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Chapter 2 of Forever Gone Love *all names changed due to Privacy Law* UNFINISHED
My whole life changed over summer. I realized sometimes you dont deserve what you need in life. Like music, a love life , friends , i have to kiss that all goodbye.  I am a strong girl , but one glare from mister handsome and im breaking into tears. I am only sensitive when it comes to him. I was forced to change schools. For the longest time i wasnt even aloud on the property of DustWood high instead i had to go to BridgTown or former known as BridgTown Alternative. BridgTown is  a school that looks like it is ran by a dead person. It is a huge school with about give or take two-hundred people. The classes are one third the size of the classes at every other school ive been at. The building was made of bricks and had construction going on. My prior school was way nicer. DWH had  alot of extra stuff going on and thats where  i felt like I belonged.

Not only that but i had to leave heartbreaker behind and that caused and still causes pain greater then anything.Should I start from the beggining? The first time i ever saw Christian was this month,two years ago.I had this wierd attraction to him like no person could imagine. i didnt want to date him but i wanted to kiss him so badly. i just liked to stare. i didnt care if he hated my guts my guts or not. Christian has a brother named Adam and at the time i really liked Adam. In time i realized Adam wasnt my type, i really liked him but within four months i was over him. Adam was a senior and had just got into college i at the time was only sixteen. The kid was eighteen and it wasnt even legal. I started to have an actual crush on Christian this time a year ago. I would die to see his face. Once i waited four hours outside my old school in the pouring rain hoping he would come out. Because he was in track. Dont act like you wouldnt't. I never did anything extreme, i never went to his house, i dont know his adress. Even if i did that possibility is out of question. I know alot of girls who go to practices and games just to see someone they like. Believe it or not it is actually very normal. By the time of winter break my crush had reached a serious level i could go without him for a couple days but within a week i was breaking down,  i just missed him alot. Two weeks drove me insane. To advoid his name replaying in my head like a sad love song i slept alot. I stayed up until five AM every morning writing cute little love songs and peoms about  Christian. And when that didnt help i made a CD with songs that reminded me of him. I played that CD on repeat. Every minute without being near him was like ants crawling on my skin. I hated it, all i wanted was to see him somewhere. i dreamed all the time about us being together that it killed me when reminded we were not. January 10th, we had been back to school for about a week. I got a call slip form the office directing me to Mr.dane's  office. He is a dude that handles the behavior of students.It became apparent to him i was skipping classes.Infact i was skipping fourth period everyday for nearly a month. i didnt like my fourth period it was english. I loved english i just hated the way it was being taught and i really could not stand the teacher. Mr. Dane tells me "whats with this" i reply "huh" and he points at his computer showing my attendance records. "shit" i say. "Andrea i dont know if you know this but this school is serious about attendance". "okay" i mutter. "And what was that i just heard you say". I dont even answer that just keep my head to the cieling."So whats my punishment? "lunch detentions for six days".

I look at him with this look i sometimes get and exclaim "seriously" and he looks at me and says "thats not even half the amount of time you have skipped" I calm down and say "fine" and walk back to class. Later that day it was time for lunch i knew what to do get my lunch, eat and head downstairs in the hub and clean up after everyone. I got a sandwhich and headed to the office to eat when i was finished he took me and all the other trouble makers downstairs. I see Christian then decide this job isn't bad. I start at the side Christian sits at and push the garbage past his table. I was nervous but i knew nothing would stop me from making a event out of this.The second time i go past his table i stop. "Trash" i asked. And all the boys including Christian dump there trash into the garbage can. Instantly i become aware of the butterflies in my stomache. My heart felt like for once in my horror filled life i was complete. I smiled and walked to the next table. The next day when i had to do garbage duty i went by his table and one of his friends Seth asked me about why I had to do garbage duty. I simply told him that it was because i had skipped. And he asked me what class and i told him english. The whole time Seth was talking to me I was looking at Christian. He was too cute i couldnt help myslef i felt like i was a magnet and he was another magent and the force of nature was stronger then my will but my love for Christian was becomming stronger then them both. Then i had a thought earlier that day a friend of mine told me Christian bullied a kid out of Band. And i realized that it wasn't on purpose Christian had a sense of humor and some days it most likely got out of controll.  I honestly dont think he meant to hurt anyone. He was christian. People named christian being christian is completely normal. When I saw Christian there was no way he could be a bully. It's now 11:00 am on a Monday and i run to my table and i say "oh my god om my god" and my at the time bestfriend Kisha stops  what she's doing like i'm about to die which i thought was going to happen i was so excited. "What" Kisha asked and i said "Christian......  i was just so close to him he looks like heaven that close" Kisha then gets a disgust look on her face "to tell you the truth i think Christian is ugly" "seriously bitch you want to call my man ugly" i reply. "Your so called crush looks like a fucking gorilla with long hair, like c'mon step up you downgrade" I joke. Kisha gives me a "dont talk about my boy like that" Finnaly the bell rings and I walk to class knowingly late. Christian is right next to me walking and i think im about to loss control who had ever thought lunch detention would make my life hell to heaven within seconds. I knew very well that this was going to make a change between me and Christian. Thank Your Mrs. english teacher for making me hate your class and marking me absent everyday for about a month or more. I loved this six days of Christian looking into my eyes while throwing his garbage away. I'm sure this is not what Mr.Dane had hoped for when he gave me this.The best punishment ever. I want to thank whoever snitched me out too. You may of done it to get me in trouble but this is better then any tasty food i could eat or any converstion i could have with anyone else. Lunch meant nothing to me  when christian wasn't there.
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