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Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones don't want just one heart! What is Harry Potter to do?
Chapter 1

Harry Potter, not exactly your average boy because he was a wizard, which may explain why strange things always seemed to happen with him around no matter where he was. At the moment he was in his bedroom at Number 4 Privet Drive reading up for his History of Magic class, boring as it was with Binns teaching it, for the summer as his relatives had let him keep his belongings in his room as long as he left them alone. The current chapter he was reading was about Davy Jones, a pirate who was said to control the sea and come to sailors in their time of death to prolong their death till they had served on his ship for 100 years. Harry had just begun reading the chapter when suddenly his door was slammed open and in barged Uncle Vernon."You freak, how dare you!" Vernon yelled as he pulled Harry off the bed and hit him.

"How dare I what?" Harry asked confused as he had been upstairs all day and had only come down to get something to eat.

"How dare you come down and try to cast a spell on Dudley he told me that you had one of your books with you when you came downstairs!"Harry recalled that when he had gone downstairs he did indeed have a book, but it was just his History of Magic book. He tried to explain that to Vernon, but his uncle just wasn't listening and Harry was not prepared for what happened next. One minute he was standing there trying to explain to Vernon his book and the next thing he knew was that Vernon had hit him hard causing him to go flying into the wall resulting in Harry blacking out. Harry woke up a little while later but his room was brighter than normal and the floor was. . .soft? Harry felt his hand around the floor and grabbed a handful of it to reveal that it was. . . sand?

Harry quickly opened his eyes but shut them again when the sun burned his vision. Harry turned his head so that he was facing the ground and opened them again to find himself staring at a long white sanded beach no where near the Dursley's house. He slowly got up and rubbed his head since it still hurt from getting hit by both Vernon's fist and the wall.

"I must be dreaming," Harry said out loud as he observed his surroundings and stood up.

"I thought I was dreaming when a beautiful boy such as yourself floated up onto this beach," said a voice behind Harry.

He spun around to face the man and saw a guy that looked like something off of a pirate movie he had seen Dudley watching one time, only a not as light skinned as the actors on TV had been and his clothes were dark and looked well worn. The man started to walk over to Harry and Harry took a step back.

"How in heaven's earth, did you get here mate, shipwreck was it?"

"No, I don't even know where here is let alone how I got here." Harry looked around once more at the surroundings, surmising that the weather and area were way to tropical to be anywhere near England.

"Ah, so you're all on your lonesome, no parents, no family, no friends-" The man said."I have friends!" Harry shouted.

"But you don't have a family I see."

"Well. . . I have my aunt, uncle, and cousin, but I would consider them good company, even though they're not that good of company." Harry sheepishly laughed.

"How about you joinin' my crew on my ship, you could be. . . my cabin boy!"

"I don't even know who you are and I've never been on a ship!"

"Well then it is my duty no. . . my right to take you on my ship and become my cabin boy." He said triumphantly as he walked up to Harry and threw an arm around Harry's shoulders. "Names' Captain Jack Sparrow by the way.""Um, Harry Potter, sir."

"Don't call me sir, makes me sound like I work for those dang naval officers."

"Okay..."Jack then led Harry to a ship with mended black sails and a pirate flag at the top of the main mast. When they got on board Harry looked around at the crew and noticed that they were all staring at him. Jack, apparently, noticed this too and tightened his grip around Harry as he walked him to his cabin. It was not everyday that the crew saw their captain bring a boy on the ship and it was even a bigger surprise when they watched him take the boy into his cabin.

"He's me new cabin boy," Jack said to the crew before he followed Harry through the door. That's all the crew needed to here and they went back to their jobs. It was the middle of the day when Harry met some of the crewmembers. It was the first mate Gibbs who asked Jack if he had any idea where they were headed and Jack seemed to stare at a compass that kept spinning before pointing in what seemed to be a random direction. Harry also met Marty, Cotton, and Cotton's parrot later on. Harry had a hard time trying to hide his laughter whenever the bird would answer for Cotton and it seemed that it was just speaking nonsense. Harry was enjoying his time with the crew of the Black Pearl and definitely preferred it to living with the Dursleys and getting beaten every time he did something wrong in their eyes.


