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My upgraded membership wonderful gift event. Thank you WDC Angel Army
A miracle has happened today
I received a wonderful gift uplifting spirits high as a steeple
through out writing.com and help many people,
to grow, write, review in a better way

Because my upgrade has been renewed by this precious group gift
I will be able to reach out to many members and give their hearts and spirits a lift
A family group will have a home to for month more now
and we can grow and share our wealth of knowledge and friendship and show how

our gift is to write, to review, and share our hearts
It's beyond the top of the charts.
In our home we'll be together and help each other through all kinds of weather
upgrade is awesome and words express better

I'm over whelmed with joy, happiness, moist eyes in happy tears
I'm all choked up with good emotions,
and have more things going on than all the oceans
I'm so happy, I will be here for years

I'm trying to write what this means to me
thank you for this gift which gives much glee
My words are jumbled My tongue is tied
and Several times I almost cried
my spirit is happy and joyful you know
because this upgrade is more precious than diamonds, or silver, or gold.
No longer will I reveive a reminder e-mail to renew my upgrade indeed
because of the kindness you've generously sent to me.

I want to say thank you, but it's more than this simple word
Words can not explain my feelings inside that you should have heard
All I can do is be here for you
your gift is priceless and bit you a-do

I'm sitting down and still think I should lay down before I fall out of my wheelchair. There is no way I can thank you enough for this upgrade. Thank you! *Smile* *Smile* *Smile* *Smile* *Smile*


I received this email today, 12/8/2011, about my upgraded membership. Because I have not recovered from the events of; lightning strike, earth quake, hurricane, and other personal events; I am not at this time able to afford my upgrade. disABILITY WRITERS GROUP is doing nicely and is alive and well. My writing is a work in progress and I am making improvements. All of this will be seriously effected without being able to retain my upgraded account. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I should lay down before i fall on the ground
This feels like I'm even no drugs caused my flight and high off the ground

Hello dogpack: NaNoWriMo Winner 2011!

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