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A night to remember.


We are going straight to bed and removing our shoes and socks on the way, just like you see in the movies. We sat on the edge of the bed. I am kissing her and unbuttoning her blouse; Kirsteen is unzipping my pants, and I am not wearing any underwear, so, just as she finished unzipping my pants, my massive dick sprang out. He is pulsing as he rubbed against her hand. Kirsteen upon seeing my over 12 inches of manhood sticking out from my unzipped pants  exclaimed, "Oh! My God, he's enormous!!!!!"

She continued, "I knew he was large, from feeling you on the dance floor, but until you actually see him, you really can't appreciate how incredibly huge you are!"

Kirsteen is saying this as she is reaching over to put her hand around my humongous dick to pull him entirely free from my pants.

I said, "Don't do anything yet, because I am going to use him on you to make you scream, and if you play with him you might make him squirt." Kirsteen released her grip  and quickly started to remove her skirt.

As she is removing her skirt, Kirsteen said, "I have been turned-on since I felt how big you were on the dance floor, and I have been imagining how wonderful you would feel going into my tight pussy, and I am extremely tiny and tight." 

"I can't wait to go inside of you," then I started kissing her neck and removed her blouse. I am now trying to undo her bra as she quickly removed my shirt.

Those damn bras are always hard to unhook. She had my shirt off of me in a blink of an eye.

  "Here Michael, let me help you."  She unhooked, and removed her bra before I could remove my hand from the clasp.

I looked at where her bra uses to be when I see her beautiful naked breasts appear from under her bra as it slides down her arms onto the bed. They are right before me; they are beautiful, perfectly shaped. I could not take my eyes off of them, ah; her nipples have lovely round points at the end of them. She had me at this point; all I could think about is to get those nipples into my waiting mouth, so I could suckle and lick them!

My mouth moved from kissing her neck down to her beautiful breasts. I am using my tongue on her nipples; then I began sucking and licking around her breasts, and drag my tongue across her hard nipples. I love having them hard in my mouth; this must have been from my breastfeeding days, as I cannot seem to get enough of sucking on them. I could have gotten lockjaw  and I would have been happy.

Kirsteen moved her hand to my breasts, and began to massage my nipples; they became hard and pointed. Kirsteen took my nipples between her fingers, and began squeezing and pulling them. The sensation sent electrical shocks through my dick to the tip of his head. It almost made me ejaculate.  Then she pushed me flat down onto the bed and put her mouth to my breasts and started sucking and running her tongue across my hard nipples. This was the First time that I had this happen to me, and it excited me. I am responding to her actions by my Kegel muscles contracting, as if I am ejaculating.

I had stopped sucking on her nipples when she pushed me down flat onto the bed. I am lying there enjoying the sensation of her sucking on my nipples when I asked Kirsteen, "Do girls really get turned-on from us massaging their breasts and playing with their nipples?"

"It makes me excited and really wet!" What effect does it have on you?"

"It gets me hot, and I can almost ejaculate when you run your tongue across them."

"I better stop because I want you to cum inside of me." Then she gave me a hickey on my right breast. 

She continued, "I wanted to experience something new; I mean having sex with someone different, but I never expected to find what I thought was a myth, or some porn star who had his dick enlarged."

"I am certainly not that large! I know I am little larger than most men."

"Girls seemed to talk about these things and make comparisons, and when I tell you, you are over the top humongous, I mean it, and I wonder if you are going to get him in me." She continued, "I have had men who were large before, but nothing has prepared me for you."

"I have had sex before with small." Kirsteen interrupted me, and said, "Yes, but I have an extremely, and I do mean extremely tiny, tight pussy, but we will have a lot of fun trying to push your giant thing in me."

"I'm going to give it the old college try." She began laughing. She is being unusually frank about having sex with me, and it is as if she is searching for something new in her sex life that was missing, or she is reading what I want to do to her. If she wanted to use me to fill that part that is missing, it is okay with me, as I needed to find out if what I am feeling is lust, or we are starting to feed off of each other's feelings.

I laid her over flat onto the bed, and began playing with her armpit, nibbling on the inside, then nibbling on her ears, and then her breasts. As my hand  slowly moves down towards the inside of her thigh, stopping at her stomach and letting my fingers explore her beautiful naked body. I found her belly button, and lightly explored it putting my finger into where her lovely button is, and  played with it for a while. Then I continue down to the inside of her thighs, where my hand would caress them, and occasionally stroke between her legs.

Kirsteen is getting hotter from the anticipation of my hand touching and caressing her erogenous areas, but I would only briefly touch her, and then return to massaging her inner thighs. I know she wanted me to continue caressing her sensual areas, but I am teasing her to make her hot and excited just like she did to me on the dance floor.

Kirsteen said, "Make love to me, stick that gigantic thing of yours into me and make me cum!!!!!."


(Young males think that all they have to do to make a female Orgasm is to stick their dick in them and the female will automatically have an orgasm while he has one! Well, I have news for those young males!  It doesn't work that way for 71% of the female population. Females are completely different from males how they work up to an orgasm. First the female has to feel safe and comfortable with her partner. Second she must trust him completely that he is truly into her, and she is first in all his actions and not thinking about his own gratification, then the female must be in an emotional state to surrender her body to the male, allowing the male to bring her to an orgasmic conclusion... The older males have learned to go slow, concentrating only on the female through oral  and finger manipulation of her clitoris and G spot, bringing the female to high euphoric sexual state, then continue to hold her there until she surrenders her body, and begs him to stop teasing her and wanting him to push her over the point of no return, bringing her pure erotic, sexual pleasure through her mind-blowing orgasm. As the male continues making her orgasm; he may push his penis into her, and make her build up to an even higher state of  sexual ecstasy, and continue her to build up to cum again as he continues massaging her clitoris with his fingers while his dick  massages her G and A spots from the rear, you know, (Doggy style.)  Anyhow, Read on, you just may learn something new.)




"Kirsteen, come here, I need to hold you," as I am pulling her ever so gently to me, until our bodies met. I could feel her warm, moist, skin touching mine; this caused a burning sexual desire for her from deep inside of me... We are kissing again; actually, we are sticking our tongues deep into each other's mouths.

I started to suck on her luscious tongue, as she pushed her tongue in my partially open mouth, then she pulls her tongue slowly back out while I am sucking on it. This became highly sexual thing between us.

My mouth moved down kissing he her beautiful tan body as I moved towards her stomach, I found her belly button, which I tried to suck into my mouth. Then continued down to her pantie line and ran my tongue around the edge of them, as my fingers slowly stroke her hot, wet, vagina lips through her panties. I started to pull them down when she reached down and ripped them off.

I am removing my pants that she had unzipped;  I have this humongous dick  sticking straight out in front of me as I pulled my pants the rest of the way off. (Damn I was so hot!) I  move to the side of her, so I could put my right arm between her legs, and rest my weight on my left arm. This will allow me to use my tongue just where her tight lips begin.

I began pushing my finger into her tiny juicy love opening. My tongue is just above her clitoris, when I said, "I'm going to eat out your sweet juicy love tunnel and make you scream!"  My tongue continued down to her clitoris which was right next to where my fingers had entered her.

Her clitoris is hard and had popped up from under her protective hood, so I sucked on it, and I feel my fingers touch my tongue as I am sliding my fingers in and out of her. I am thinking when my giant dick slides into her it will rub against her clitoris and massage her G spot. I know my dick is extremely thick, so I should be able to make her have an orgasm that she has never experienced before; I hope!

I am licking and sucking on her popped-up love button, and at the same time I'm massaging her G spot with my index and center finger.

Then Kirsteen said, "I don't know what you are doing to make me feel like this, but it is as if you know exactly what I need, and when I need to feel your loving touch."

I stopped what I am doing and said, "If you think this feels good, spread your legs, and I will make you scream!!!"