Later that night as the crew was heading to their beds, Harry and Jack were sitting at a desk looking at a map with Jack's compass open and spinning in different directions at different moments. Jack was trying his best to teach Harry the important tasks a captain has to do in order to run a ship although one could say that Jack wasn't exactly the best teacher because he kept looking Harry up and down at odd moments while talking to him. When Jack had turned away though Harry looked at his watch and started to stand up.

"Where are you going?" Jack asked.

"I'm going down to the sleeping quarters." Harry answered as he stretched.

"Why would you do that when you have a bed here?"


"I made a bed for you so that none of the crew could touch you."

"Touch me?"

"Yes, well people get really lonely when they're out at sea and since you're the smallest... well I don't think I need to taint you innocent mind . . . yet."

Harry looked around the room for this so called bed of his and noticed that in the corner, across from Jack's bed was his to which he quirked an eyebrow at. It was just a swinging canopy with a pillow and blanket.

"How comfy," Harry said sarcastically as he walked over and tried his bed to climb into it without it flipping over on him.

Harry finally managed to get settled in and started to dose off. Jack, meanwhile, was still at his desk catching glimpses of Harry from under his hat.'He's so beautiful,' Jack thought as he took another swig from his rum bottle. 'How does one just let him get away from them? I wonder how he got those bruises on his face, who would want to mark him in such a way or hurt him in any way. I'll have to ask him when he is awake; he's so beautiful though...' Jack got up and sauntered over to Harry and stared down at him watching him sleep. 'Maybe just one kiss, he'll never know. . .'

Harry woke up an hour or so later after feeling a constant small breath of air blowing at his cheek. He slowly opened his emerald green eyes and found himself staring into Jack's own warm chocolate brown eyes because of the fact that Jack was inches away from his own face.

"You're pretty when you sleep," Jack's said in a drunken voice and swayed, the smell of rum hitting Harry's senses. "Are ye sure yer not a girl?"

"Quite," Harry answered as he tried to move away but the swinging hammock bed wouldn't allow it.

"Why do ye wear those?"Jack pointed to Harry's glasses, which Harry had kept on when he fell asleep.

"I can't see without them." Harry answered.

"Oh," Jack said and grabbed Harry's glasses from his nose and tried to look through them. "I can't see with them, how can you?"Harry squinted his eyes and looked blindly at Jack, as all he could see was blurs.

"I can't really explain-" Before Harry could even finish his sentence Jack had passed out on the floor. "Great job Jack." Harry shook his head as slid off the hammock and fell onto the floor. Harry crawled over to Jack and tried to see where Jack had his glasses. He found them in Jack's right hand and reached over to grab them but two arms snaked around his waist and pulled him down onto the supposed to have been passed out pirate."I knew you'd come over to my side eventually," Jack said happily.

"I thought you were asleep!" Harry said as he struggled in Jack's grip. "I'm just trying to get my glasses back."

"You really can't see without them can you."

"No! Now give them back!" Jack let Harry go and slipped Harry's glasses onto his nose.

"There now you can see me!" Jack said with a grin. "Now where were we?" Jack was about to grab Harry again but Harry's quidditch reflexes paid off and he got away from Jack's grasp. "You know. . . I do like a challenge."

"How did you wake up so fast?" Harry asked quickly changing the subject.

"Years of experience."

"I've never seen someone wake up so fast from passing out, when my friend Ron gets drunk and passes out he doesn't wake till the morning."

"How long does it take you?"

"What! Please don't tell me ye've never sipped rum before."

"I've tasted a type of rum before."

"Then I won't let you go anywhere until you've tasted RUM! It's the reason why men are still around, and one of the reasons why I became a captain! Why, it's the secret to life!"Jack got up from the floor pulling Harry up with him, and Harry noticed for once that he really was small. Jack was towering over him at 6 ft. and Harry was only standing at the height of 5'4-ish.

Jack walked over to his desk and began to search for a bottle of rum for Harry. He found one bottle but when he noticed how light it was he turned it over and all he got was a small amount of rum."Why is the rum always gone?" He pouted and stood back up and started to walk when he almost fell over his own two feet. "Oh, that's why. Don't you worry my dear Harry, I shall get another one to share." Jack walked out of the cabin leaving Harry alone with his thoughts. Jack made his way below deck and walked into the crew's sleeping quarters and looked around.

