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musings on death, life, humans, animals & the future.
Is it only me who finds most creative writing projects turn out ridiculous and laughable. I think the problem is just that people think about it to much, like the anti-"writing down the bones".Well I've cleansed my mind of all rules and all judgments, boundaries, ect. ....Well aside from- NO ONE CAN READ MY WORK WHILE I'M WRITING. Now I think clearly about what I want to say, which is this- I'm sad that I'm where I am. That's the emotion, and what is writing but that- emotion. More specifically, I'm thinking that I'm sad because people around here are so muddled when they try to think because they're so afraid. Animals don't experience fear the way that we do- at least we can't know that for sure.. I mean, they experience "Oh, no. That animal is chasing to kill me. I can't let that happen." But they can't feel fear that if thy do something differently from what they'd learned or inherited(nature & nurture.) that they would be unhappy, which is to say in pain. In nature, that's just called a mutation. And it's good. It's evolution. And if it works out for the better- yay!- it spreads. But if not, and they DO experiene pain, they will either try to fix the situation or-if they are unsuccessful- others will learn from this mistake. The point I'm trying to make though I guess is that those animals- they don't anticipate pain unless they know it to be the likely outcome. it's all so not-black-and-white. we get muddled with our rules that are different with everybody, yet we're expected to always know what to do or else there's something wrong with us. Maybe that's the thing. 1.- we communiate with so many people that have not and even do-not evolve alongside us. so that problem would be..... our population is to big. And 2.nd of all maybe we should not attempt to commuunicate with these othere people, but we have to because we require stuff from all over the planet that we cannot, will not and do not create for ourselves. If every community could take care of itself completely down to the t, we'd be fine cuz we'd evolve alongside one another and understand one another better. that's why i'm so in favor of self-sufficiency.if we could work out simple things like land distribution, we'd be great.

You know the reason we don't do that? We're obsessed and addicted to the security of survival and "prospering". Why are people so afraid of death. It's one of the super sacred things. It's the definition of life- change, recycling, ect. But we want to be more invincible than other animals. And guess what? We've succeeded. At what cost? Our invincibility has brought us to death. death is the absence of change and death and recycling. And now life's resisting, as it does in the natural and living universe, by making us die a real death. A death of recycling. And tell you what. I'm excited about it! Come to us Life. Come. :)
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