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Frank and Jake check out the condo to see what's happening
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Peeping Toms

Thursday night after work Jake and I went to the Supper Club. It was situated on a beautiful lake surrounded by high income properties. Several of my clients had homes in the area and Beth’s Real Estate Agency did a booming business.

“Its pretty dead here tonight,” noted Jake. “What say we drop by the Agency and see if Beth and Clarisse want to play.”

“Sure," I answered and we went outside and got into the ‘70 Dodge Charger. It was a short drive over there and we were about to turn into the lot when I saw a black Mercedes limo parked next to Beth’s Town Car.

Hmmmmm, I thought trying to decide what to do next. "Suppose we continue a bit further and walk back…maybe check things out."

“Is this jealousy in the man I've come to know and admire?” chuckled Jake.

The lights were off in the front but around back the mercury vapor security lamp was burning. As we skirted close to the hedges the sliding glass door to the condo was open and the Leveler Blinds turned so you could see inside. Around the island, in the breakfast nook, sat four people. There was Beth, Clarisse, a man in a business suit and a uniformed chauffeur. Standing behind the bar was an attractive young woman wearing rabbit ears. The four were playing hearts and as we peered inside the bunny girl came out carrying a drink tray. She wore scanty attire and around her neck was a spiked collar.

Jake gasped…"what the…?"

"Hush," I whispered.

The TV was going and the Thursday Night Football game was in full swing. "Damn!" Said the big man in the suit. Something had gone wrong and the Jets had turned over the ball. “Turn that damn thing off,” he ordered the waitress, in an angry voice. “You are bad Karma…Ms. Jones, that’s what you,are, Bad Karma.” He led with a diamond…Beth was void and dropped the Queen of Spades. “Damn it!” he cursed throwing his cards down on the table, “Your first night on the job Jonesey and everything I touch is turning to shit.”

The rabbit girl bowed her head submissively…

“Well don’t just stand there …bring us another round.”

She returned with the drinks and the man in the suit put one hand on her hip and slid his fingers down her buttocks. "You like it when I do that don’t you Sweetheart…? Well speak up…When I address you speak up…You like it, don’t you?”

“Yes Mr. Hardin, I like it very much.”

“Such enthusiasm…you don’t like it at all…you wish I’d stop... don’t you?”

“No sir…”

“What’s that supposed to mean…no, don’t stop or no, get your hands off me?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Hardin, please don’t be angry…”

“You’re an embarrassment, that’s what you are…”

“I’m trying sir, honest I am.”

“Well not hard enough. Step up here on the island and dance for us.” He began clapping his hands and the others pushed their chairs back as the girl mounted the table and began to dance. She seemed to have some experience and Beth walked over and turned on some appropriate music.

“What do you think Clarisse…is there any hope for this one?”

Clarisse shrugged.

“How about it Beth?”

“I see some possibilities but she’ll need a lot of training.”

“There you see Ms Jones, not exactly an overwhelming vote of confidence…dancing is supposed to be your strong suit.”

She squatted, spreading her knees and beckoned seductively.

“Real enticing Honey. My initial reaction is to turn and run out the door… Look, why don’t you just climb down, take off the collar and we’ll drive you home.”

She stood up and sagged, tears running down her face. “Please, don’t send me home,” she pleaded.

“So you’re not ready to quit yet. OK, then who do you want to impress first?”

She looked about confused and frightened.

“Can’t make up your mind…then I’ll choose…Bodo, take her back to the bedroom.”

“No! I want you Mr. Hardin, I want you.”

“Too late…Look, you’ve hurt Bodo’s feelings.”

The Chauffeur stood up. He had a bald head and baby face. His biceps bulged and his buttocks and thighs were enormous. He made a fake sniffle and smiled extending his hands.

“Please don’t make me do this.”

“Good answer Ms. Jones, nobody is going to make you do anything. You asked for the interview and volunteered to become an initiate. It’s good that you realize you can’t cut it . Get dressed. Bodo, take her back to the Limo.”

He turned and walked towards the window. Jake and I backed into the shadows and headed back to the car.

“What the heck was that all about?”

“Beats the hell out of me,” I answered.

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