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It's a nice Kuroshitsuji parody that I somehow came up with. Enjoy!
If my mother knew where I was . . . Well, she would think I had gone mad. This wasn't my normal, teenage behavior. I guess I'm not normal.
Ciel waved away the clothes I had put out. I'm not cut out for this maid thing. No, my skill lay in the arts of physical and mental calculations. For instance, I could cripple a man while doing elaborate equations.
Sebastian stood behind me, chuckling all the time while I bustled awkwardly around Ciel's room. He probably liked watching me suffer.
"I'm sorry, Ciel." I mumbled tonelessly. I tried to make my face impassive and stone-like, but my blush gave me away.
Ciel smirked in a fried-moral way. It made me cautious, even more so than before. This task would take me a lot of patience and nerve. "You will address me as Master, Annabell."
You must be joking, my eyes seemed to ask, but Ciel - Master - stared right back at me. His eye seemed to taunt me, as if daring me to obey. If I did then I would surely be written off as something he owned. Ask my mother, my father, and my siblings. I did not go down without a fight. I would surely make that clear.
"M-A-S-T-E-R." I spelt it slowly, putting my poison in it.
He smiled, but I saw his crisp blue eye flash. He, I thought, would be difficult. I wasn't going to make it any easier. Maybe I should've tried to make a good impression on my new employer. But something about him made me twitchy. Whether it was his butler, his life story, or his obvious hatred of life. I didn't want to be involved with them, but Ciel was the only one who would take me on as a servant.
Hello. If I may introduce myself, my name is Annabell Talcin of the Duchess lineage. You see, my family has been based upon the fantasy that all we women needed was a donated birth. Once my mother had all four of us girls, Father died mysteriously. My sisters are town fools. Men swoon over their bulging breasts, over their slinky eyes.
I am the only one who turned out pure. When I was old enough to be enrolled in apprenticeship, I went to the foreign tradesmen and traveled the world and learned many arts of skill. Skills like martial arts, kung fu, things like that.
"Soft or hard marshmellows, Muster?" I asked sweetly. Ciel's eyes widened considerably. Sebastian smirked darkly and said, "The young Master prefers hard marshmellows."
"Of course." Then my hands were pinned under me, my eyes growing unclear as someone shoved a suspicious cloth in my face. The last thing I saw was Sebastian pulling out a set of silverware. . .Huh?
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