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A storeom about love and more. Item edited and revised as of April 19th,2011.
Love lost and Found

The light of love was theirs, a new found joy, adventures just begun
It wasn't long before they found their love would be undone.

Trapped beneath a web of lies weaved by his closest friend.
None of the twist nor turns could loosen the tales dark end
But when it was revealed to him, he did the usual thing
When he stood up, stepped forward, he gave his fist a swing.

Who dared to touch what wasn't his, and dishonor her
The lies were told, hurt them so much, their future now a blur
He'd trusted him with all he had, yet lies turned trust to slime
He might have killed someone right then. It wasn't worth jail time.

The man who took what wasn't his, his lies became quite black
It caused a rift tween true love, her un-shed tears held her back
She wore her grief within her heart, lest he might see and laugh
The unspoken love gave her strength, who knew the aftermath.

The years went by, and they matured, with silver in their hair
Not space nor time had changed them much, both of them were rare
Their love was great, but having mates, their contact they refrained
from sharing what was in their hearts, but still their love remained.

And from afar his voice was heard, a song gave her a start
life's journey with someone else was tearing her apart.
She'd struggled for so long, but realized her love had not grown cold
Using some tissue she wiped some tears no longer kept on hold.

She angered him, yet brought him joy, he could not understand
Emotion flashed over him just like the Rio Grande.
They clashed, they churned, and hissed until they both were spent
the gaping wound had reopened, again they were silent.

The tension unwound in a while. His gaze was on a sight
He stared out the window at the glow of the pure moonlight.

Over there beyond his sky, she sat alone and wept
And soon time came, she undressed, climbed into bed and slept.

In dreams, they met beneath the giant Redwood trees
the sight of him, was enough to bring her to her knees
On bended knee, she thanked her God for everything he is
He gazed upon his love regained like she was his Isis.

Reference to Isis.
Isis is a Moon Goddess in Egyptian mythology. She was known as the goddess of the moon and of life and magic, Isis protected women and children, and surely men She healed the sick.
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