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An assignment.
When I think about an amazing person, my first thoughts about it are super heroes like superman, spiderman and a lot more of them. But for me it isn't their superpowers that amazed me, it was that they were purpose driven by their supercool powers. In other words, us people can also be like them even without those ostentatious strengths. A person with that example is Michael Jackson. He has 9 siblings and a half-sister. We simply know him as a singer or entertainer. He was just an ordinary person like us. He attended school at until the age of seven before touring and recording came in the way.

Michael Jackson was clearly blesses with Music and reached his goals through it. He used it to fulfill his purpose here on Earth. I also have a purpose here in life and I realize it more everyday. Michael sang songs that brought issues that weren't being talked about to the forefrint; songs such as "Heal the World", "You are Not Alone", "Bad", "Black and White" and the list goes on and on. This is one of the reasons why Michael is a well-known person to be admired

As Michael achieved more and more form success, he gave as much as well. He donated tons of supplies to Saravejo. He also donated millions of dollars to less fortunate children and donated money through his concerts.

Through all that, humanity is frail. No matter the heights we attain in life we shall all be leveled in death. It is humbling to acknowledge that we are dust and to dust we shall return. Though life can be exciting and filled with succes , death is also a fact of life. It's just that we must each wait our turn. It was Michael's turn a long time ago, and so he has left us. One day it will be yours and mine. It should therefore be our aim to fulfill our God-given life purpose, before our time is up. I'll surely be keeping this in mind.

Let us learn from Michael Jackson to pursue our dreams with full gusto, be inspired to achieve much and to give more in return, and that we all have a final appointment to keep with God some day. As we step out of this life to keep this great appointment, may we able to look back on a life that fulfilled its purpose and to look forward, well prepared.
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