"As you were gents." Jack then headed down to the storage part of ship and unlocked a door leading into the rum room. He looked around looking for a full bottle of rum when he noticed something in one of the rum racks. It looked like some barnacles that were moving. Jack didn't pay it much mind except to make a small disgusted face before noticing a bottle in the racks. He grabbed it only to have sand pour out and a voice escape from the shadows."Time's run out Jack," The voice said. Startled, Jack whirled around and dropped the empty rum bottle. He lifted his lantern up to peer into the shadows of the room as he walked into a corner and saw a man sitting in the shadows with water dripping from him.

"Bootstrap... Bill Turner," Jack said in shock at his old crewmate. The man looked up revealing that he had a starfish on one side of his face, his hair looked like it was permanently wet, and a greyish whitish skin colour."You look good Jack," Bill said water slipping from his mouth. Jack stared in shock at Bill before standing straight up and looking at Bill with a confused look."Is this a dream?"


"I thought not, if it were there'd be rum." Bill lifted his arm up with a crack to reveal a rum bottle. Jack pulled the bottle from his friend's hand with a crack of the barnacles around Bill's hand and the neck of the bottle.

"You got the Pearl back I see," Bill said as Jack cleaned off the top of the rum bottle.

"I had some help retrieving the Pearl by the way, your son," Jack said and Bill looked up at him in shock.

"William?" Jack took a swig of the rum bottle. "He ended up a pirate after all. . ."

"And to what do I owe the pleasure or your carbuncle?"

"He sent me." Jack gave Bill a questioned look and Bill answered it, "Davy Jones."

"Oh, so it's you then, he shanghaied you into service, eh?"

"I chose it. I'm sorry for the part I played in your mutiny Jack. I stood up for you, everything went wrong after that. . ." Bill ate a hermit crab that crawled away from him before finishing his sentence. "They strapped me to a cannon and I ended up at the bottom of the ocean with the weight of the water crushing down on me. Unable to move, unable to die Jack, and I thought that even the tiniest hope of escaping this fate, I would take it. I would trade anything for it."

Jack stood up before speaking to Bill, "It's funny what a man will do to postpone his final judgment."

"You made a deal with him too, Jack," Bill said standing up and blocking Jack at an opening. "He raised the Pearl from the depths for you. 13 years, you've been her captain."

"Technically. . ."

"Jack, you won't be able to talk yourself out of this one. The terms what applied to me apply to you as well. One soul bound to crew 100 years upon his ship."

"Yes, but the Flying Dutchman already has a captain so there's really no-"

"Then it's the locker for you! Jones's terrible leviathan will find you and drag the Pearl back to the depths and you along with it."

"Any idea when Jones might release said terrible beastie?"

"I already told you, Jack. Your time is up, it comes now, drawn with ravenous hunger to the man what bears the black spot." Bill grabbed Jack's left hand and folded it over twice before heading back to the corner Jack found him in and disappearing as Jack watched the black spot appear on his palm. Jack gasped at the sight and closed his hand standing there for a few seconds before running out of the storage room yelling orders to the crew as he ran back up to the top suddenly sat up at hearing Jack's panicked voice yelling to the crew to get the ship moving.

Harry ran outside and saw Jack hiding behind the stairs that led up to helm."What's wrong Jack?" Harry asked causing Jack to yelp and jump away before he noticed that it was Harry."Oh, Harry, it's you, you startled me!"

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong, I just want to get moving, we've got a long trip ahead of us."

"Where are we going?"

Jack turned to look at Harry with a serious face. "Do you know of Davy Jones?"

"Well, yes and no, I was reading about him in my History book, but I had only gotten to the first two lines, I don't really know that much else about him." Harry shrugged his shoulders and looked at Jack.


"Never mind." Harry stared at Jack with a confused look but decided to leave it although he did wonder why Jack had asked him about Davy Jones, he made a mental note to ask Gibbs later since Gibbs seemed to be full of stories. They sailed for the next two days before arriving at an island that seemed uninhabited. Jack seemed to just be relieved that they were on land much to the confusion of Harry and everyone else.