"Let's see how loud you can make me scream!" She quickly spread her legs. Kirsteen watched as I moved my body between her legs. She didn't exactly know what I am up to. Her face look surprised when with both of my hands I pushed her legs back and apart to where her vagina is sticking straight up. Her face changed to a look of pure delight as I slowly slid my tongue down the center of her yielding lips until I found her erotic entrance. I held her legs up and apart as I buried my mouth between her exquisite pussy lips and pushed my tongue deep into her.

She is moaning as I slid my tongue slowly in and out of her. Then pushing my mouth harder against the opening of her beautiful pussy, and at the same time my tongue went even deeper into her, massaging her slippery erotic areas....

She is moaning louder, and her love machine is contracting hard around my tongue as I continued repeating this movement; I knew she's getting extremely excited. Then I went back to her clitoris and slowly sucked her popped up love button into my mouth. I gently held her love button between my teeth as I licked her exquisite sexual button with long loving licks.

Kirsteen said, "I need you to cum inside of me, Please-please-please, stick that giant thing of yours inside of me and make me cummmmm," as I slowly pushed my fingers into her; moving them in a come her motion, pressing upwards massaging her G spot. I began going faster and faster massaging her G spot even harder, and my tongue is moving even faster across her hard popped up love button as her body stiffens. Her breathing has become heavy with deep, guttural sounds; I could tell she is enjoying this, so I kept on masturbating her. I wanted to make her really aroused, but not let her have a complete orgasm------- yet.

Her slippery cream began flowing from her tiny erotic opening. She is still making these low, guttural moaning sounds that are reaching a high pitch. My tongue continued massaging her clitoris as my two fingers continue massaging her G spot using a come her motion... I can feel her body stiffening even more and then she became silent.

She is concentrating on her orgasm as she arched her pussy, pushing it up with her legs spread wide apart, which allowed me full access to her love opening.

I removed my two fingers from inside of her, which allowed my mouth to go between her sweet lips to keep her building up to her orgasm.  I yelled, "Now I am going to really eat out your sweet pussy and make you cum!!!" As I buried my mouth between her legs, pushing my tongue deep as possible into this hot juicy place. God! Her juices, taste so good!!! I am licking her juicy G spot, as I am moving my thumb in circles around her hard slippery clitoris.

Kirsteen is frozen as I keep her building to what I hope is going to be a massive orgasm. All of a sudden, she lets out this incredible scream as her body is free pushing up hard to my mouth. She is Cumming!!! I can feel her hard contractions around my tongue as her body trembles. .. I go wild, eating her like she is an ice-cream cone, running my tongue between her sweet lips as my mouth devours her pussy. I move her feet to my shoulder, which places her love opening so I can wrap my arms around her legs giving my fingers full access to her clitoris; while my mouth dives deep between her sweet juicy lips pushing my tongue deeper in her. My tongue is going wild as it goes in and out of her licking her G spot. Her pussy continues tightening around my tongue, and then releases... I am now pushing my mouth even harder over her love opening sucking her love juice right out of her, as my fingers play with her juicy clitoris. My mouth all of a sudden fills with hot Juice; it's squirting right out of Kirsteen's tiny love opening into my mouth!!!

She is an extreme squirter! I have never experienced a girl that squirts Juice before, and I am not expecting Kirsteen to squirt at all! I didn't want to ruin her orgasm, so I pulled my mouth back just a little to let some of her Juice run out, and swallowed as much Juice as possible without choking. She continued squirting into my mouth, as her orgasm continues... I kept swallowing this hot sweet nectar, as I kept my tongue sliding in and out of her tiny love opening. She held this arched position; her body is trembling while she continues pushing her vagina up to my mouth... She started squirting less and less into my mouth with each contraction; I continued slowly pushing my tongue in and out of her and massaging her popped-up love button...

Her contractions are slowing, and her orgasm has slowly ended. But I kept pushing my tongue slowly in and out of her and swallowing the rest of her sweet love Juice. Kirsteen is Jerking, contracting less, and less as she relaxed from her orgasm. Then I notice her juice had turned to a different consistency, and then something has a real sweet cherry flavor in my mouth... I need to ask her about this.

She had finished with her orgasm, but she continued to moan, and jerk as my tongue continued to play with her erotic areas. I placed my hands on her breasts and slowly massaged them, playing with her nipples. She is so sensitive from climaxing; I can feel her contractions as I touched her erotic areas. Kirsteen is still turned on, and I am going to make her build up, and orgasm again, but this time, Kirsteen will be squirting against my humongous penis stuck inside of her tiny tight pussy, like a cork in a bottle of champagne!

Kirsteen said, "If you keep using your tongue on me, and playing with my tits, you will make me build up and cum again, and this time when I orgasm, I want you inside of me. I want to feel your gigantic dick inside of my tiny, tight pussy, and then feel your thick dick swell, as it squirts your white, hot love cream into me. I want you to cause this white, hot, cream to squirt out of me from you pumping my tiny pussy with that gigantic dick of yours, and feel your hot cream running down the back of my legs! I want to experience everything you have described to me."

"Holy Shit! Your mind is racing, and you are making me so hot from your description of what you want me to do, and it's exactly what I want to do to you!" Then I became speechless thinking about it. All I could do to answer her is to mutter some words, and I am not sure what I even said. I think she is using telepathic communication on me, and she is reading my feelings, and it's working!!!!!!!!

"Calm down; you will get your turn, and then I will blow your mind!"

"Holy shit! You have already blown my mind."

"You just wait until I get a hold of you, when you have that giant thing of yours stuck in me as you start to squirt, and then you can tell me if I blow your mind."

"Okay." That was one hell of an answer, "Okay," she just told me, she is going to blow my mind when I am squirting in her and all I could say is, "Okay. .."

I am trying to concentrate on her now, and not think about injecting hot cream into her.

Kirsteen's pussy is clean-shaven, and  has exceptionally soft but firm lips. Her pussy lips are unusually small and tight; her lips looked like her small lips on her mouth except they are between her legs that I have spread apart to put my tongue into, and suck on her.

Kirsteen had showered earlier, as I could still smell the fragrance from the soap she used. There is this sweet taste still coming from her. Kirsteen had put some sweet flavoring inside of her for me to eat. It is a sweet cherry flavor, and I now know she had planned to seduce me! She did a superb job of it!!!

I moved out from under her legs, so she could now stretch her legs out, and allow us to kiss, and  still finger her hot pussy, and lick and suck on her nipples to keep her aroused.

I continued fingering her, then I removed my fingers and put them together and began massaging around her clitoris as I  licked and sucked on her nipples; I wanted to get her ready to orgasm again, but this time when she cums it will be with me inside of her.

I continued to imagine  relieving myself in her hot, soft, juicy tight pussy. I am going crazy from her description of me injecting my hot cream inside of her, and how did she know this is exactly what I imagined, even down to the part about my thick, white, hot, gooey cream squirting out of her vagina and running down the back of her legs. God, if I am not swollen from before thinking about all of these erotic thoughts, I will now surely explode from what she has described...

I moved my mouth to her neck, and began kissing all around her neck, and then I pushed my tongue into her ear. I began licking and kissing her earlobe, and then moving to her sweet lips. Ah, her lips, they are so intoxicating to mine.

We laid there kissing and caressing each other, and then she is trying to stroke my enormous friend. I knew if she got a hold of him; I would be a goner and shoot my hot load of cream as soon as she began playing with him. I wanted to cum inside of her, not on the bed from her playing with me!

I wanted to feel my thick, white cream squirt in her tiny hot vagina, and have her tiny juicy pussy sucking evverything out of his balls!!!

" Michael, I want to play with you!"

"Kirsteen if I let you play with my dick, I will squirt all over you, and I need to be inside of you when I  Cum!"

"I want to feel your hot cream squirting all over my naked body."

"No-no Kirsteen, I am going to cum inside of you, so, don't touch him!" She giggled and said; "Let's see how much hot cream you shoot out of your penis," as she is reaching for my friend...

"Now Kirsteen, don't touch him! You can make him squirt all over your naked body later, but  he is going to cum inside of you first!"

She is now giggling more, and she said, "All!----- all right!" She sounded disappointed, but I do not think so.

