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Creation Story
There it was, an endless void of nothingness. I was coming an age as a celestial being. My Father Zeon, an elder himself gifted this all to me to do as I wish. On my many travels across the cosmos, as a young-ling I had gathers many resources, and specimens. many a project had failed by many before myself. It is incredible what you can salvage, after a civilization had failed. Or what was left over and left on the wayside, by other creators.

My Father Zeon, as all others before him had failed. All strives for the same thing, all failing many times before creating a stable, intelligent, peaceful, and prosperous civilization. It is very rare that one can, achieve all of theses attributes. As many a millennial years would pass, without success.

As the years past, I watched my father, and the other elders very attentively. As they faulted on their ventures to create their masterpieces. Then finally triumphantly completing their tasks at hand.

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