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This was inspired by true events for the most part, followed by fantasy to get justice.
There is a young girl and she walks alone
Already to much about life she knows
The things she thinks of when she sits alone
Makes her feel compleatly grown
She always prays for never ending light
Because she's terrified of the night
while she lies in bed
morbid thought inter her head
After it becomes a nightly thing
Her mind begins wondering
Why is it never to dark to see?
And more importantly, why me?
She knows inside it's not right
She will forever hate the night
Her childhood has been a living hell
Just to ashamed to tell
What would she possibly say if she did?
No one will listen, she's just a kid
She begins to cry as darkness grows close
He will come- this she knows
So badly she wants to enjoy her young life
She will forever hate the night
Now she's not as social as she used to be
She once was fun and carefree
So often now he's on her young mind
It's hard to remember any good times
A prisoner surrounded by fear
dreading the moment he comes near
She prays for the sun to stay in site
She will forever hate the night
The door opens and she clenches her teeth tight
Hoping that someone will turn on the lights
She has had enough by eleven years old
Life to her has been so cold
A well thought out plan just might work
She knows now that its up to her
Her mom's knife is under the she sheet
She has a new friend for him to meet
He comes in as he usually does
Then the girl is covered in blood
She smiled as she took his life
Because of him she hated the night

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