"Kirsteen, when you play with him, you will be able to watch the contractions of my dick, and you will see an enormous bulge  travel up the shaft and then the bulge will shootout of his head as I ejaculate. The amount of each squirt is enormous; it's like watching a cum shot in a porno movie when the guy shoots his first load, and an enormous white, gooey blob comes out of his penis and hits the girl in the face.

This enormous white, gooey blob runs down her face, except, I keep squirting enormous blobs  when I cum!"

"You don't have to squirt me in the face, but I would love to feel you squirt on my breasts, then afterword's you can massage your hot cream into them."

"Kirsteen, if you get me as excited as you now have me; I will cover your whole body with my cum, and I will massage every inch of you with it!"

"That sounds wonderful; I want you to massage all of your hot love cream into my naked body. You need to do this the next time we make love, and I will get you really excited so you will squirt a lot white cream you been talking about, Okay?"

"You bet!!! And I will massage every inch of your naked body with it, but this time I need to be inside of you when I squirt!!!"


(I knew I am going to release a tremendous amount of hot semen when I ejaculate. Having a large volume of semen or hot cream going through my tubes always gives me a better orgasm than a fast ejaculation with a normal amount coming out of my penis. This is a scientific fact; it has something to do with the nerves that send pleasure signals up the back to the brain as fluid flows from the ejaculatory chamber out of the penis through the urethra tube, which nerves in the urethra sends pleasure signals to the brain...

This is Mother Nature's way of insuring the male  ejaculates as much sperm as possible into his partner's cervix to have a better chance of making her pregnant, and the more fluid he squirts, the stronger the excruciating pleasure signals that travel up the backbone to his brain.

A lot of times, I would have sex with a nice beautiful girl, and shoot my load of semen or hot cream, and it felt fantastic, and we enjoyed climaxing together, but that was as far as it went. But the feeling I am now having is different. There is more than this sexual attraction or lust. I knew there is this feeling of closeness as if our minds and bodies are becoming as one. I needed both of us to have complete sexual gratification when we orgasm together... This is important!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I had been thinking about what Linda said when we first met eight years ago, about finding that special girl, and  I am now thinking, maybe I have found her in Kirsteen; I would soon find out.)


So, I continued what I was doing, and I am keeping my now unbelievable, giant hard penis out of harm's way, you know, from her playing with him!!!

This way I would be ready to enter her at the right time. I stopped what I was doing, and I asked her, "Did you plan to seduce me?" (What a stupid question!) Kirsteen smiled and said, "Yes, and I think you want me more than you did before."

"How do you know that I want you more now, and how did you know this seduction would work."

"You have changed Michael, and it is as if you are seeing if we fit together in every way."

She continued, "I think you want me to have a perfect orgasm with you. I can tell you this much; I have enjoyed the way you have made me feel, and it has been like no one else has ever done. Now, on the subject about seducing you, I figured if I got you hot enough, you would take me to some place where we could finish what I started on the dance floor.

Michael, I just wanted to see what would happen, and have some fun, But I did not realize the chemistry between us would be so strong when I planned this whole seduction thing. Now I am caught in my own trap; you have made me want you more than I could ever imagine, I probably want you more than you want me now."

I said, "I have a plan as you will soon find out, and I am hoping we will want and need each other after we have orgasmed together. By the way, I love cherry juice, and you make a magnificent Cherry drink!"

She started laughing, and said, "I will make you a stronger Cherry drink next time."

I said, "I was hoping for the next time, but we will have to see if we connect."

Kirsteen said, "I can't wait to see if we connect," and she giggled.

"So, that's why you didn't have to tell your girlfriends at the bar, we were leaving together, they already knew you're going with me."

"Yes, I told my friends if I am not back at our table just leave because I will have you to take me home. I told them; I had planned this evening for you to take me home."

She continued, "They thought that's cool if I could get you to take me home, so I came over with them when they asked John and the other guys to dance with them, and I asked you to dance with me."

I said, "They don't know about the Cherry drink you made for me."

She laughed and said, "No, but they have brains and can think for themselves, and what I was up to. So don't worry, I didn't come right out and tell them I was going to seduce you, as far as they know we left and had dinner together."

She looked at me with this intense look to see my response.

"So what happens in Vegas stays, in Vegas." I said.

"So, when is something going to happen?" She is laughing.

"So,--- you're not going to tell the girls about me?"

"No, I don't kiss and tell, and I don't want them anywhere near you!"

"Good! I am now going to finish what you started, so now something is going to happen! I am going to get you to the point of climaxing again, and then I am going to stick my huge boner inside of you, and fill your pussy full of my thick, white-hot cream that you caused to build up inside of me, and it's going to be a massive amount!"

"What are you waiting for! I have been begging you to stick that love probe of yours in me, and inject me with your hot cream!!!"

  "Boy! Am I going love injecting you with my hot  cream!" She began giggling and gave me this loving look.

I went back to her breasts and continued sucking and massaging her nipples with my tongue as I continued massaging her clitoris and G spot with my fingers.

Kirsteen said, "You know what I want, and what I have been waiting for, and you better get ready to become part of me as I am getting close to Cumming again."

I took her nipple out of my mouth, and said, "I have been ready since you seduced me on the dance floor." Then I continued sucking on her nipple. Her nipples are hard; I love this; I could have lain with her all night just sucking on her nipples and playing with her breasts.

I can now feel her juices emerging from her vagina as I am fingering her; her breathing is now hot and heavy with this deep, guttural sound. "This is my cue!"

"Kirsteen, I need to go inside of you." Kirsteen quickly spread her legs so I can penetrate her pussy. I moved between her legs, and using my left hand, I took a hold of my humongous hard throbbing dick and began pushing him into her. She is so tight that I had to push hard, and slow, to make it even partway into her tight pussy, which is pushing me to the edge of ejaculating.

Kirsteen tried to speed up my dick entering her by pushing up hard and fast into me. But I pulled back to stop from pressing harder...

  "Wait-wait, wait Kirsteen!!!"  In a Panicked voice,  "You are going to make me cum, and I need to squirt my massive load  only when we climax together!"

"I got too excited Michael and I wanted you all the way inside  me."

"Just take it easy, we need to work together, so let me know if you're getting close to Cumming."

"You better take it slow Michael, so I won't cum to fast!"

"That's what I'm doing!" She giggled and kissed me, and then she put her arms around me and started to rub my back.

Her hands began massaging my upper back, and she worked her way down to my rear, and went between my legs, then she continued massaging around my anus, which is sending erotic feeling to my brain...

My humongous dick is inching its way into her tight pussy, I was lucky, as she is, so slippery and juicy from her previous orgasms, and her lubrication is allowing me to penetrate her without hurting her... 

My enormous dick is going deeper into her tiny, tight pussy, and it is pushing both of us to the edge of climaxing. I am going slow to make it all the way into her tiny sweet erotic opening without either one of us cumming.

"Michael! You are stretching out my pussy, it's like my first time, it hurt and felt so good all at the same time."

"I don't want to hurt you", so I stopped pushing into her.

"Don't-stop,----don't-stop; I need you all the way in me! I want you to stretch my pussy out, I need you to do this for me, please push hard!"

I said, "I also have this overwhelming desire to go all the way inside of you. I will go slow, and work my way in you." I continued to force my giant penis further into her.

She said, "Push Michael, push!" With a wanting voice.

I'm almost totally inside of her when I stopped moving to let both of us cool down, so we could enjoy each other. I wanted to enjoy this incredible feeling that I am experiencing from being inside of her. She is so tight and warm around my giant penis. The feeling is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I said, "I needed to stop so I won't cum, and I need you to climax with me."

Kirsteen said, "I also want to experience Cumming together, and I know it's going to be the best I ever had, and that's why I am following your lead, so lead the way." She started lightly kissing me.

We are just lying there kissing, and talking becoming mentally and physically as one. I am not sure how long we were talking, but we had covered a lot of subjects as we enjoyed each other.

Kirsteen said, "I have never had someone want me as much as you do. You want me both physically and mentally, and you want my mind as part of this sexual experience we are now experiencing together."

