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Frank and Beth get into a little role playing and wind up making an important decision.
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Role Playing Romance

Jake and I finished installing the cushion back in the ‘39 Chevy.

“They sure did make back seats spacious in the good old days,” he observed. “Why do you suppose that was?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” I answered.

The door slammed and a UPS man walked in carrying a package.

“For you Frank,” he said handing it to me. “I love to make deliveries here,” he said, looking in admiration at the cars. “If you ever need some help don’t hesitate to give me a call.”

“You’re at the top of the “extra hands” list,” I assured him.

Jake’s cell phone started ringing. It was Clarisse. “I’ll take it in the back,” he said evasively, “the reception is better back there.”

I opened the package. It was a wolf costume. It was like a hairy bathrobe with a hood, a set of vampire teeth and two large rubber feet. A note fell out..

Dear Frank,
Clarissa and Jake have a date for tonight and I know you might be lonely…I wish I could come over but I’ll be occupied with other matters…,so, will send a friend of mine instead. She is a very sweet and innocent and I’m sure you’ll be a gentleman. Oh! And be wearing the costume when she arrives at 8 O’clock sharp.
Love Beth.

I put the wolf suit back in the box. Jake walked up. “Boss, mind if I leave early? Clarisse called and wants me to come over tonight...says its urgent!”


At Eight there was a knocking at the shop door. I walked over and beheld a strangely familiar hooded face. She was dressed in red and carrying a basket.

“Do I know you?” I inquired.

“I’m Little Red Riding Hood,” said the demure voice… “I’m lost.”

“Please step inside and I’ll try and be of service.”

“I’m really not supposed to talk to strangers…and you definitely look strange.”

“Ahem….What do you have in that basket?”

“All manner of goodies…cookies, sandwiches and fried chicken.”

“Sounds delicious.”

She studied me, stroking her jaw…“Mother would definitely not approve.” Stepping inside she exclaimed, “My what long hair you have…”

“I’m Italian. What brings you to my door, Ms. Hood?”

“I got lost in the forest,” she said unpacking the basket. “I do hope you can help. I’m very nervous .” She postured her bosom…it was heaving up and down.

"So I see."

"I hope I’m not intruding."

“Of course not…relax while I think about this.”

“My what large feet you have,” she observed, unbuttoning her coat. (Underneath there was nothing but a silk teddy and a thong.)

“All the better for walking you home….later.”

She looked quizzically…“I’m not sure you’re being entirely open with me…step over here.”

I walked around to her side of the table.

“And what is this?” she asked, reaching deep inside my hairy bathrobe… “Look what we have here. Why, it’s a tail… but it’s pointing straight at me.…so it couldn’t be a tail. Now that’s a relief… for a moment I thought you might be a wolf… Now I see you for what you are…and the look is mighty familiar.”

“Busted!” I said throwing up my hands…“How did you ever see through my clever disguise?" With that I scooped her up into my arms.

“Handsome too, except for the teeth…perhaps you can do something about those.”

I removed the rubber fangs and we kissed long and passionately. Holding her tight I walked weaving through the shop.

“Is there somewhere special you’re taking me?” she inquired, her arms tight around my neck.

“Yes indeed, I want you to see the back seat of a ‘39 Chevy...You can discover how they did it when you were just a glimmer in Grandma’s wistful thinking.”

“I’ve never been entertained in a back seat before …I’m learning a lot from you, Frank.”

“Nothing compared to my education.”

I opened the door and laid her back onto the soft leather upholstery. My fingers reached up tugging the thong over her hips and ankles. As I shed my hairy bathrobe she took off her nightie.

“Autograph the thong!” I directed handing her my “Sharpie.”

“Yes Sir!” she answered, scribbling “Red Riding Hood” inside the cup.

Taking it back, I breathed deeply of the fabric before hanging it on the rear view mirror. “In heat…big time…have I just hit the lotto or what?”

I’m so embarrassed,” she gestured, hand to forehead.

As I crawled on top, she spread, coaxing my staff inside. “Oh Gawd! You feel so good.”

I thrust deep.

She moaned rising up in response. “I have a quick question for you.”

I pulled back and thrust again. “Yes, what is it now?”

“I was wondering…”

I gave it to her once more. She squealed in delight.

“Say it, Beth.”

“I was wondering if we could move in together.”

I paused.


I began stroking rhythmically.

He body responded…”Cat got your tongue?”

“I’m thinking.”

“Is that a ‘Yes‘?”

I felt myself coming, “I suppose we could.”

"Yes! Yes!" she cried out, squirming about and writhing up and down…then almost inaudibly, “I love you Frank.”

“…And I love you too,” I rasped, with an explosive surge of energy.

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