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A fellow writer challenged me to write about food, that night at dinner this was born.
So there was this cookie right?
Which had a piece of paper in side.
The paper had six numbers in red,
This is what the paper said:
"Every Person Is An Architect Of His Own Fortune"
I thought to my self,
Is there one for my misfortune?
As I pondered on those words in red,
I realized what they actually said.
I am responsible for my own demise.
In reality it is no surprise.
We live with the choices that we make,
We can learn from our own mistakes.
Sometimes others as well,
What you make happen-
Is your own tale.
You get what you give,
Only you can choose the way you live.
That inspired me to change,
Now I know this may sound strange.
That an odd shaped thing,
Of such small measure,
Could turn out to be,
Such a BIG treasure,
an Inspiration,
To live my life better,
All came from thirty nine little red letters.
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