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This is going to be a summary of my idea for the book "Omnicide".
Okay. So I have an idea for a book that I want to call "Omnicide" or "Omni-cide". I get the title from taking parts of a few words and putting them together. Homocide means the murder of one or more people's. In other words, to kill someone. So I adopted the "cide" part out of the word and then combined it with the word Omnipotent. Which means "all knowing". The part I adopted from there obviously is the "Omni" part of it. With this meaning I created the word Omnicide as a way to express the meaning of "to kill everyone". Much the same way Genocide means the killing of a certain race or ethnic group, my idea of Omnicide is the killing of all races and ethnic groups, or religions. Anyways, onto the summary.

Omnicide starts off with the main character as a seemingly normal person living an every day life like most normal people do in this day and age. Boring to start, but much to his discovery, he has a deep rooted schizophrenic mind. However he is highly intelligent, and knows that the ideas and voices in his head are not his own. And so he decides to manipulate their information to his advantage after a long period of simply ignoring them. (I haven't yet thought of a nice, classy name for my main character yet >.<). What the voices tell him over the years is that basically Heaven and Hell, since the beginning of Time, have been at war with each other. This is common knowledge to him, and he knows that it is more than probable. However what the voices tell that he doesn't know is that every religion on earth has it all wrong, and that whoever started such religions were messengers from either Heaven or Hell to try and persuade people to side with one or the other. The way it really is, is rather simple. Heaven and Hell are equal. Neither one is a "heaven" so to speak where all your wishes come true and you find supreme happiness, and there is no "hell" so to speak where you are tortured and made to suffer agony for eternity. They are simply places that you live once you die here on earth. It is the "real world" again.. so to speak. The reason we as humans live as we do is to play as the deciding factor between who wins the War. And at the exact year of 2012 there will be an exact odd number of people on the planet, and not one more person is going to be born until January 1, 2013. So the main character is persuaded by the voices in his head to embark on his mission to get the world to destroy itself and kill every living human on the planet. Why? Because whichever place that you believe you will go when you die, is where you will go. And since there are an odd number of people, one side is going to have more people than the other, and therefor, be more powerful. Up to this point Heaven and Hell have been equally matched, and now is the time for the War to finally end. But.. how to do it? How can one man kill, every single person? And what side will he choose?

Now.. it's really hard for me to write this. Why? Because there is sooooooooooo much more to it. I'm writing this and I am FORCING myself not to give away more, but I can't give away all the surprises. I do have most of the plot figured out, it's basically just getting the stage set and the characters made up and figured out. If you like what you read here, please comment on it, if you don't, I would actually like to hear your reasons why. Please refer this to other people you know so that I can get some more feedback too please. Thank you.
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