Nothing seemed to happen for the first few days but they were soon running low on supplies so a group of men was sent out to find fresh water and food. They didn't return so a search group was sent out, they never returned either. Group after group was sent out till it was only Jack, Harry, Gibbs, Marty, Cotton, Cotton's parrot, and eight other crewmembers. The group finally decided to go out and see where everyone had gone off to. As they made their way through the jungle they were suddenly surrounded by a bunch of people. Jack hid Harry behind him and stepped forward and began
speaking with the leader.


"Oh I see," Gibbs said and the group, minus Jack, turned to look at Gibbs. "This is a tribe of cannibals that made Jack their chief; I believe they're called the Pelegostos. I'm thinking we should be safe. . ." Gibbs never finished as at that moment everyone was suddenly grabbed and taken to the village where everyone was placed in two bone cages, which explained where the rest of the crew had disappeared to. "Then again I could be wrong." Gibbs said as he, Marty, Cotton, Harry, and two other crewmembers sat in their cage."What do we do now?" Harry asked.

"I'm not sure, I've never exactly dealt with cannibals before, but I know this, Jack is as much of a prisoner as us. . ."

"Who's that?"Everyone turned and saw a few of the Pelegostos walk over with another person, this one dressed too cleanly to be a pirate, but the crew seemed to recognize him as he was brought over."It's Will Turner!" Gibbs said. "He helped Jack get the Pearl back awhile ago, but I wonder how he found us and why he's here?"

Chapter 2

Harry had long since given up hope of escaping the small cage he shared with 6 other people he had just recently met. The sun bore down hot on his skin, baking salty dirt that he hadn't the chance to times, he had been told his luck was amazing - to have rid the Dark Lord's reign at such a young age, and then defying him times after. But, now, his luck was shot. He was going to be eaten... lovely...The boy wizard sighed quite heavily.

"So, William," he said conversationally. "how did you end up here?"

Like Harry, he wasn't showing much signs of hope in their current glanced up at the man. He hadn't really gotten a good look at him, too worried whether he was going to live past what was happening...Wait... just what the hell was happening? Had he somehow gotten knocked into his history book? But that had to be something that wasn't just accidental... it had to involve very advanced magic...

"I was looking for Jack," Will muttered. "Just what has he gotten himself -and all of us- into this time?" He ran a tanned hand through his dark hair in a frustrated manner. From the way he spoke, it was clear this wasn't the first time he had been put in a dangerous position like ...

"Well, the Pelegostos seem to believe that Jack is their a god trapped in a human state and he's been made their chief," Gibbs replied.

"That doesn't sound too bad," Will said, puzzled at the other man's distress. "If he's their chief, then he can just command them to let us loose."

"Not exactly... you see, they plan to free him from his fleshy prison..."Will looked even more confused. Mr Cotton reached across and took the Gibb's finger, biting down hard.

"Ow!" Gibbs exclaimed. Harry reached into his back pocket and felt the thin wooden stick that was his wand. Will sighed and flopped down next to Harry.

"...and who are you? Don't tell me Jack got you mixed into this as well!"Will asked.

"Um, yeah. Kinda," Harry replied, trying to recall a suitable spell. "I'm his cabin boy."

"Pfft, good luck. I've been there."

"But it's really not that bad! Although he is a bit strange..." Harry recalled when he had been attacked in a sort of hug, being pressed against the other man's soft fabrics... he hadn't really minded... much...Argh... this heat was really messing with him... what he needed was a spell... a plan...

"A bit?" Will laughed. "Well, either way, you may not have to worry about him if we can't get out of here."

"Should I be worried?" Harry asked, becoming confused.

"Well, yes. You're so small. And quite cute." For some reason, hearing someone say this made the young boy blush. "I doubt you realize the full extent of what you are getting into." He paused as if remembering something, and a smile spread across his face. "But maybe it wasn't that bad..."

He could apparate... but Harry doubted he was able to do the very same for everyone without any of them getting suspicious... no... okay, let's see... he needed to get the cage up the cliff... somehow... if only they were a little bit closer... Harry blinked...His fingers ran down the edge of the wood, and then tapped the stick against the bones of the cage, wiggling, as he softly whispered a word.

