared on me without a cost. She means the long table at our huge arch-like kitchen, well that must take a lot of work. I helped her and as soon as I was done with it, I roamed around looked at the unfamiliar faces of my three cousins in the living room, four in the terraces and a lot in the back yard garden and they’re all real unfamiliar. I do not know any of them. I went upstairs to ask Michael of stuff that his going to do tonight but his door was locked, so I went to my room, instead. I opened the balcony and cleared the chair from the white three-inched ice sheet. I spent my whole afternoon in my room, listening, chatting… doing my own little things.

Dinner was depressing, though they had fun, I didn’t enjoy. I went the lighted park and didn’t saw Mr. Thomas that I didn’t think of. But unexpectedly, it was Leo that I saw, in the pavilion killing time. I went near him with his scarf, to return it.

“Leo” I said with a shy voice

“Hello” he greeted “What are you doing here at this time, you shouldn’t be here” He ruled

“Well, you’re not supposed to be here either” I answered back in a joke. And we both laughed hysterically.

“What are you doing here?” he smiled

And I shrugged, not looking at him, “party at our house, I hate it” I admitted,

“Trying to kill time, eh?” he asked, and I nodded

I sighed to make myself more comfortable. I’m in the center of the pavilion, noticing the red sign saying, ‘call someone’ and “d’œil làhaut”

“Leo” He turned to face me, “look at this”, pointing at the writings Leo babbled the weird language

“It’s French” I tilt my head with his information, “It says…” he continued. A moment of silence, “if I wasn’t mistaken, it means ‘look up’” he turned to face me. And we quickly looked up at the low plain ceiling together.

“Mistletoe” I whispered as I looked at the flower and turned to face him, but our nose was tingled to each other. He kissed me as if he really means it. I can’t help but kiss back. I crossed my hands in my chest feeling my heart misses a beat. He held my small shoulders and we pulled back, as he removed his hands off

It was a moment of silence

“Your scarf?” I ask in awkwardness, giving the red warm cloth after I remembered it after saying. I have always been like this, saying random things when I’m nervous

“Yeah, of course” He smiled wryly

“Ouch!” I whispered when I felt a knock on my head and fell on the floor. Leo is still in my front, looking far, but I’m facing him. It was a white envelope. We bumped on our heads as we picked it up and opened it

The letter says:

Voila! Étonner?

Merry Christmas


“TJ?” I curiously asked

“Mr. Thomas Johnson” He said in a relaxed voice “He set this up” he said with disappointment

“Sorry” I apologized, not having any idea what was that for. I curled my lips, regretting that it was just for the mistletoe, and shook down.

“He knew” he babbled “I knew he knew it” he said

“Knew what?” trying to keep up but still looking my head down

He lifted my chin up and cupped the back of my neck gently “Listen” he started making me more nervous, I gazed at his bluest of sky eyes “I…I love you” my eyes widened as he said the words.

“Umm, yeah…” I couldn’t say a word in shock, I never realize, I was so stupid that I didn’t notice. “Me too” I said randomly

“No, really, I love you” He repeated

“Yeah…I love you too” I never see this one coming… I don’t know what to say. I never knew. “Really” I whispered “I loved you since then, but I was too afraid to tell you, and now I already did” I smiled and he kissed me again.

I touched the mistletoe and knew it was fake, a plastic mistletoe, it’s all accidents.

It was a happy ending, though we don’t know what will happen next, but at least.

Best Christmas ever!!!

Not yet the end…

My phone chimed, so I grabbed it. A message from my brother…


She likes me too!!!

YEAH! Awzoom!!! Lea likes me too!!

I looked at Leo, and let him look at the text. He raised a brow

“Your brother? Michael is your brother?” He asked in amazement as he looked at Mike’s name on top

“Yes…” I grinned

“Wow” he said in tired voice and smiled, chuckled for both of us

We watched the night sky for the rest of the night until we had to go home.

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