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by cara
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Who is the killer and why are they kiliing?!?....................
You could hear the shoot as the man hit the ground. Blood drained from the gapping hole at his head staining the pavment. Noone was there to see who or what had happened to the man.

Noone but a sixteen year old boy named Tom. He is a suspect in the case and since he was the only one on the street the police department are accusing him of first degree murder. His court date is tommrow but since im the killer i will tell you the story of how i was caught and sentenced to life.

Lets start with october 16, 1986. It was a cold night very chilly. Vee bundled up in a heavy coat. She was going to meet Brad. Brad was one of toms friends that Vee was close to so she was going to "hang" with him. Well as Vee walked the stairs and decended into his appartment she meet Jerald. Jerald was the one shoot and killed on october 30,1986. Also in Brads room was Julie. Vee couldnt stand Julie she hated her. Julie had told Brad to come in the back bedroom with her for a moment. Brad did and so Vee was left in the room with Jerald. Jerald got out of the chair and walked over to Vee. Jerald and Vee talked and Jerald got the wrong idea and grabbed Vee and started kissing her. Julie walked into the living room just in time to see Jerald and Vee kissing. The problem with that is Julie liked Jerald and was talking to Brad about getting hooked up with him but that completely changed her mind once she saw the two.

Julie walked up to Vee and snached her up by her hair dragging her out the house. Julie punched her and you could see the impact it had on Vees face as each time she got punched it would make small waves has it started to swell and bruise. Once Vee realized what was going on she stubbled to her feet. Balling her fist up she swung with all her strength. Julie stumbled back and fell off the porch to Julies luck there were pavment blocks under her. Julies impact aginst the blocks bust her head wide open. Julies skull was cracked and ozzing blood with parts of her brain staing the dirt beside the cemented blocks.

Vee screamed and took of running home for she knew she had killed Julie. Vee paced the room figuring out what she would tell the poilce. Weeks past and still no police so she did the only thing she thought would be right since Jerald kissed her and made her kill Julie then she would kill Jearald.
It was dark and the only sounds were of Vee's feet slapping the ground in a rytmic beating going faster and faster as she picked up speed. she stoped when she saw Jerald steeping out of the buliding on Broad way street. Vee grabed a ladder and climbed to the top of the building that was about 50 ft away from Jearld. She pulled the pistal out her back pocket. She loaded it and aimed it where it would penatrate Jeralds head. She pulled the triger and Jerald droped. The way his head looked as he fell reminded her of a water ballon as if getting busted aginst the ground.

She looked to the right and saw Tom. Tom was frozin his face looked horrified so Vee climbed down and ran to a pay phone and called Jeralds death in. Tom went to jail and thats how the murder started.

The only problem was Tom's friend saw me walking to find Jerald. He followed me up until i had shoot Jerald then took off running so he finally told the police. now im in court about to get sentenced to jail for life. Guilty of man slaughter and first
dagree murder, I wrote this the day before I went to jail. Im seventeen and im in jail until i die. I have no more child hood or a normal life. The only thing i have left is insanity which is now starting to take over me,I feel like I have to kill. scared to be around anyone for they can be my next victim. My name is Vee and im now a killer.
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