"You know Kirsteen, you have my mind on fire from all the sexual stimulation that I have felt from what you are emanating, also from pushing hard into your hot, slippery, tight pussy. I am thinking how mind-blowing this is going to be when I finally sub-come to all these erotic feelings and explode, releasing my massive load of hot, thick, white, gooey, love cream from deep inside of me into you!!! "

"This outta feel fabulous." Then she giggled, like a school girl in anticipation of receiving her first kiss.

She contracted her Kegel muscles squeezing my penis even harder, and held my body tight to hers. She placed her hands gently around my face, and moved my face, so we could kiss.

Then she smiled and said, "I hope you inject enough of your white gooey hot cream into me, so I can feel you squirt!"

I said, "Kirsteen, I hope I don't scare you when I start ejaculating all this pent-up cream out of me, into you! Also, you have caused this erotic pressure to build up in my nut sack from you teasing me, and not ejaculating. I am not sure how much more this will add to what I know I will release." I continued, "This is the first time we will have made love, and I don't want to scare you."

Kirsteen interrupted me, and said, "I want you to build up inside of me, so I can feel all of you, and I know I will enjoy this new feeling you have been describing to me."

I said, "Kirsteen, I don't know if you understand what you are in for when you climax with me.  I believe you are going to experience something very special, and you will need to relax and let your mind go. Your mind will be on sensory overload, so let everything go, and take it all in."

"Yes Michael, I will try and relax, and take it all in. Michael, I have known you for a few years now, and I have been watching you, wondering what it would be like making love to you." She continued, "I knew you are a caring person, but I didn't realize how sweet you are, until just now, and I have had a crush on you for a long time, and now I believe I am totally in love with you."

"Kirsteen I am glad you told me this because I thought I was going crazy about my feelings towards you. I want you to be with me. What I am trying to ask you, will you be part of a, ____a, _______ ahhhhh, I will talk to you later after we orgasm together, and I will be able to think better, and so will you, then I can ask you this question, okay?" 

"Michael I will wait for your question, but don't keep me waiting."

I continued, "I have seen you for years and talked with you, but I was scared to approach you, as you were a student here at the university, and when you came by my room, I felt a warm feeling towards you, but I didn't know what to do about it. I had all these thoughts racing through my head about what I wanted to do to you, and now her we are."

"Yes Michael, here we are, and now I know what I have been feeling from you."

"Kirsteen, I want to make love to you, and kiss every inch of your body, and I want to feel your body lying naked next to mine, and I am going to give you a million kisses, and when they run out, I am going to give you  billions more. I love every part of you. I want to make love to you every second of the day, and I hope you like making love to me after I give you everything I have."

"Michael, you have been promising me this feeling, and you better deliver, or I am truly going to be disappointed." Then she smiled, and began kissing my cheeks, my nose, my eyes, and my mouth. Her kisses made me feel warm inside.

"Michael, I am going to give my body and soul to you, and I have never given myself like this to anyone before, so, please mean what you have said to me."

"Kirsteen I am not kidding, I have been trying to ask you something, and I not sure how to go about it, but brace yourself for what is about to happen.  It will be stronger than any marriage, as this is straight from God! Not man made! Anyhow we are going to have a lot of fun, but I needed a little more time to settle down, you know I have gotten so excited about you  giving your body and soul to me, and It's more than I realized, and I may cum too fast. I have been moving a little bit while you have been telling me how you feel about me."

"Okay Michael, and I have been enjoying your slight movements, and you movements have caused an erotic sensation in me. I am more aroused from knowing how you feel about me, and wanting to ask me something, and it's going to be stronger than any marriage, which I don't understand, but I trust you." Then she wrapped her legs around my back. This raised her vagina further up allowing me to penetrate even deeper into her. So, I continued pushing deeper into this wonderful, warm, slippery, tight place; I can feel everything as her vagina continued swallowing my extremely long penis as he penetrates further into her. I love how hot, slippery and tight she feels around my penis with all his sensory nerves sending electrical pleasure signals up my back to my brain, as I continued to slide deeper into her!

Kirsteen looked into my eyes and raised her chin up to kiss me. Our mouths met; her lips are so sweet, and we are becoming part of each other. We are pushing our tongues together; it's a fantastic feeling.

"Are you ready Kirsteen?"  "Yes Michael."  "I am also ready," and began pressing against her pelvic bone; Kirsteen started pushing up to meet me, and raised her legs even higher around my back than they were. Kirsteen is using her legs to pull me further into her, which is pushing my giant penis even deeper in her.

As we are pushing hard into each other, I feel my massive penis head push into an extremely tight place. Actually, it popped into this tight spot. I could feel the head of my penis tightly pop through an opening just passed my penis mushroom head where a man is most sensitive. The sensation is unreal!! I almost exploded, so I just stopped moving.

As I popped into this tight place; Kirsteen started screaming. "All my God, all my God that felt incredible!" I had to stop and wait a few moments, so I wouldn't ejaculate.

After a few minutes, I slowly pulled out halfway, and then slowly push back into her, and again I popped back into this tight, slippery, spongy erotic place.  I again stopped and waited for a few minutes. While waiting, Kirsteen said, "This feels incredible Michael!"

I said, "If you think this feels incredible just wait until I can move faster, so you better hold on."

"Let's see how long you last before you squirt!" She is giggling.

"Okay, let's see!"

I put my lips to hers and kissed her, and she responded by pressing her lips tight to mine. So I started popping in and out of this tight, slippery spongy erotic place. I had calmed down enough by waiting, so I am able to pick up speed.

Kirsteen is holding on to me, and I don't think she could speak, as I had picked up speed, and I am now popping in and out of this erotic spongy place as fast as I can. Kirsteen's body is contracting and shaking, and having orgasms. She is squirting Cum-Juice each time she contracted. I could feel her tight vagina having massive contractions squeezing my penis... I just stayed pumping in and out of her at a speed that will not make me cum.

I am just enjoying feeling her orgasm, and this new feeling we had found. Kirsteen must have become desensitized from all of her orgasms, as she is now able to move with me, and she had stopped with her uncontrollable contractions.

Breathing heavily, Kirsteen said, "That was incredible, but I want you to cum now."

I said, "I want you to climax again, but at the same time I am Cumming inside of you!"

"I think I might have one more in me, but I need time to build back up."

"Kirsteen, you are going to cum again with me, even if it takes all night!"

"If I live that long," and kissed me. She's still trying to catch her breath from having all of those orgasms.

Even though her vagina is extremely tight, and I do mean tight!  I am floating in a pressure chamber of her hot cum, which increased and decreased pressure around my penis as I am slowly pumping my giant  penis in and out of her vagina.


(I am probably going to get this wrong how it feels, but here it goes. It's like having a blow job when she sucks hard on your penis, and pulls up fast, and you feel as if she's sucking the cream right out of your balls, and you relaxed to let her suck that hot cream out of you. But it's even better than that, because it is liquid, which has a lot more sucking power, and on the down stroke. It is even more incredible how you can feel the fluid go into my penis, which is a wild feeling in itself, and then I feel her Juices rushing past my penis as it is squirting out of her vagina.)

I continued pumping in and out of her vagina; I wanted to continue experiencing my new found sexual feelings.

"Michael, I can feel my Cum-Juice expanding and contracting inside of me as your giant penis is pumping my pussy, and what an erotic sensation this is causing me to have!"

"I know; it's a neat erotic sensation we are enjoying together."

We continued to enjoy each other. I needed to see if I could get her ready to orgasm again after she had all those little ones, if you could call them that! I had connected with her mind as she was climaxing to find out more about her. I learned she has this extreme ability, and she had no idea about it.

So, I began pressing hard against her clitoris while going deep into her. Kirsteen is pulling down hard with her legs and at the same time, she is pushing her vagina up to meet me. I am so excited; I had to use all my strength not to ejaculate until we could bond, as this was part of the bonding process to inject my semen into her with all its chemicals and hormones, so they could be absorbed through her vagina, and go straight to her brain through her circulatory system...

