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a 50 syllables per stanza poem about the experiences of a boy as he enters adolescence
She's a special childhood friend,
                        without her my day wouldn't be complete
Just seeing her face, 
                        fills up my day
as years pass by,
                        we've known each other more
'til she became my girl, 
                        unfathomable joy i feel

A memorable and precious moment,
                        I just can't forget.
In a silent beach,
                        on a romantic sunset.
She was the first,
                        who made me feel;
an indescribable feeling
                        at the age of thirteen.

She gave me her sweet smile,
                        my day was complete
then I felt her soft lips,
                          slowly touching mine
and then her warm slim body
                          come into contact with mine... we made love.
Our souls become one,
                          and I thought it was GREAT.

I've become ADDICTED to it,
                        we do it all the time
anywhere, in silent places.
                        Not long after,
She became pregnant,
                          I thought I was ready for it
Now I don't KNOW,
                        was it 'cause the child AIN'T MINE?
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