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Rated: 13+ · Lyrics · War · #1705313
Describing the adrenaline rush in a soldier in war -> sequel "I see Them - ID #1700293"
Rolling down, I see a big Panzer
Commander on top, watching us hide in manger
A MG 45, our lives we in all his might
It was now his turn to be the reaper
Then he looked to the side
Made tank turn to his right
Followed by few more of them
And then some more

We found a place to hide, let them be out of sight
That was all we could do, were too tired for a fight
Entering an old church, we got water and some guns
I wanted to pray, but it looked more like devil's den
Corpses or comrades
Made me remember of loved ones
As we took their guns and bombs
To go out back there

Suddenly from nowhere, rendezvous with a company
Held guns in hand and back in wall, not to die in Germany

And then shootout like fierce volcano bursting out
No care who live who die
Keep gun pressed and move it all about
Don’t pity on those who cry

This is war, this is war
Kill, kill and kill, this is war
There is no friend
Not even an enemy
Just keep the guns running
Because this is war

This poem / lyrics is the sequel of my previous song – I can see them. In that song an army private finds himself trapped in the war and has no way to go. Read http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1700293-I-see-Them---Heavy-Metal to know more of the story.
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