Kirsteen said, "Your penis is huge, and I have never experienced this many contractions and ejaculations before, and now I want to feel your hot Cum squirt inside of me, and then feel it squirt out of my pussy."

I am pumping hard in and out of her  as she is telling me this. She now has my mind on squirting my massive hot load into her that I am holding back with every fiber of my being. I am just a man, and I needed my fix of hormones in my brain to give me this euphoric feeling, as I had started to go into withdraw, which was not good, as I might ejaculate too soon, and we will not complete our bonding.

I said, "I need to wait until I know you will orgasm with me. We need to do this together! Please trust me, and it will be like nothing you have ever experienced before."

Her description of me ejaculating inside of her is making it hard not to climax. So I slowed down pumping into her tight pussy, so I would not build up to a point of ejaculating.

"All right Michael, but don't slow down!"

"I need to slow down, so I won't climax until you are ready. I will try to stimulate all your senses to make you climax again." She kissed my forehead.

I kept popping in and out of that wonderful, wet, slippery, tight place. I am now going faster and faster in and out of that wicked, tight place. I am grinding against her clitoris as I my dick rubes against her G spot; I felt as if I had this uncontrolled animal desire to let go, and consume her! We started to connect, and I am feeling what she wanted from me.

Kirsteen is pushing her tongue into my mouth as I am pushing my tongue into hers. We were now sliding our tongues together. I could feel her vagina throbbing and squeezing me; she is making sounds as our mouths and tongues are thrashing together, she began climaxing.

She is screaming and muttering, you said you're crazy about me, so now you better give me all your hot Cum; give me all your cream. I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth as she is screaming, and sucking on my tongue.

I can feel her hot Juices running down my balls. I don't think I can hold back any longer, and I am just about to ejaculate when, Kirsteen yells, "Now!!! I am going to blow your mind!!!!!" Then I feel Kirsteen pushed her index finger into my rear, and starts massaging my prostate as I began ejaculating. I blacked out for a second; I think we had started our connection process, as when I came back from the darkness; she is motionless.

Then I feel her massaging my prostate again, and I thought my head is going to explode, my eyes are popping  out of my head from this sensation of having her finger inside of my rear orifice,  massaging my prostate!

Her finger in my rear orifice caused an uncontrolled tightening of my sphincter muscle around her finger. My Kegel muscles made my penis expand and ejaculate a massive load of thick, white hot cream out of me all at once that caused this sexual pain, yet it felt so good to finally-relieve some of this massive pressure that had built up inside of me.

This sexual pain and pleasure is happening all at the same time. I could feel the semen squirt through my tubes deep inside of me, and finally come out of the end of my giant penis from her massaging of my prostate and ejaculation chamber. It's like peeing, but it's thick hot cream coming out of me. I could feel her vagina contracting, milking my penis for every drop of my creamy hot Cum  I could give her.

Then all at once, as she massaged my prostate; my whole body relaxed. Then another uncontrolled contraction!!!  I am ejaculating again. All MY GOD, the sensation of ejaculating is magnified! My Kegel and sphincter muscles are so tight; I thought I was going to break her finger off in my rear, and my penis would explode from her massaging my prostate, forcing a thick blob of hot gooey cream through my penis. I don't think my muscles are going to relax; I have no control over anything; I'm at her mercy!!!

Kirsteen excitedly said, "I can feel you ejaculate with my finger, and then feel your hot juice squirt in me!"

I couldn't answer her, as the intensity of her massaging my prostate is overwhelming, I am unable to move; I am trying to scream; I have no control over my body; my prostate is in control from her massages. I can feel my muscles contracting getting tighter and tighter, and then I heard screaming sounds coming from deep inside of me, as I am shooting deep into her hot, throbbing, tight pussy, and I am filling her womb with my thick, white, hot love cream. I just want to keep squirting into her so I could continue to feel the sensation of this excruciating ejaculating pleasure, and continue to receive my reward of euphoric high from all the hormones building up in my brain!

I am screaming with each contraction, and there are a lot of them, as she continued massaging my prostate. I kept screaming and contracting, and I could barely hear her say, give me every drop of that hot, gooey cream.

All of a sudden, we are screaming together, and both our bodies stiffen. I cannot move, and I want to keep her orgasm going, but I have no control. I have this intense sexual hunger that is all consuming, and I want to become part of her! That is all I can think about, is becoming part of her! I can feel my mine devouring her mentally. My brain is on sensory overload, now I feel her inside of my head, but she is unfamiliar with her extreme Empathy, telepathic abilities, so she is only reading my strongest feelings for her.

I am now inside of her brain, and reading her mine; I feel her overwhelming desire for me, and some of her deepest thoughts, as she is reading my feelings for her. Then there is nothing, just a white out, and then all at once I am back!

My body is still contracting trying to ejaculate every drop of this creamy, hot fluid containing sperm into her.

My contractions are slowing down, and Kirsteen is now massaging my prostate with long, slow, circular motion. I could now hear her lovingly say, "come on baby, give me every-last drop of that hot cream you been promising me." She has changed, and so have I, and we will never be the same again. We have become a part of each-other.

I am now pushing hard into her trying to keep still, as my penis mushroom head is so sensitive from ejaculating, that any movement cause my body to arch uncontrollably towards her. It's like receiving an electrical shock, just like in science class when you shock the frog's leg; it causes the frog's leg to jump. But this electrical shock is coming from the mushroom head of my penis, and when my mushroom head sent out an electrical shock, it drove my humongous penis harder into her, causing my ejaculation chamber to squeeze out every drop of semen into her cervix.

Kirsteen continued slowly massaging my prostate, which had extended my ejaculation time. I thought I had finished ejaculating, but by her slow massaging of my prostate, caused more long contractions from my Kegel muscles, and I continued feeling this ejaculating ECSTASY!!!

Kirsteen could feel I had nothing coming out of me, so she is now only slightly massaging my prostate.

Kirsteen asked, "Did I empty you enough and are you completely-satisfied?"

"I am totally satisfied, and my cum injector is empty."

She laughed and slowly removed her finger from my rear. That was an erotic feeling in itself.

Kirsteen asked, "Did I blow your mind?"

"You did more than blow my mind, and I am empty and completely-satisfied."

"Good! That's what I wanted." She is telling me what I am thinking, because that's what I wanted. She had mixed my thoughts with her thoughts. It's going to take her awhile to understand what just happened to her. I don't want to shock her, so I will just let things play out, as a normal person would do. Then I will ease into telling her what just happened. I know she will want to keep climaxing, and I wanted to so I can continue having euphoric feeling of our bonding..


(I keep telling you; I am a man and men love to screw, so what did you think would happen when we got to the hotel?)

I said, "How do you feel?"

"I feel so warm inside, and I feel strange, like something happened to me. Michael! Your hot love cream, is running out of me."

I said, "Yes, something did happen between us. Just relax, and enjoy the feeling as it will continue to get stronger, and especially if we are sexually excited and Kirsteen where did you learn how to massage a prostate like that?"

"I am a nurse, and you know how nurses are," and she kissed me. I started pushing my tongue into her mouth, she responded by pushing her tongue deep into mine. We did this for some time; it seemed we couldn't get enough of each other. My penis went flaccid, and I am so comfortable lying on top of her, so I just left him inside of her.

We are lying there kissing and talking, she still has a tight grip around my penis, and it felt exciting.

Even though I was totally expended, my penis began to swell, and got hard again. Kirsteen could feel my giant dick swelling inside of her.

Kirsteen said, "You really got hard, and you are, so swollen, I think he's larger than before."

"I know; it feels as if he became even larger, if that is even possible. Is it okay for you, I am not hurting you, am I?."

"Are you kidding? I want to feel every inch of your body. I love the feeling of your dick swelling inside of me, and then become hard as a rock. I would love for you to stay hard inside of me forever; I just have this incredible warm feeling radiating from deep in me." Then she giggled, and we started kissing again. I moved so I could get a little more comfortable.

Kirsteen said, "If you keep moving something is going to happen."

"No. Not just yet, it just feels good laying here with you, and letting him stay inside of you." We are just lying there now enjoying each other having tender kisses.