"What was that?" Will asked. "Didn't quite catch -"

"Ho!" The group exclaimed, suddenly.

"We're moving!"

"It's just the wind," one of the crew rocked harder and harder with each swing. "By God! If this continues, we may reach the cliff!" Gibbs yelled. "Come on, men! Let's help her along!" He shoved his shoulder into the side. "HEAVE!"


I have to get out of here... Jack thought to himself. Just ain't fair! I find meself such an interesting boy and then we come onto this mad island!His brown eyes watched the progress of the woodpile. Already it was quite large... just... perfect... at this rate, he was going to die within the hour. Cooked like some animal!

"I'm going to pee!" He announced and lifted himself from his appointed throne. One of the natives tried to follow him. He shooed him away. "Privacy, man!"

Once the native had stopped following, Jack set off into a wild sprint in the direction of where Will was taken. Here, he supposed was also where his current cabin boy was located. Yes, just beyond the bridge...the hell...?Two bony cages swung wildly within the chasm. The one containing both his former and current cabin boy seemed to be winning... Jack watched the progress with an amused grin. So they planned to scale the cliff's wall... not a bad idea...Jack walked across the bridge and to the edge of the cliff, settling himself at the sides he waited.


"What... what are we supposed to tell the neighbours? He's been gone a whole day!" Aunt Petunia whispered, fearfully, as she eyed the book her husband swore Harry had fallen Vernon stared deeply into his coffee mug before snapping his fingers.

"We'll tell them he got sent to jail!" His wife breathed a sign of relief at the genius plan.


"J-Jack!" Harry exclaimed once they finally reached the top. The man sat there, cross-legged and with as big a grin as ever.

"That's Captain Jack," he corrected, pulling on the rope. "Argh, you lot weigh a ton."

"Did they let you go?" Harry asked, as Jack began to cut into the ropes binding the cage together.

"Eh... no... We're a bit in a hurry..." His hand slipped as a wild cry came from the other side. He sliced in a wild manner. Once loose, Harry hugged the other man, thanking him over and over for saving them. Jack began to hop toward the direction of the beach. "Best be going," he muttered, trying to shake him off. Not that he didn't enjoy being held so tight - but... well... there was time for some things and now jut wasn't the right one...

"Ho! What about us?" The men from the other cage exclaimed.

"Good luck!" Captain Jack saluted, before wildly sprinting once more.


"Captain Jack makes yet another miraculous escape!" Will exclaimed, crashing a bottle of rum to the man's. The men were now at a safe distance from the island, and were in the middle of a celebration of defying a near death experience.

"Ahh, expect nothing less," Jack breathed, rum's scent falling from his lips and into the other man's nostrils. He grinned at their closeness. His hand trailed down the man's side. Will leaned against the mast.

"I'm not your cabin boy anymore," he teased, draining the bottle half way. Jack's eyebrow quirked, suggestively.

"Hmm... true..." Jack looked toward his newly appointed cabin boy who had meanwhile, been thrown into a wild sort of dance between the rest of the crew, joining into the dancing and clapping and laughing. Jack caught him by the arm and swung him around, holding out an opened bottle of rum. Harry took it without question and gulped down the fiery liquid. He blinked, feeling a sort of revival, as if his eyes had just been opened fully for the first time in his whole life.

Jack shook his shoulder, hard, laughing, "See? Rum is a wonderful, magical substance!" Harry could only agree and gulp down more.


Somewhere in the wizarding world, a Lord Voldemort received a quite disturbing mesage.

"My Lord... th-that tracking device... you know... the one we set on Harry? Well... erm..."

"What is it?" The man growled, irritately.

"It... um... seems to have... well, I mean... we lost his position so I wondered, um, if you had... forgotten to change the batteries or..."


"T-That would be correct..."


Chapter 3

Harry awoke the next morning with a small headache, to say he couldn't drink that much before passing out would be very true. Harry sat up and began wishing he had a Hangover Potion but unfortunately he had neither the ingredients, tools, nor Snape or Hermione's potion brewing ability to make a very strong one. Harry shook his head slowly, not wanting to lose his stomach before sitting up and realizing he was in a bed and not in his hammock. He looked over and saw a passed out Jack also in the bed. He quickly looked and sighed when he saw they were both clothed.

