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Daily Flash Fiction-Winning entry Dec 31, 2010
After cresting the hill, the roadblock didn’t immediately register as I pondered the clues of the latest mystery on my mp3 player. The brims of the uniformed men snapped up in unison as I brought my car to a squealing halt just a yard shy of the last car. Damn, I bet I’ll get a ticket. Who ever heard of a roadblock out here in the sticks?

Thirty minutes later and seemingly no closer to the orange-vested patrol officers. I pulled out a nail file as a way of passing the time. My awareness of a metallic click, a rush of air, and movement behind me was overwhelmed by the pungent body odor filling my nose. A big, grimy hand clamped down on my mouth and a man whispered, “I’ll cut you if you scream. You gonna behave yourself?”

I could barely nod my head as my teeth began to chatter.

“Good. Turn around in the driveway of that old store and head back north. Don’t speed or do anything to attract attention.” He waved a hunting knife in front of my eyes. “Do as I say and you won’t get hurt.”

He ducked down as I turned the ignition key. Pulling carefully out of the line, I made a wide u-turn in the drive. He hid until there was a hill between us and the roadblock. I jumped at the sudden “whoop” of a siren. Seeing the man’s head jerk in the direction of the patrol car, I slammed on the brakes and veered off the road. In the rearview mirror, the stranger bucked up and down as if riding a bronco. I welcomed the sudden whiteness of the airbag enveloping my head. With sudden clarity I realized I had been saved by the book.

Word count- 296
Prompt- nail, nose, orange
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