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A one act, one person play to be performed at a talent show. Approx. 700 words
This is a one act play written, directed and performed by me. With no budget for sets or costumes, I ask that you use your imagination. To help set the scene. And since we don't have a curtain either, I will simply say "Begin" to open and "Curtain" to signal the end of the play.

Scene: The Supreme Being of your choice is working away in his/her office. As happens to all managers, he/she gets interrupted fro time to time for a "few minutes of time"


Sir do you have a couple minutes?

<leaning against door jam>

Yes Sir, I understand you have an appointment, I'll be brief.

<taking a seat>

Umm, I was wondering what I should do now?


What have I done so far?

Well Sir, I've done a lot of things. I grew up and I watched a lot of fascinating life, You remember I was sick a lot back then and ended up watching more than doing early on.

Yes, I admit the teen years were rough on me but I learned compassion for the weaker through those, umm trials

As I grew up, I got better I seemed to always try to make up for lost time. I followed Robert Frost's advice and I took the road less travelled.

I chose the Air Force instead of College to help my parents, I worked my way through college afterwards - it was not the easy path, I agree.

and I LOVED.

<smiles in memory>

Wlel Sir, yes I experimented some of those things but you see it was the seventies and umm well I wanted to belong and... Yes, you are right I lost some time then.

Yes I lost loves too, but I loved and was loved. I married - TWICE, and had children twice.

Yes Sir, of course three but I thought I got a pass since that one was a "donation".


Yes, three children.

I took work that brought compassion and empathy to the foulest of professions and even in collecting taxes I tried to be kind to others.

I worked my way through Grad School and I tried new jobs and I started businesses and I raised my children to be fine young men.

I learned to help people with my compassion and intuition and understanding. In fact, I think I have helped a lot of people in my life.

<puffs with pride>

But Sir, I have traveled the road less traveled so long that it now seems like the road more traveled. And I really wondered...<pause> what's next? Am I finished? Do I get to come home now?

<A little sad but anxious looking>

Me? But I thought this was all about my fellow man and helping others. What do I have to do with it?

<puzzled expression>

Do I remember the poem you gave me when I turned twenty-one?

Yes, I do but that was a long time ago.

You want me to recite it? OK:

<Stands with hands behind back reciting from memory>

There was a door which had no key
There was a veil past which I could not see
Then to heaven itself I cried
What lamp has destiny to guide
Her children struggling in the dark
Understanding, know thyself
a wee small voice replied.

Thank you, it meant a lot tome.

<small nodding bow>

Did I do it?

What do you mean?

Do I know myself?

Well, like I said I am a father and approaching middle age and I help people...

Who am I really, inside?

I'm afraid I don't understand.

That's the point...?

Do you mean you want me to understand myself? And only then can I know where to go next?

It's in ME? The answer?

Know myself? That's it?

It's only the beginning? I need to love myself in order to really love others?

<PAUSE thinking>

That's a pretty big assignment, I better get started. Yes, I do have a lot to do. Thank you for your time sir.

Would you like me to call in your next appointment on my way out?

<looks to the audience>

You can go in now. I've got things to do, good luck!

<rushes off stage>


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