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by cara
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Bryan and Emily realizes there is a masterious jeep following them.
Bryan u ready? Bryan came down the stairs ready to go shopping with me. We were walking there and back to his house where my car was. We left walking slowly to the mall. We could see the mall a few blocks away the rusty brown building slowly coming closer to us. The whole front of the building was glass u could see the elevator rise and fall as people piled in. We walked in to the automatic glass doors into the Jcpenny. I walked into the women's section scanning racks. Byran walked to the hats trying them on acting stupid and talking in diffrent accents. I laughed as he and i walked out and into a diffrent store. I saw a shirt that said loading please wait for awesomeness.Bryan picked it up and goes "now heres a shirt u need". I laughed and said " I thought i already was awesome". Bryan looked at me with a face that said yea right. I took the shirt from his hands and hung back on its original rack. It was already 6pm and the mall closed at 8pm. We walked to the cafe inside the mall and i ordered chocalate cheese cake with a half of glass of milk. Bryan ordered a a triple cheese burger with lettuce,tomato's, mayonnaise,and, onions with a mountian due. After we ate we went to Spencers where Bryan got a belt with 3D skulls. The last store we went to was Hot topic. I bought a I set my friends on fire shirt and a devil wears parda shirt they were my two favorite bands. Bryan looked at his phone the time was 7:45 the intercome came on and an old raspy man voice came to pronounce the mall would be closing in fifteen minutes. We left Hot topic walking to the entrance that was on the other side of the mall. We left the mall walking home laughing and telling jokes.

I turned around and saw a dusty black jeep slowly riding behide us i figured it would turn so i kept walking. Bryan and i talked and laughed as we walked. Thirty minutes later we were almost to Bryans house when Bryan turned around and said Emily dont look now but that jeep is still behind us. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the jeep speed up i took Bryans hand and took off running. He let go and i kept running i ran through an ally. I turned to see if Bryan was behide me when i heard "Emily run!" I turned and went to run when a guy in a ski mask picked me up with his hand over my mouth i bit down and he slapped me. He dragged me to the black jeep that had been following us only moments ago. He tied my hands behind me and threw me in the back Bryan was all ready there and i felt sorry for not bringing my car like he wanted me to. The car started to roll and Bryan told me to come here he pulled at the ropes that tied my hands behind my back. Finaly my ropes poped letting my hands free i got up on my knees and tugged at Bryan's rope's until his also came off. The car skided to a stop and the man driving opened the door to see our hands free. He pulled me out the car while Bryan keep hitting the man that had done this to us. The man threw me in the trunk tied me to the back seat. He grabbed Bryan a drug him to the front seat. I started screaming and the man got back out the car when he opened the trunk i saw the roll of duck tape. He duck taped my mouth four times so i couldnt talk i couldnt scream nor could i make any sound for that matter. The man walked back toward the front of the jeep and got back in the front seat and started the car.

The car kept moving making turns and moving more and more until finally it came to a stop. The man got out the car going to the with a glass front. Byan is no where in sight when the man pushes me to the ground making my clothes dirty. I try to scream but cannot from the duck tape that i forgot was still on my mouth. He grabed my feet and draged me to the house pulling me up the front stairs and into the door taking me to cellar where i would stay helpless to the world out side the door.He took the ropes off my hands and threw me in the cellar where i layed and cryed. i heard someone near me but the darkness blinded me i couldnt see. i did the only thing i knew how i said "Bryan is tht you". His voice was faint as he said "Emily is that you" I answered with a yes" he sat there hugging me not wanting to let me go. He keep whispering sorry in my ear and wouldnt let me talk. He was blaming it on himself as i was blamming it on me.

I started thinking and all i could think about was all the good memories i had with Bryan like when we went to the lake i was on a red float and i would glance at the shore and all of the boats that made waves hit the rock and made similar sounds as the waves at the beach. i would miss him and i didnt exspect to live past today. Bryan moved his lips to my neck and said i love you and he went to touch my lips to his when the cellar door opened. The man that was wearing the ski mask started decending the stairs. He grabs Bryan drags him up stairs.

Bryan comes back covered in blood as i get druged. He takes me to a room and throws me on the bed ties me to the head board and my feet to the foot rest. He grabs a sharp knife and pulls my shirt off he slices my stomach making blood run down my hips staining my pants in blood i didnt understand why he was doing this or what he wanted. He tried taking my pants off but i was reluctent and wouldnt allow him to. Then the stinging pain started as he went over the cuts already there making them deeper then they were to start off with. He took me back to the cellar where i sat in Bryans lap crying not knowing what would happen next.

we had to come up with and idea and fast before we both got seriosly injured and that was something i wasnt sure i could bare. Bryan said he had an idea that next time the ski mask man came down Bryan would knee him and we would run. A few hours later the man in the ski mask came back down so we did has the plan.The next thing i know i looked behind me and Bryan was getting dragged back down the stairs i grabbed his wrist and tried to pull but failed. The man in the ski mask pulled himself up and pulled a knife out his pokect i dove for his hand and missed the knife came down and punctured Bryan in the chest he pulled me over and kissed me. It wasnt like a pop kiss it was a real kiss something i never knew i wanted from him.There in my arms with my lips to his he died and i knew i would have to fight to live and fight for Bryan.

That would be the only thing i could do. i knew he wouldnt come back and i knew i would never feel the same for i never knew i loved him till now and it was to late. I grabbed the knife out of Bryan and stabbed the man in the ski mask. He fell over backwords and i kept stabbing and stabbing until he was nothing. I ran out the front steps stole the jeep and went to the police explained the story and they rushed to the yellow house with me. Come to find out he had raped and killed five girls and murdered seven guys. I was happy he got what he deserved the only thing i couldnt live with was that i would never could see Bryans smile nor his laugh the way he hugged or even the touch of his soft lips aginst mine from the time they touched when he was dying and that is what was slowly going to kill me.
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