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by rcw
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A verse ( not a poem ) of a very personal experience.

I saw something. The other day.

I didn't mean for it to happen. It just happened.

I don't think she meant it either. It just happened.

Did she know. I don't think she did.

A co-worker. A friend.

Blonde (yeah right). Attractive.

Her office. Her desk.

Standing behind her. I often do.

Not just her. Lots of people.

Computers you know. Helping


I look down. She reaches forward.

Her neckline falls away. My eyes drawn.

Her bra. White with lace.

Sexy. Conservative.

Padding? Some.

Reaching for the keyboard. The cup moves.


Is it? It is.

A breast. Her breast.

Full. Exposed.

Two skin tones. Tan and flesh.

Separated by tanline. My heart pounds.


More movement. Her nipple.

Should I look? How can I not.

I shouldn't. I do.

Eyes on the screen. And back.

Still there. Resting in her bra.

Her areola. Light brown.

Her nipple. Size of my little finger.


Is she aware. No.

Gaze returns. Still there.

Not erect. Larger than I would have thought.

Wait. Have I thought of this before?

She is speaking. I answer.

More movement. It is gone.


Disappointed? Yes.

Relieved. In a way.

Caught? No indication.

Does she know? No, I don't think so

Innocent? Yes.

Intentional? No way.

Certain? Yes, not here for sure.


Do I feel guilty? Should I?

Yes. I don't think so.

Yes. I did look twice.

Only twice? Well...


My fault? Hers?

Yes for looking. Yes for dressing that way.

Maybe. Maybe.

Probably not. Probably not.

No one's fault. No one's fault.


Image remains. Burned in my mind.

Won't go away. Do I want it to leave?

Remembering. I smile.

Would I? Look again?

I think we know.....
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