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same as the first part.
Chapter 4

Harry leaned a little more pressure on the cabin door, he wanted to hear what they where saying

"unlike... soul...100 souls…3 days" But he couldn't hear more the that, Harry sighed and leaned a little more against the door and the door fell open. Crash! Harry lay in the door opening his head throbbing from the contact with the floor.

"Harry! I told you to stay in the cabin" Harry looked up at an angry, and if you looked closely enough scared Jack Sparrow. Jack knew there was a chance that Davy would take Harry with him and that was unacceptable.

Jones looked at the boy that fell out of the cabin, he was simply stunning!

"Who's the boy Jack? Any one I should know" Davy said with a smirk as Jack pulled Harry up and behind his back, fully blocking him form view.

"He's no one, just my sister nephew's second cousin on my fathers side" Jack said as he slowly backed Harry in the cabin door.

Davy stalked up to Jack and threw him out of the way just to discover that Harry somehow had a jar of dirt in his hands. Jones looked to Sparrow to see the smirk on his face and knew he had supplied the boy with it.

"Don't think this over Sparrow!" he spat at Jack "100 souls, 3 days" he grabbed Jack's hand with a slurp and did… something with it before he and his crew disappeared.

Jack took up his hand and looked at it, the dark mark was gone! And Jacks hand was covered in slime Harry saw with a disgusted grimace. "Ere, mister Gibbs" Jack said with a sober and quiet voice.

"Aye" Gibbs said looking at his Captain hand.

"I feel sullied and unusual," as he looked at where Davy had disappeared to.

Harry could understand that, after all the black spot was a dark bit of magic even for a pirate. Gibbs where looking at Jack with a frown "and how do you intend to harvest these 99 souls in three days?"

Jack looked a little more like himself again as he answered. "Fortunately, he was mum as to the condition in which these souls need be" that made Gibbs smile.

"Ah, Tortuga" Jack broth up his hand and wiped it off on Gibbs shirt. Gibbs smile vanished as he looked at the gooey stuff.

"Aye." Harry couldn't help but snort in amusement at the expression and therefore bringing Jacks attention to him. "And you whelp! Didn't I tell you to stay in the cabin" Jack was angry, that was clear as he grabbed Harry's collar and dragged him to the cabin.

"I didn't mean to Jack! I feel out of the door, for Merlin's sake! I'm truly sorry but…" Harry didn't get to finish as Jack threw him on the bed in the corner.

"Your sorry? Sorry? And what would you be if Davy took you!" Jack said angrily before he sighed and sat down beside him.

"I just don't want you to disappear or get hurt Harry". Harry looked down in shame, Merlin he felt like a prick Jack only wanted to protect him.

Harry looked up at Jack again to see that he's slew was red. "Jack! Your hurt" he said as he pressed he's slew up to take a look. Jack looked startled at him before looking down at the small wound he had gotten when Davy had thrown him to the deck.

"That no worry Harry, its only a scrap" but Harry wasn't listening to him as he inspected the still bleeding wound.

"I'm at least going to patch it up so you don't get more dirt on your shirt" Jack looked at Harry as he took a scarf from his desk and began cleaning the small wound.

Jack sat still until Harry was done. "Your very good at taking care of wounds Harry" he said to him

"Thanks" Harry mumbled. Jack continued to look at him

"Why are you this good Harry? Not many your age are that is." Harry refused to look at him. Jack bought Harry up into his lap, facing him. He gently took a hold of Harry's chin and bought he's eyes to he's owns "Why did you have that many bruises when I meet you Harry?"

Harry's beautiful emerald eyes where shimmering with suppressed tears as he tried to break free from Jacks hold "No one," he mumbled "I just fell down some stairs."

Jack snorted, "and that's why one of the bruises was clearly hand shaped." Harry just buried his head in Jack's chest to hide he's face. Jack slowly laid back so they where resting on the bed's headboard still holding Harry close "I'm going to take a wild guess and say your uncle as you don't like your family."

The tensing in Harry's body told Jack that he it the nail on the head. "You don't have to worry about that now Harry" Jack said quietly, "because as long your with me, I'll look after you." He carded a roughen hand thru the black silky hair as he felt Harry relax.

Harry sighed before he removed himself from Jacks lap "I need some sleep Jack, night" he quietly padded his way over to the hammock.

"Night Harry" he said. Harry got into the hammock without tipping over in it and fell asleep quickly.

Jack however did not fall asleep that easy. He couldn't get the thought of Davy taking Harry away and it had been a close call today. 'Harry really needs to get more careful, Davy isn't done with him if he's parting words mean anything' Jack thought. "Its better to worry about this tomorrow" Jack mumbled and closed he's eyes.


Jack was standing on a large beach with clear blue water.

"Where am I?" he said. Suddenly there was a loud scream.

"Jack!" Jack recognised the voice anywhere.

"Harry!" Where was the boy? There!.

He was being carried by one of Davy's men! They where taking him away, Jack tried to reach him but couldn't move! He's feet where sinking in sand and Harry was disappearing with the seamen.

"Jack!" he heard Harry cry before the sand swallowed him.

And he awoke sitting up in he's bed on the Black Pearl. He shook his head before he remembered,"Harry" he said before he jumped off the bed and almost ran over to the hammock that Harry sleep in. He was still there, still safe, still with him. Jack sighed in relief before he bit he's lip. What if something happed to Harry or took him away.

'Well, that's not happening on my watch!' Jack thought fiercely. He gently took Harry out of the hammock 'he looks cute when asleep… and he's a heavy sleeper to'. Jack bought Harry over to he's bed and laid him down on, he slipped down beside him and held him close.

Jack studied Harry's features. 'He looks even younger when he's relaxed… he has to many shadows in he's eyes of things that no one should see, lest of all one he's age'. Harry murmured a little but soon fell silent and if possible, even in to dreamland. He has the right idea Jack mused before joining Harry in Morpheus (1) realm.

Grimmauld Place, the future.

"But we got to find him" a fanatic Sirius Black shouted. How Sirius returned from the veil he refused to say but it had clearly been painful. "I agree with you Sirius, but we have no idea were to look" Albus Dumbeldore twinkle was none excitant at the moment. "And until we have a clue, we can do nothing"

There was a snort from the shadows "why do I surround myself with fools?" Severus Snape drawled from he's corner "what do you mean Snape" Sirius demanded sharply. Snape sighed and looked toward Remus Lupin, "wolf! You should know better as Potter is your cub" Snape stressed the word cub.

Remus just looked at him "what do you mean Severus?" Snape pinched the brig off the crocked nose. "Werewolf's are protective of there cubs Lupin, and when they have one they form a bond between them. You should be able to at least feel that he is safe or you wolf side should" Remus eyes lit up before he closed them in concentration.

A slow smile lit his face more up as he opened his eyes "he's safe but not here. He's going to come back and he might have a surprise with him". Albus regained his twinkle at that. "Splendid! And I am guessing we just have wait" And so they did.

On the Black Pearl, the past.

The morning came rainy and damp as Harry woke up. 'Where was he? The last he remembered was going to sleep in the hammock' Harry tensed as he felt a muscular arm around he's waist, he slowly turned around to find… "Jack" he whispered looking up at the pirate as he slept.
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