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A dream of my one day self.
There she is. The one I have dubed the dancing liberty lady. I don't know her name or story. What I do know is she seems to float and dance with her every movement.

Her carefree smile envelopes her in a cloud of confidence that seems to infuse the room with joy. Long, blonde tresses against alabaster skin make her look almost ethereal. I sometimes wonder if she is really a fairy sent to bring us happiness. She is beauty and peace personified.

Ah, to have that lease on life. To have no cages, no worries, to trap us and break our spirit.

As she floats by, I daydream about the life she must have lived. I imagine her in a Tuscan villa, drawing energy from the soft sounds of life and love around her. I dream of her in Brazil, dancing down the streets in a carnival, the most brilliant smile gracing her lips.

If I could just get a little closer to her, maybe I could take a taste of her peace into myself and know what it feels like to be so lovely. Maybe then I could be carefree and confident. I could dance to my own melody, twirl around with the happiness that would be me.

I will be her one day, I vow it to myself. Perhaps today is the best day to start this new journey through life.

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