Then I was thinking out loud, and said, "I don't know why I like it when you stick your finger inside my rear, but I liked the erotic feeling of your finger penetrating me."

Kirsteen giggled and said, "Do you want me to stick my finger back in you?" 

"Noooo, not right now, but I was thinking."

"Oh, you were just thinking."

  "Yes. I was thinking if you would stick your finger in me every time I am going to ejaculate; I will be able to give more of my hot cream."

"Is that the only reason you want me to stick my finger in you?" She said.

"Well,----- the feeling was wild, extraordinary, over the top, exciting, and a thousand other words I can't remember right now."

Kirsteen said, "If you give me all your hot cream, then I will stick my finger in you, and massage your prostate until you beg me to stop."

"Okay! We have a deal!" She laughed and kissed me.

I am still lying on top of her, and I am totally expended, but I am hard as a rock, and swollen beyond belief. I would move just a little to feel the sensation of her sweet slippery pussy consuming my dick.


(Mother Nature plays a game with a man, "As man comes out of the vagina, and then he spends the rest of his life trying to get back into one!) LOL.


There are other factors at play during the female's orgasm than just her feeling excruciating pleasure. I don't think girls understand why they can have multiple orgasms or the need to have different types of orgasms and the vaginal orgasm is the most intense. All the orgasms happen for one purpose, and that is to have a male to deliver as much sperm into the cervix of the female, so she has a better chance of becoming pregnant! I am going to explain a little what happens when both female and male orgasm together, as I am pretty sure most females and males have no idea what is going on or do they even care, except receiving unbelievable excruciating sexual pleasure, but they should!!!  First I hope most female have seen a male ejaculate; if not, I will give a refresher course in what happens to a male and female just before and as they orgasm together.  First the female cervix is the mirror image of the top half of the male's penis head. (Look at the picture below of the cervix then look at the penis head.          ) If the female is in her fertile time then her cervix will center its self in the vagina during sexual arousal and plump up with blood, just like the males penis head. The Cervix has an eye like the penis has, except for one small difference; the male penis eye will open wide before the male ejaculates.

If you think back when a male climaxes, he will push hard into the female holding this position as he releases his semen. You know, shooting his hot load, but did you know his penis's eye has married up to the eye of the cervix, but the male's eye is now wide open covering over the top of her cervix eye, which connects the penis to the cervix allowing his semen to squirt directly through the eye of her cervix into her womb. At the same time, the muscles around her cervix (Look at the cervix sides, the two side bulges are muscles that contract and move during her orgasm.) The muscles will  massage the head of the male's penis keeping his penis shooting cum juice through her cervix.  That's why a male's penis head becomes so sensitive as soon as the male begins to ejaculate, and the female is massaging his penis's head with a set of these unique two mussels, keeping him stimulated as he is pushing hard into her holding this positions as the male continues ejaculating, and the female continues to orgasm massaging the males penis head with a set of these unique mussels.

I just thought you would like to know how things work during your love making. LOL. Oh! I forgot one more thing; it's a hell of a lot of fun, and it feels soooooo good!!!!! By the way, God made love making the most pleasure a male and female can experience period, and there is nothing on God's earth that feels better than a true mind blowing orgasm!!! )


We had experience a sexual perfect storm. The stars had aligned in the sky; it was perfect for me, and I think it was perfect for her, and we had bonded.

I said, "Kirsteen, did you feel a special feeling in your head."

"Yes Michael, I felt something, but I am not sure what happened, but I have a warm feeling, and I want to do all sorts of things to you. I do not want you to leave me."

"Just relax Kirsteen, and let's just enjoy each other."

"All right Michael." She said.

We continued talking and gently kissing each other. I love nibbling on her ear. Kirsteen gets so ticklish from me sticking my tongue in her ear, and sucking on her earlobes. I did this for a long time...

We are soaked with our perspiration from all the sexual pleasure we have shared together. We are gently kissing when every once in a while, I would jerk, and my humongous dick would swell. Kirsteen would squeeze me in response to my humongous dick swelling inside of her.

Kirsteen said, "I love this feeling of your massive dick swelling inside of me."

"I love this feeling of your tight pussy around him," and she giggled and gave me a hard squeeze with her muscles.

"Michael! I can feel your cream running out of me, and I love it! You know Michael; I could  feel you squirt inside of me, and when you were pumping that massive dick of yours in me, forcing  your hot cream to squirt out of my pussy. What an erotic feeling having that hot cream squirt pass your massive dick as your drive him into me, wow! _____ Wow! That was an incredible feeling."

Michael, "Will you be able to repeat this again? I want to feel that erotic sensation of that hot cream squirting out of me!"

She continued, "Wow! There is a lot of your cream coming out of me; it tickles as it runs down the back of my legs."

"It's not all from me; you contributed to it too, and yes, I will give you every drop of it every time we make love."

Kirsteen giggled and kissed me, and we kept kissing, then all of a sudden, Kirsteen stopped and looked at me, and said, "Michael, I just realized that I squirted! I never squirted in my life; I did not even know that I am able to squirt!!! I have heard about girls squirting before, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I was one. I know I would make a lot of slippery Juice, but never have it squirt out of me, you did something to me that no one has ever done before, and I enjoyed every second  of it with you, and I had never experienced that kind of intensity when I climaxed before, and there is something very special about it. I am not totally sure what just happened to me."

"Kirsteen just relax and enjoy the feeling, and the next time we make love, I hope you continue to have these feelings."

"Your dick is enormous and making me wait to orgasm was perfect. You have reached places inside of me that I have never felt before, and I love you, so don't worry, you will make me have a massive erotic orgasm again, having these feelings  unless you know someone that has that enormous dick of yours, and knew how to use it on me, and I am in love with him."

Then she chuckled and held me close to her and kissed me over and over with long, loving kisses.

I said, "Kirsteen, we have known each other for years, and we had talked about everything, except sex, so when did you think you liked me in this way, I mean wanting to have sex with me."

Kirsteen said, "I was in your class for a year, and I knew I liked you from the first day I walked into your classroom; do you remember tutoring me at night?"

"Yes, and you were a quick study, not like my other students, all, I get it! You just wanted to be with me so we could talk alone, as I remember we would talk after you finished studying for hours about everything.------------------Oh! I feel so stupid not seeing what was happening. I thought I had felt something radiating from you, but you were my student, and I just passed it off."

"Yes, that's why I haven't taken any more of your classes, and I was stopping by your classroom, and talking with you. You were not getting the hint, and I had been talking to some of your friends about you, and they said; I should seduce you into wanting me."

"Oh! You have wanted me from the day you walked into my classroom. --------------I guess I am extremely dense."

She laughed, and said, "No, you're just a man, and you just needed a little push."

"This was one hell of a little push you gave me. I guess men are a little slow."

"No, they just need a little bit of sex to entice them, and then they only have one thing on their mind,--------- SEX!"

You know Kirsteen, I have a partner in this, and he takes over when the sex part is involved, and he loves his sex, but I think I have found him another partner that he will be happy with!"

Kirsteen is laughing and said, "Oh Michael, I know guys are always looking for sex."

"Yes, but I need to follow what he wants, and he wants your pussy, and he told me, he thinks your pussy is swell, so it makes it unanimous; we both think your pussy is fantastic!" She continued laughing.

Then Kirsteen said, "Michael I am going to do something to you that I think you, and your friend are going to love."

"And what do you want to do to us?"

"I want to suck that hot cream right out of your balls, through your friend into my mouth, and eat all of your hot tasty cream."

"Kirsteen! you won't be able to swallow all my hot cream, it's too much that I squirt out of me, and I am, so enormous that I don't think you can even get my friend very far into your mouth. When I ejaculate, it may squirt out your nose because of these huge blobs of hot  cream that shoot out of me. That's not going to be any fun for you, and I don't need you to give me a blow job!!!!" I continued, "And I care about you, and I don't want to make you uncomfortable trying to eat all my hot cream!"

