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Mr Hardin takes Shaundra to see the Godfather.
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Stranger in a strange place.

There was a knock and Shaundra went to the door. Bodo was standing outside with a delivery. She released the safety chain and took the box.

“Be ready in fifteen minutes.”

“Thanks,” she answered .

Shaundra quickly went to the desk and opened the package. It contained a Nun’s habit. She was not familiar with the garment but after a moment seemed to have the sense of it. The ensemble consisted of a black skirt, black blouse with high white collar, and a head piece trimmed in white. Also inside were some knee length hose and two ugly but otherwise comfortable brogan shoes. She donned the outfit and examined herself in the mirror.

If momma could only see me now, she thought.

A few minutes later there was a second knock. It was Mr. Hardin waiting in a dark suit.

“I have a dancing gig,” he said smiling. She followed dutifully behind as he strolled off down the hall.

Outside, Bodo held the car door open as Manny entered. He blocked her entry. “You’ll be riding up front.”

The trip took half an hour until the limousine turned into a winding gravel drive and proceeded beneath an arching gate. Atop, in wrought iron cursive letters, the name “Hermitage" was prominently displayed. It opened automatically and they proceeded on to a mansion. The stone structure had a foreboding look and rose several stories, like a fortress from medieval times. A butler hustled out to meet them, throwing open a massive oak portal.

Manny took Shaundra by the arm and they walked inside. The foyer had a vaulted ceiling with a stained glass dome arching high overhead. A circular mural showed mythical beasts locked in mortal combat. The floor was polished marble with a mosaic inlay of the moon and stars…Their heels resonated as they walked across the great room and into a library on the other end.; there, a dignified gentleman arose and extended his hands to Manny.

"So glad you could join me…Who've you brought this time?”

"Her name is Shaundra."

"I do hope she can dance. Is she schooled?"

"Manny grinned. "We can always express our dissappointment."

"What a wicked thought..."

Strains of sultry music began rising from the background. The two men sat down at a small table between the fireplace and a small stage with brass pole.

Manny snapped his fingers... "Strut your stuff."

Despite being warned what to expect, Shaundra was anxious. She had never danced openly in the nude. What the hell, she thought, stepping up on the table and shedding her shoes.

The two men began conversing in low tones. They looked casually in her direction as the nubile young girl removed her skirt and swayed to the music. There'd been no undergarments in the package and when she untied the draw, the skirt fell to the floor revealing her naked thighs. She had nice legs and tight kinky hair. The men went back to their conversation as she continued to dance. They laughed quietly at some inside joke. Manny looked up and motioned her closer. As Shaundra approached the old man reached out taking her hips, drawing close and smelling deeply. He worked a bony finger deftly inside and began stroking. After a moment he withdrew, smelled the residue and put the tip to his lips.

“Pussy smells like fish," he reflected, " ...and tastes like cheese."

Shaundra stepped back nervously and resumed dancing….What the heck is going on her here? She took off her frock and tossed her hair as the tempo of the music picked up.

The men were talking once more as she removed her blouse. "Make damned sure nobody gets wind of it...." said the old man, his voice trailing off...

There had been no bra or halter and her breasts spilled out flowing with the music. They rose and fell as she moved to the beat. The Godfather looked up and smiled warmly…“Such a pleasant surprise. This negress has some of the most exotic tits I‘ve ever seen.”

Saundra’s breasts were not full and round like most women’s but more elongated, with obscenely long and darkly textured nipples.

Don Miano motioned closer. With a sudden grasp he took hold of her hair, pulling down. She whimpered

"On your knees!" Manny said, in a no nonsense tone.

The old man scooted his chair closer and started sucking. After a moment he withdrew and minced his lips….

“They have a salty tang," he noted, “Bitter, like a bad memory." His eyes flashed and he turned dismissively away.

"Cover your twat," said Manny, "and get your black ass back to the limo."

She moved hastily to comply as the music tapered down and faded.

What a creepy old man. She dressed quickly and strolled from the room.

"What’s she like in bed, Don Miano inquired…?"

"Hot!….The bitch sweats like a sauna and screams like an animal.."

"…and her cunt?"

"Tight…" Manny gestured. "She squeezes it like a fist while she fucks your eyeballs out."

The old mafioso chuckled … "Young man, you're doing a good job spreading the grease.... don’t take your eyes off the package."

"I won’t Patron; you can count on me."
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