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Words to live by
A Friend To Them To Be

Walking down a busy street,

Many vendors do I see,

So many trinkets on display,

To be sold to you and me,

Come so my flags,

And T-Shirts,

My earrings,

And seashells,

I'm sorry that my clothes are dirty,

And that I do smell,

I only ask a dollar,

To mend my socks with yarn,

I never had to used to,

live in this run down car,

But, when you loose you job,

And house,

And know one seems to care,

Even though your feelings are hurt,

Making it more than you can bare,

Look for strength within yourself,

Your answers will be found there,

Be smart in your decisions,

Joy in them you'll find,

Now you have a second chance,

To find a better way,

To make amends to all wrongs done,

For those you've led astray,

Show compassion for those in need,

That's the only way,

So everyone has food and drink,

And a place for their children to play,

So when you see a vendor,

On the street or in the park,

Take them out for coffee,

A doughnut or a tea,

The very best for you to do,

Is a friend to them to be.

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