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I awoke to day with a dream of tomorrow. A place where all my wish's would come true. I went down stairs that seemed endless. I put an English muffin in the toaster oven and went to brush my teeth. Now, at this moment I thought why brush if I am going to eat in a minute. But that thought was gone the moment I saw a bicycle just standing there in my living room . Now I do not own a bike and to find one quietly leaning on its kickstand was unnerving since I certainly did not put it there. I stepped out of the kitchen to get a better look at this bike in my house. As I was leaving the kitchen an overwhelming sense or pride came to me and I felt, no I was compelled to climb upon the seat of the bike. Instantly at the very moment I placed my hands on the grips and took my place in the saddle I was thrust into another sense of being that I can only describe as bizarrely euphoric. I looked all around my feet were on the peddles and as fast as I could peddle I felt no movement. The world was all a blur and yet I was stationary. I looked down and saw a small bell on the handle bar. Do I dare ring it? Of course what harm could it do? With the soft push of my thumb I slid the button back and forth making the sweetest ringing sound I had ever heard. I looked around and as the sky lit up I felt my head rising higher and higher. Then all of a sudden. Ding! The toaster oven finished its cycle and I realized I had fallen asleep sitting at the counter and my English muffin was done. Now where is my grape jam? Sure wish I really had a bike. Its two miles to work and the buss's don't run on the holidays. Just my luck.

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