'That's it,' Harry thought, 'No more drinking for a little while.' At least not with a half drunk pirate chasing him most of the time and he had a very limited number of hiding spots on the ship. Harry was deep in his thoughts when he felt himself being pulled back onto the bed. He struggled, turned, and saw Jack smirking at him.

"Morning Harry, did you sleep well?" Jack asked as he pulled Harry back down so Harry's head was resting on Jack's stomach.

"Um, yea I guess, what happened?" Harry asked.

"Nothing much, you just had too much rum but no worries you'll be a stronger drinker in no time, you passed out and I brought you in here but you wouldn't let me go so I fell asleep with you."

Harry nodded with a blush at the thought of himself unconsciously grabbing onto Jack and not letting him go. Harry inwardly shook his head and stared up into Jack's chocolate brown eyes entranced by them and unaware that Jack was leaning closer to Harry till a knock at Jack's door knocked them both out of the fantasies.

'Darn it! So close!' Jack thought before yelling a 'what' to the person on the other side of the door to have Gibbs answer.

"Cap'n we've reached the mouth of the river and we're ready to head to "her" home if you're ready cap'n." Gibbs said.

"Fine, come along Harry we're going to meet an old friend of mine," Jack said and let Harry get up. The two headed out of Jack's room over to where the long boats were and climbed in. Harry got in the same boat as Jack and two other pirates and Cotton while Gibbs, Will, Marty, Pintel, and Ragetti were all in the other one. As they sailed down the river Harry listened as Gibbs explained to the others why Jack was so afraid of the open ocean.

"There's a beast that does the bidding of Davy Jones, a fearsome creature with tentacles that'll suction your face right off," Gibbs said, "and drag an entire ship down into the abyss. The kraken, the stench of his breath is like. . ." Gibbs shivered, "imagine the last thing on God's earth you know is the kraken's roar and the stench of 100 rotting corpses." Everyone stared at Gibbs in shock and horror. "If you believe such things that is."

"And the key will spare him?" Will asked confusing Harry, as he had not seen any indication that Jack was looking for a key."Now that's the very question Jack wants answered even enough to go visit. . . her. . ."

"Her?" Will and Harry said in confusion to which Gibbs nodded and soon enough the two boats pulled up to a shack built above the water with people at the shores of the river watching the pirates. As the crew tied up the boats Jack turned to them.

"No worries mates Tia Dalma and I go way back, thick as thieves we are. . .were. . .have been. . .was," Jack said.

"I'll watch you back," Gibbs said.

"It's me front I'm worried about."

Jack grabbed Harry's hand and the two walked up the stairs to the front door of Tia Dalma's house while the others kept passing along the message to mind the boats. Harry rolled his eyes before Jack pushed Harry behind him and looked through the front door window, which earned another eye roll from Harry. Jack opened the door and walked in drawing the attention of a Creole woman who sat at a table with crab claws and other markers on the table in front of her.

"Jack Sparrow," She said with a smile, which Jack smiled back to and walked forward.

"Tia Dalma," Jack said but stopped when he almost ran into a jar filled with toes. Harry grimaced as he was reminded of his 2nd year at Hogwarts when he and Ron had driven Mr. Weasley's flying car to Hogwarts and Snape had caught them and dragged them to his office where he had who knows what in jars lined around his office. Harry shook his head of the memory and turned to look at Jack and Tia Dalma as Tia flirted with Will till she noticed Harry that is. Her eyes went wide and she grabbed his hand.

"I see, another one with a touch of destiny, you have magic flowing through ye boy, I can sense it and you have a touch of destiny about you just like Turner here, Harry Potter," Tia said in a mysterious voice which reminded Harry faintly of Trelawny.

"How did you know me?" Harry asked.

"I know many things about you, Boy-who-lived."

"Please don't call me that."

"Very well, but I'm sure you want to know me." Tia smirked and stared at Harry who blushed and backed slightly away when Jack came over and stepped in front of Harry.

