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Drop on in, write about a mythological creature, everyone has a chance to win GP!
Mystical Mythical Contest
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Submit a creative story with at least one mythical, mystical, or supernatural character or theme. Any story that includes a Siren, or a demigod/goddess will receive a 500 GP bonus as long as its not just a cameo appearance and its not just a character's name. You are going to have to look up what those are yourself, that's part of the fun of the contest! The story can be told in flash fiction, short story, chapter, or poetry style, but it must be something from your own imagination. You are more than welcome to create something new or submit something you've already created - even if its already won something! Ready to read the Rules?

1) All entries must be posted bitem style
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2) Entries may be whatever rating you'd like, HOWEVER introductions to the entries (anything that actually shows in the forum without following a link out) must be rated E
3) You can enter a flash fiction, short story, chapter of a longer story, or poetry, but there are word and line limits. The word count minimum for the prose is 100 words and the maximum is 50,000 words. The line count minimum for poetry is 10 lines - with the exception of haikus- and the maximum is 50 lines.


First Place: 12000 gp
Second Place: 9000 gp
Third Place: 5000 gp
Honorable Mention: 1000 gp

** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

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