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Shaundra "volunteers" to serve in a fund raiser.
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The Massage

Shaundra lay on a piece of plywood bolted to a gurney. Her arms were stretched and her legs spread; wrists and ankles strapped to the corners with Velcro fasteners. Spread over her naked body was a sheet. She looked up in anticipation as the door opened. An attractive blond entered and pulled the drape up over her midsection.

“Hi Shaundra, I’m Margaret, Director of the Silver Lake Agency.”

She began applying lotion to Shaundra's feet and calves, moving up to her stomach. Their eyes met as the business woman indexed a finger into the vagina, stroking in and out. After awhile she moved on, spreading more oil. The black girl's skin glistened.


“A little.”

“It was good of you to volunteer," Margret joked, "In a few minutes you’ll be taken to the reception hall and the auction will begin.”

“Oh Lordy,” said Shaundra twisting on the restraints.

“You can always go home..," said the Director.

“I’m not quitting,” came the answer….

Margret began applying lotion to the shoulders. With a look of desire she took a breast, squeezed and began gently sucking the long protruding nipple…“Manny said you had "Witches Titties…

With a start! the door opened and Bodo entered…

“Are you sure about this?” asked Margret stepping back.

“How may times do I have to say it?”

"Then it's time..."

Bodo wheeled the cart into the main conference room. It was abuzz with voices, clinking glasses and conversation. As the dolly came to the center, there was a surge of interest and the guests began crowding closer…

“Give our star attraction some breathing room,” spoke a commanding voice as it cleared its throat... “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. The time has come for the highlight of tonight’s auction. Please be generous…it's for a worthy cause.”

The crowd quieted.

“We’ll begin with the feet….How much do I hear for these two ‘ticklish tootsies?‘”

The bidding was spirited and climbed to $300. “Going once… twice… sold to number twenty-six.” A fat man stepped up and began rubbing her feet.

“Now for the legs….What do I hear for these two gorgeous specimens?” He pulled back on the sheet stopping just short of her crotch. Amid 'Ohhs' and Ahhs' the bidding rose to a thousand.

“Bang! Sold to the gentleman with the moustache." A man with nervous eyes stepped forward and began massaging her knees….

“…And now moving towards the crown….what do I hear for these lovely shoulders?”

The bidding fell to 500...“Bang!” went the gavel and a matronly woman joined the earlier bidders. With a giggle she began working the collars and neck.

The auctioneer pulled the sheet further, exposing Shaundra's breasts.

“Now pay particular attention….Here are those designer titties you‘ve all been told about…. Not rounded and full as one might expect, but these are slightly elongated, like those genetically engineered tomatoes you see at Wal-Mart. Note the shape and texture of the nipples. Have you ever seen nozzles so black…, poking out with such raw obscenity?”

The crowd buzzed…“We ‘re not bidding for the set, mind you, but for 'choice'…do I hear a thousand….yes, fifteen hundred…I have it now... two thousand….going once…twice… sold. …to the woman in the satin dress….Which one do you prefer?”

“I’ll take the perky one,” she said pointing.

“No surprise there,” said the auctioneer…“now for the other…”

“I’ll take it,” said her husband as they stepped to either side and began sucking.

With that the auctioneer took hold the sheet and whisked it off with a flourish. “Now for the grand finale…what do I hear for this lovely lady’s 'you know what?'”

“Five thousand,” came a loud voice…There was a hush.as the Manny held up his card.

“Going once, twice, sold to this big fellow with the carnation…"

The Mafioso laughed and pushed a button hidden under the plywood. To everyone's dismay, a long cyber skin phallus began rising from an opening beneath the table. A gasp followed. Shaundra struggled against the bounds staring wildly as a shaft of pseudo flesh reared like a snake from between her legs.

Manny took hold the dildole and began rubbing it with lotion. The tension began to build as he moved with deliberate slowness caressing the head and stroking up and down. Then he lovingly spread the folds and inserted the tip into her vagina. She thrashed nervously about as he wormed it back and forth. She groaned as it filled her sheath and slipped deeper with a wet halting friction. "Oh Gawd!" she cried out when he clicked the vibrator and a loud humming filled the air.

Amid measured clapping from the crowd, the winners applied themselves to the massage. In a sea of conflicting sensations, Shaundra twisted and jerked beneath their hands. As the bidders warmed to the task, she arched her back and reared squirming... An orgasm flashed across her body. In a din of raucous voices she hung suspended while a melange of fingers groped her skin and cavities. Like a base drum, her heart pounded and a tingle raced down her spine. In surreal slow motion, time hung suspended.

"Oh Momma! she hissed, venting her pleasure. From deep within the primordial serpent reared and asserted it's timeless dominion.
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