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a poem of the trauma of a person wen he is alone in the woods of life

Far far away take me to the world of fairy tales..

Live everybody there happily but none should be living

I will swing on trees ,play hide & seek with stars ,sleep in the lap of earth. YES! all will help me in distress, join me in destitution, sympathize in failure..but this world is just alien to others.

Winds should blow but not carry the message, that there is a world full of mysteries.

Rain should come but not with the thirst that join a world more colorful and wondrous than this

Darkness should blanket us but not with the anxiousness to peek into a civilization of  light.

I would befriend those whom I can’t complain to, can’t annoy with, can’t expect anything…they should be flickering as weather..

The more you expect the more you get hurt.. Ugly is this world like fire, you expect it to keep you warm but it burns you

Oh!..Embrace me! Craving for your arms.. I am bleeding, tears streaming down my eyes.. Curse this humanity. No wish of Adam should be there or some good-looking, hopeless creatures will mess up our serenity.

Do you want to join my world? But hey! You are living, you are a being, and you have to take out this mask, squeeze out your joy coz it’s like a Haley’s comet on our planet. Your eternal body is allowed, your soul.

For my world are poles apart from yours. We all strive hard, work day and night we don’t talk. All are soaked in sorrow, drenched in monotony but are still satisfied, we are better than you who keep running after materialism forever and call yourself the most intelligent animal.

Join the world of HELL..

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