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A short response to and emotional end.
Dear Charley, As you know I am writing you from the grave situation you have placed me in. After all the deep emotional turmoil that ensued when I left you. I knew I would never feel the same about any thing. I will never feel the same about you about myself about relationships or even about life itself. You said it is terra firma from here on out. Before you snuffed the life from our being together you said that Angela was to be the desired jewel upon your arm. Well I must confess to you now that as you build upon the new foundation I will haunt your dreams and you will scream my name when she wears your favorite pumps and bustier.
Forever and ever amen,
It will never end!
PS Have you seen my sandals.
 Dear Angela  (13+)
A letter to the "other" woman. Written for 1,000 words picture prompt contest.
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