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Agent Jordan talks to Victor.
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The Conjugal Visit.

Ms. Ursula Jordan was hand-picked at the age of thirty-eight, to head the Recruitment Branch of Clandestine Operations. Her mission was to penetrate the Mob and discover a secret the Cosa Nostra was going to great lengths to conceal. She and Agent Beef Johnson flew into Madison and rented a car.

“So what do you think this deep dark secret is?” asked Beef.

“Some sort of illicit activity,” she answered with a wry grin.

“Quit messing with me.”

“I've no clue….Care to help me get to the bottom of it?”

“Why do we need this woman…the wife of the con?”

“Because we've yet to find the right person for the job...believe me we’ve tried and gotten nowhere."

"What makes it so hard?"

“The women they recruit are put through the wringer and emerge with a loyalty that beats anything I’ve ever seen. Sex is a big part of the indoctrination…”

“Don’t we have female operatives?”

“They don’t pass the muster. Those we’ve gotten into the selection process have all washed out and no wonder….How do you ask a girl straight out of college to sign up to be fucked by some very nasty people?”

“What makes you think your prospect will be able to succeed where the others failed?”

“I’ve heard some things on the surveillance tapes. There's a ray of hope that she might be the one."


Outside the small town of Oxford, lies a Medium Security Federal Prison, used to house law enforcement officers convicted of federal offensives. On a corner of the grounds is a facility used in the transition of inmates. It’s part of the Societal Reentry program and allows returnees to co-habitat with their wives or girlfriends. It has some other useful purposes as well.

Victor Moreno was an ex Chicago cop convicted of racketeering and murder. He was surprised at being brought to the “Eden” facility. He was ushered inside in hand-cuffs and leg irons.

Ms. Jordan stood and smiled warmly…”Hello Victor, I’m on the board of referrals and have been reviewing you case. I’m beginning to see some inconsistencies that make me wonder about the murder charges.”

“I said all along I never killed the SOB.”

“I wish we could devote some more time to your case”. She said it with a straight face. “The bribery charge, with good behavior and time served is about paid….it’s that murder rap that’ll keep you locked up for the next thirty (30) years.”

“I didn’t do it….”

“If you’d cooperate a little, maybe I could free up an investigator to take a closer look.”

Victor clamped his jaw tightly…

“Sorry I asked… What a shame and we brought your wife all the way from Chicago, hoping to work out an arrangement.”

He sat mute and defiant. Beef jerked him from the chair and thrust him towards the window. An attractive woman got out of the van with a young infant in her arms.

“Is that your wife and son?”

“Bitch,” he spat…”You fucking bitch!”

Beef grabbed him by the collar and threw him back into the chair… “Should I call the guards Ms. Jordan?”

“Not just yet,” she answered… “You know that partner of yours you’re covering for…that Good Buddy, who promised to watch out for your wife?” She pushed the button on a cassette recorder and it began to play…He looked up in dismay, recognizing the distinctive voice of his ex-partner.

“…I know you must get lonely here all alone with the baby… maybe I could do something to remedy that.”

She pushed the stop button…. Victor leaned forward wanting to hear more….”

“Surprise, surprise…”

“Play the rest….”

“You hurt my feelings…”

“I’m sorry, for calling you a Bitch….
“You’ll have to grovel better than that….; make it sound convincing…."

“I’m sorry, ma'am, honest to God I am… I don’t know what came over me….”

Ursula pushed the play button once more…

“….get out you Son-of-a Bitch,” came Laura’s emotional reply….”Victor covered up for your ass and now you come sucking up to me….what a piece of shit…”

“CLICK. You have a faithful wife Victor….Think she'll still be waiting in thirty years?”

“Can I see her and the boy?”

“Fuck you! You sold your brother officers down the creek…you can rot here forever, for all I care…I hope your dumb assed wife finds somebody that’s more deserving.”

“Can I think about it…?”

“Sure! Meet your son and screw the nice lady….Next time I expect to see a change in your attitude.”

Beef unlocked the cuffs and shackles and led Victor into the conjugal apartment. A few minutes later the door opened and Laura entered with the baby. Ursula motioned to the Matron. She walked up and took the boy.

“I’m sure you two have some things to talk about”.

When Ursula and Beef got back to the observation room, Victor had his wife spread eagled and the two were already going to town.

“Oh Gawd!” Laura cried out as Ursula closed the blinds.
An hour later they returned and saw them lying quietly in each other’s arms.

“Time we started talking some shit,” she told Beef.
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