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Introduction to my biography about Love
Every once in a while you meet someone and from that first look into their eyes you can tell that you and that person are meant to be together forever, dreaming about them regularly. you tell your friends about them you decide your future with them in one look. That doodling there name, adding them to every single one of your social sites. writing love poems and music about that person. you start to feel a need to protect that person when someone is rude or talks about that person you give the other person a look that tells them to stop even when there joking. Your friends now there full name by heart because you make sure of it. And more then the world all you want to do is love that person like there all you have.
But what happens when everything you wanted with that person is not existent. When you wanted love you got hate when you wanted to be whole your empty when you wanted his hand to hold. you got the story of you and him holding you back. When you wanted to be happy and a year later your still in pain
what happens when the one your in love with is wiped from your life but the memories and what you almost had is not
Forever Gone Love
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