"I can handle your huge blobs of hot cream, and I want your friend to love my mouth sucking on him, and I have tasted your white hot cream, and it tasted sweet, and a little salty, no, exceptionally sweet. It actually has a real, addictive flavor to it!" She continued "Did you know girls get addictive to  man's cum, and they want to eat as much as possible, scientist say that it contains hormone's that makes the female calm, and feel satisfied!"

I said, "How did you know how I taste?"

"I felt your hot cream running down between the back of my legs, and it was tickling me. So, I reached down, and wiped the hot cream off with my fingers, and there was a lot of this thick, gooey, white cream sticking to my fingers. I wanted to see what you taste like, so instead of wiping my fingers on the sheets, I licked the hot cream clean off of them, and it tasted real sweet. I did it a few more times to make sure I knew how you tasted;  It's your gooey hot cream, not mine, and it tasted so good I did it a few more times."

"I didn't even notice you were licking your fingers." 

"You were busy sucking on my nipples."

I started laughing, and said, "You can use those nipples as pacifiers for me just pull them out, and you can keep me busy for hours, upon hours."

Kirsteen giggled, and said, "I will pull my tits out any time you want to be pacified."

I said, "All right, I will be asking you to pull them out for me."

Kirsteen is chuckling, and continued "Now that we have that straight, I need to talk about what I wanted to do with you."

"Kirsteen, you sound serious."

"Yes, this means a lot to me, you see, you swallowed my juice when I was climaxing, and I know it was an enormous amount."


"So, I want to take in all of your hot cream, and I mean I will enjoy sucking every drop out of you, and I was not kidding when I said, you taste mighty yummy, and sweet to me."

She continued, "You know cum contains a lot of sucrose to keep the sperm alive, and it appears you secrete a lot of sugar in your semen from how you taste."

Kirsteen continued, "Michael, will you let me suck on your dick?"

"Kirsteen, I will let you do whatever you want to me."

"Good! And you will have to make a lot of hot cream to keep me satisfied, you see I want to eat your cream every day, I think I am addicted to its taste, because all I can think about is eating you again."

"Would you like that?"

I said, "Yes, we will need each other, as you are finding out."

Kirsteen said, "I love you, and I want to feel you hot cream in my mouth so I will be able to eat and taste you." Kirsteen continued, "You really have this addictive taste about your hot cream that is driving me crazy it's like eating candy; you just want to eat another piece."

"Has anyone ever told you that?"

"Yes, but it's kind of hard to explain right now."

"You know Kirsteen; I only let Cherrie and the girls suck on my dick, she loves me to ejaculate into her mouth, so she can eat my hot cream.  Kirsteen, do I really taste sweet like candy, because Cherrie always tells me I taste sweet, I thought she did it to please me, and Kirsteen I didn't even know you had tasted, and eaten me."

"Then I will become one of the girl's mouths you ejaculate into or I will be after you let me suck on you, and make you cum, so I can eat you, and Michael you do taste sweet like gooey candy! So pull your dick out of me, and let me suck on your friend, so I can make him squirt in my mouth, I can feel you are swollen from me talking about eating and sucking hot cream out of your dick. I mean your friend."  She started giggling.

"Yes Kirsteen, you have me excited, and my friend is rock hard!"

"That's good! So pull your friend out of me, and lay flat on the center of the bed with your legs spread apart."

I did what she said, and I got even harder from the sensation of pulling out of her fantastic slippery pussy!

Kirsteen went between my legs She is adjusting my friend so she can suck on him.

"Michael Just relax, and enjoy what I'm about to do."

"I'm trying."

"Michael, please relax; I honestly want to do this with you."

"I don't know how much I am going to squirt; it might not be much at all."

"Who cares! I just want to make you build up from me sucking on you, and whatever comes out will be all-right with me. Okay?"


"Michael please relax for me, and let yourself go, and don't worry about how much you're going to squirt in my mouth, I know you have the ability of releasing humongous amount of your hot cream, and that's what I want."

"Okay, Kirsteen."

Kirsteen put her warm wet mouth around my friend. She put one hand under my rear, and the other hand around him. Then she started sucking and licking my friend. She has me so excited, but I still had mixed emotions about trying to hold back, or let go, but since Kirsteen is going to massage my prostate it will probably make me release everything anyway, and the feeling is going to be unbelievable if I don't spoil it by trying to hold back. 

I am thinking about Cherrie. Cherrie likes to suck on my dick, especially when we are in the shower, and she makes me squirt in her mouth, she tells me she loves how I taste. She is always after me to let her eat me. I love the feeling when Cherrie is sucking hard on me, and I climax! I can feel her suck the cum right out of my balls as I am holding back. Maybe I will have Kirsteen teach Cherrie how to massage my prostate.

It has now been a couple of hours since I ejaculated, and I have recovered, so my dick felt like a piece of steel, and she is the forge that is going to melt my steel shaft. I am reaching the melting point  from all her stimulation. I am still thinking, should I hold back, or let myself unconditionally go. I try not to release the full force of my ejaculation into Cherrie's mouth, and now Kirsteen wants me to let everything go, and not hold back when I shoot into her waiting mouth. 

Kirsteen released, her mouth from my friend's head, and said, "Michael, I know what you are thinking, and I can feel your hesitation, listen to me, I want and need you to trust me, let your body go, and I will do the rest, just let go."

"Okay Kirsteen, I don't know what will happen if I lose control."

"I will know if you are holding back, so you just let me enjoy doing this for you." She slipped my friend back into her warm, moist waiting mouth. .

"Kirsteen, I am not going to hold back, and the way you are sucking on him, I am going to cum."

She quickly pushed her index finger into my rear orifice and found my prostate.

I almost pushed my dick down her throat when she inserted her finger into my rear. My eyes bulged out, and my mouth opened, and I tried to relax and just let it happen, and once more I have no control over my body as she massaged my prostate. She is in control; all I am doing is receiving extreme excruciating sexual pleasure, and I began squirting in her mouth. She can force me to ejaculate from pressing on my ejaculation chamber, which lies next to the prostate, and Kirsteen knew where it was.

She could feel my ejaculation chamber fill with my cream. My ejaculation chamber had just filled with a huge load cum, when she takes her finger, and presses at the bottom of the chamber, and pulled up pressing hard against the chamber wall, forcing a giant glob of cream from my ejaculation-chamber out the of his head, and spewing my cum into her mouth. She is sliding her mouth up my dick's shaft while sucking the hot cream right out of my balls.

When she forced this gargantuan glob of hot cum out of me all at once, it caused sexual pain as the huge glob shot out of my dick into her mouth!

This caused me to scream this unbelievable scream; calling out her name, Kirsteen, Kirsteen, OH God! Kirsteen, and then nothing is coming out of my mouth.

She has me frozen in an upward arched position waiting for this next contraction to have her force another massive squirt of hot cream out of my friend. I finally caught my breath after I ejaculated a few more times, and  had just about passed out, when she pressed  even harder against my prostate, and again I screamed, and called out, "KIRSTEEN, OH GOD-OH-GOD, KIRSTEEN, KIRSTEEN," and then nothing is coming out of my mouth. again, she had me frozen in an upward arched position squirting my immense blobs of hot, gooey cum into her mouth, and she is sucking harder on my dick, than she did before. She is eating me and swallowing every drop... She has this insatiable appetite for my hot gooey cum!

I am trying to catch my breath, and trying to tell her, I am going to pass out if she didn't give me enough time to recover.

Kirsteen kept massaging my prostate, and forcing globs of cum out of my penis; I kept screaming and calling her name until there is nothing going into her mouth, not even one drop! I am contracting trying to shoot hot cream out of my friend, but nothing is coming out.

Kirsteen is now softly massaging my prostate; I could now speak, and I said, "Kirsteen, Kirsteen."

Kirsteen said, "Just relax, and close your eyes," as she continued lightly touching my prostate and licking all the cum dribbling off my friends head. It's mind blowing what she did to us, and it is still happening. I did what she said, and I closed my eyes, and relaxed. We both enjoyed the sensation of everything she is doing to us. My friend told me this one is a keeper!