"There'll be no knowing here, especially Harry here, we've come for help and we're not leaving here without it." Jack said and wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulders before walking with Tia and Harry over to the table. "I thought I knew you."

"Not so well as I had hoped," Tia answered as she had Harry sit in the chair next to her. "Now what service can I do ye?" Tia said twirling a piece of Harry's hair in her hand much to the dislike of Jack. "You know I demand payment."

"I brought payment," Jack said and whistled to Gibbs who handed him a cage with a monkey in it. Harry watched curiously as Jack pulled out his gun and pointed it at the monkey. "Look," He shot the monkey who shrieked but remained unharmed much to the astonishment of Harry. "An undead monkey, top that." Tia took the cage and released the monkey much to Gibbs dismay who complained about how long it took them to catch the monkey in the first place.

"The payment is fair," Tia said and Will pulled out a piece of cloth and placed it on the table in front of Tia and Harry.

"We're looking for this," Will said. "And what it goes to."

Tia looked from the cloth to Jack and finally said, "The compass you bartered from me, it cannot lead you to this?"

"Maybe, why?" Jack asked to which Tia smirked and sat down.

"I here ye, Jack Sparrow does not know what he wants, or do ye know," she looked at Harry and smirked, "but are loath to claim it as your own? Or maybe there is something else ye desire? Your key go to a chest and it is what lay inside the chest that ye seek."

"What is inside?" Gibbs asked.

"Gold? Jewels? Unclaimed property of a valuable nature?" Pintel asked.

"Nothing bad I hope," Ragetti said looking away from a jar filled with eyeballs.

"Ye know of Davy Jones, a man of the sea, a great sailor. . ." Tia said.

'Sweet I'm getting a history lesson and it's not as boring as listening to Professor Binns,' Harry thought and leaned forward to listen.

"Until he run afoul with that which vexes all men."

"What vexes all men?" Harry asked and Tia smiled at him.

"What indeed?"

"The sea," Gibbs suggested.

"Sums," Pintel suggested.

"Dicotemy of good and evil," Ragettis said to which everyone in the room looked at him like he was crazy.

"A woman," Jack said with a shake of his head.

"A woman," Tia agreed. "He fell in love."

"No, no, I heard it was the sea he fell in love with," Gibbs said to which Tia gave a wave of her hand.

"Same story, different versions, and all are true, see it was a woman as changing and harsh and untameable as the sea itself. Him, never stop loving her, but the pain is caused him was too much to live with but not enough to cause him to die."

"What did he put inside the chest?" Will asked.

"Him heart."

"Literally or figuratively?" Ragetti asked.

"He couldn't literally put his heart in a chest," Pintel said with a chuckle then turned to look at Tia. "Could he?"

"It was not worth feeling what small fleeting joy life brings, so him carve out him heart, lock it away in a chest and hide it from de world. The key you seek, he keep with him at all times," Tia said to which Will stood up from his chair next to Harry and turned to Jack.

"You knew this," Will said.

"I did not, I didn't know where the key was, but since now we do all that's left to do is climb aboard the Flying Dutchman, grab the key, and you go back to Port Royal and save your bonnie lass 'ey," Jack said with a snap of his fingers and turned around to leave when Tia stood up.

"Let me see your hand," she said and held out her own for Jack to place his hand in. Jack turned around and gave her his right hand. She glared at him to which he sighed and gave her his left hand with the fabric wrapped around it. Tia unwrapped his hand to reveal a black spot on Jack's hand. Harry quickly stood up and went over to Jack's side.

"Jack, what happened are you ok?" Harry asked.

"It's the Black spot!" Gibbs said immediately wiped his hands on his vest, spun around, and spit on the ground.

"Black spot!" Pintel and Ragetti exclaimed and copied Gibbs.

"My eyesight's as good as ever just so you know." Jack said and turned to Harry. "I'm fine Harry; this is just a simple uh small predicament I've landed myself in."

"Like always," Will said as Tia walked to a backroom and began searching for something.

"Not always, only some of the time."

Tia returned with a jar filled to the brim with dirt."Davy Jones cannot make port, cannot step on land but once every ten years, land is where you are safe Jack Sparrow, and so you will carry land with you," Tia said and handed Jack the jar.

"Dirt, this is a jar of dirt," Jack said."Yes."

"Is the jar of dirt going to help?"

"If you don't want it give it back."

"No" Jack clutched protectively to the jar.

"Then it helps."

"Jack you have a possessive streak," Harry said and Jack smirked and wrapped his arm around Harry.

"That I do Harry, especially when it comes to things I desire." Jack said gazing down at Harry who blushed deeply.

"It seems we have a need to find the Flying Dutchman," Will said. Tia nodded, sat at her table, picked up her seeing stones and claws and shook them in her hand.

"A touch of destiny. . ." She said and threw them on the table. After explaining where they could locate the Flying Dutchman they began to walk out when Tia grabbed Harry's hand holding him back as the others walked out. "Harry I want you to have this." She handed him a silver locket in the shape of a heart with a face on it and crab claws and legs around the heart framing it.

"Thanks but why?" Harry asked as Tia placed the necklace around his neck and he hid it in his shirt.

"It may come in handy in saving your life, but be warned do not show it to anyone you do not trust, trust your magical instincts young one they will not fail you and never show it to any naval man or former naval man that would be terrible, do you understand?"

"Yes m'am, thank you again, I better go before Jack comes running back."

"Be careful child, conflicts of the heart are always hard, have fun though."Tia smiled at Harry as he raised an eyebrow at her before hurrying after the others. Jack was looking for him and smiled when he saw Harry hurrying down the stairs and get in the boat.

"You alright Harry?" Jack asked."Yea, Tia Dalma just had to tell me something that's all."

"Alright, let's go gents."


Harry stood on the deck of the ship getting drenched with rain luckily, thanks to the spell Hermione had used on his glasses in their 3rd year, Harry was able to see clearly without having to keep wiping his glasses clean of water. Will, Gibbs, and Jack were looking at a wrecked ship and discussing what Will was going to do when he got over to the ship. Harry was distracted by something else though, something in the water, he couldn't see it, he felt it, his magic told him that something was amiss and something was going to happen, something bad. Harry walked over to the side where Will climbed into the longboat they had waiting for him to paddle his way over to the other ship.

"Oy, if you do happen to get captured just say that 'Jack Sparrow sent you to settle his debt' might save your life." Jack yelled to Will over to thunder and rain. As Will sailed over to the ship Jack turned to Gibbs and said, "Douse the lamps." Gibbs nodded and everyone quickly set to work extinguishing the lamps.

"Jack, why are you extinguishing the lanterns?" Harry asked.

"Just don't want to be seen by old Davy that's all." Harry was unsure of Jack's answer and turned to watch the other ship when he felt Jack wrap an arm around Harry's waist and lean down to speak into his ear. "Harry, I need you to do something for me."

"What's that?"

"I need you to stay in my cabin and keep the lanterns unlit, stay in the shadows and don't let anyone see you, understand?"

"What? But why, I see no reason why I should be locked up while everyone else is out here and Will is over on another ship."

"Harry please just listen to me just this once, I swear I am telling the truth when I tell you that it is safer in the cabin."

Harry glared at Jack and was about to make another protest when he was suddenly knocked out with a pinch to the shoulder. Jack caught Harry in his arms, carried him into the cabin, extinguished the lights, and walked back out onto the deck. Jack hated the thought that Harry was going to be angry at him but it was for the boys own good, he didn't want Jones to see Harry at all if he could help it otherwise he may not have Harry for very much longer especially if he wasn't going to take Will in his place.

Harry woke up a few minutes later and was about to light a candle when he remembered what Jack had told him. Harry sighed left the candle unlit and thanked years of sneaking out onto the Hogwarts grounds in his invisibility cloak and walking through the dungeons to Snape's class that he now had a very good night vision. Harry walked over to the window and held in a gasp as he saw various men or what used to be men all covered or made into creatures of the sea. He saw one with a hammerhead shark's head and shook his own head to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Nope, strange half human half-sea creatures were surrounding the crew and one was talking with Jack. He had a beard made of tentacles, one arm that was a crab claw, a leg that was a crab leg stump, and one hand with tentacles. Harry immediately recognized him from the picture in his history book, it was Davy Jones.

continued on part 2
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