I am lying there; just enjoying her touches. I'm in a state of ecstasy as she continued pleasuring us. I don't know how much time had passed when Kirsteen said, "Are you enjoying this?"

  "Yes, very much so, and I don't want it to stop."

" If you marry me, it won't stop."

"Holy shit! Kirsteen, we need a little more time for courtship, to see if we are truly compatible!" I continued, "I know what my feelings are for you, but I have been married before. It was just for lust, and it was a terrible mistake. This is one mistake; I'm not going to repeat."

I continued, "I feel an extreme attraction towards you, but do we like all of the same things. I know we talked for two or closer to three years, and we covered a lot of subjects, but maybe I squeeze the toothpaste wrong, and I leave my underwear on the bathroom floor, the list goes on. I would marry you just for the sex, but that would change in time, so we need to build our relationship on a strong foundation of friendship which I know we have, and an understanding of our faults that I know I have, and not change the person. This takes time to know your partner and see if you can look past his or her faults."

"All right Michael, I will take the time to see how we fit together, but I need to have sex at least 3 times a week or more. Michael, you have to stop seeing all those girls that have been taking care of your sexual needs, that's my department now, and believe me, you won't have to go looking anywhere else."

(I told my Friend, "See, she already wants to cut you off from your other friends that give you excruciating pleasure, and take care of you, so keep out of this one and let me think. No, you are not going to make a decision, you don't even have a brain, and yet you are telling me what to do.)

I said, "Kirsteen, do you know how to stop your girlfriend from having sex with you?"


"Marry her!" Kirsteen said, "All you," and immediately removed her finger from my rear, and pulled hard on my semi flaccid dick, and then she giggled.

"So let's have sex again."

"Kirsteen I just ejaculated, and I don't think I can do it right now, maybe in a few more minutes."

Kirsteen took my semi flaccid dick in one hand, holding it straight up against the palm of her other hand, and then she clapped her hands hard together with my dick in the middle. The slapping of my dick caused a stinging, and tingling sensation that went up my backbone to my brain, and back down to my dick, which started him swelling, and he got hard.

"Kirsteen! What in the hell, did you do!?."

"I getting you ready to have sex with me, I got turned-on from sucking, and eating your sweet cream, and feeling your giant dick pulsing in my mouth as you climaxed."

"I don't know if I will be able to climax again."

"You will climax again, but you might not squirt anything out of you, I think I ate it all." She chuckled.

She is positioning her beautiful naked body to straddle my body. She is on her knees just over my stomach. She placed her hands on my shoulders, and slowly lowered her pussy onto my dick, and he went right in!

"Michael you have ruined my pussy for anyone else, you actually stretched the skin to the point that it started to tear as you entered me for the first time. It's like having sex when I lost my Cherie; it hurt, and felt incredible all at the same time. I have never known anyone as large as you, and as you can feel my pussy is now a lot easier to penetrate than the first time."

"Yes a little easier, but you're still tight."

"Yes! For you, but anyone else would have to strap a board to their ass to stop them from falling in me," and then she laughed.

"You won't have to strap a board to anyone's ass as I am now taking care of you, as you will soon find out, by the way, how come girls are able to slide a man's dick straight into their pussy, and when we try it; we hit everything except that magic opening."

"Poor aiming." She is laughing as she continued to slide all the way down my hard shaft until her vagina is pushing hard against my pelvic bone.

Then Kirsteen said, "I will probably climax pretty fast; I will try to make you cum with me." Then she started kind of a rocking motion on her knees; she is sliding forward and then backward down my long shaft. She started going faster, and faster, up and down. She stayed at this speed; it is a wild feeling having her body straddling mine and he pussy going to the top of my dick, and then quickly go down until her pubic bone slapped mine. She began to cry out with these little grunting sounds, but she kept up the pace of going up and down my hard shaft slapping my pubic bone.

She continued riding my friend as though she is riding a bull, and she is bucking up squeezing her legs together and then dropping down hard on  my pelvic bone.

She began screaming; at the same time she increased her speed smacking her vagina  harder against me, while going faster, and faster. She is screaming louder and yelling I am going to cum! Cum with me. Her voice is jerky almost intelligible as she is screaming and slamming into my pelvic bone. I am holding on her so she wouldn't fly off him. It's a wild ride, to say the least, but I loved it!

She is quite into it; I could feel her getting wetter, and her vagina contracting around my swollen dick. She started shaking, and convulsing, then her pussy contracted hard around my friend; I am getting ready to explode and spew my gooey, hot ecstasy. Kirsteen screamed, cum with me, which pushed me over the edge of no return, and I began ejaculating pure ecstasy out the end of my dick. My friend is pulsing along with her contractions. I don't know how long we had these rapid, massive contractions when all of a sudden, she collapses onto my chest and her body goes limp. Her hot naked body is lying on top of mine. We just laid there. I could feel her firm breasts pressing hard against my chest, and I  feel her warm, moist breath as she exhaled on to my neck. Her skin is wet with perspiration; her body is undulating on top of mine as she is catching her breath from her erotic adventure.

I am just lying there recovering from my own time of spewing pure ecstasy into her. She continued perpetrating erotic ecstasy as she lay naked on top of me recovering from her erotic adventure. I placed my arms around her back and held her tight to me, her warm, moist skin and her soft breasts felt unbelievable pressed against my naked chest.

I started gently kissing her forehead, as she held me tightly inside of her, even though he had gone flaccid.

I am just enjoying these erotic feelings of her recovering from her time of pure erotic ecstasy that she had with me. I am lying there thinking what she had said to me; I better tell her about my life style, and why I live a certain way.

I said, "Kirsteen, you asked me to marry you, I need to explain something to you. I know you said you can wait and see how things go, but I told you, I am different from other men, and if you love me, you just might understand. I know I am crazy about you, but that is not enough. You told me; you have to have sex three or more times a week; I need to have sex every night and in the morning and even more than that. I don't know if you are able to keep up with me, even if you could, it would get old. I produce excessive hormones that cause my body to produce excessive amount of semen every day, which I need to relieve myself through sex. So, I have tried not to let myself fall in love with anyone, which has changed.

I have kept a lifestyle of having sex with multiple partners before. I was always searching for that perfect girl that could take care of me which is impossible, but now I have fallen in love. I mean head over hills in love; I mean the type of love that all you can think about is the girl you are in love with, but I am in love with three girls, which I have living with me, and they allow me to have the outside appearance of a normal life. I have fallen for you, which I should not have let myself do. I have been talking to myself ever since you ask me to marry you. You need to see if you can live with me, and my other partners, whom you have seen me with, and I have told you their names. They are terrific, and I know you will love them."

"Kirsteen my friend told me, you idiot, she is a keeper!"

"Kirsteen, I told my friend to keep out of this one, you know what happen last time I listened to you, it ended in divorce, and you didn't get any sex for a long time, as a matter of fact you had hundreds of dates with my hand."


("You have three beautiful girls wanting to have sex with you every day, and  the question is; can you be happy if you only had  Kirsteen's pussy to relieve yourself in?"

"Why am I even talking to you, you are just a dick, and you don't even have a brain."

He answered, "Because I control your sex life, and without me, you're nothing, and the girls won't even look at you without me. Go ahead, and try to do something without me, and see what happens when I don't respond and get hard!"

"Well,----- stay out of this one, and I will make the decision for both of us this time!"

I continued talking to him, "Your lust for pussies has caused us to get in a lot of trouble before. Actually that was the right decision to lust for the girls pussies on the beach in Cancun. The girls were wearing those string bikinis, and the centers of their clean-shaven pussy lips were hiding the strings... They were almost naked, and so beautiful!")

"Kirsteen, we had sex with one of the girls; then all of them had to have sex with us because of their first time sex pack.

Kirsteen it's true!" I need you to meet the three of the six girls to verify what I am about to tell you, if you think you want to expand our relationship, and then we will be like husband and wife, but first you need to listen to my story, and then talk to the girls, okay?"

"Okay Michael, I want to hear your story, and if it is anything like the last stories you told me, it should be a good one!" She smiled.


How I met the girls
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